BEST INVISIBLE BOX Challenge EVER – Premiere Pro Tutorial

BEST INVISIBLE BOX Challenge EVER – Premiere Pro Tutorial

So there’s this new internet challenge
called the invisible box challenge. And the idea is that there is this
invisible box on the ground… …that you put your foot onto it
and you kinda walk over it. It’s really cool though. Now, Yannick was saying to me that he was
pro at this trick. So, let’s check it out. -Yannick, Are you ready? -I’m ready. -You’re going to do the invisible
box challenge like a pro. Alright, guys, let’s check it out. -Jordy, look what I can do! Whatup guys, Jordy here
for… …and welcome to the first Copy Cat of 2018. This is the first of 52 episodes… …where we breakdown the effect or technique
from a popular film or music clip. Today we’ll be having a look at
the invisible box challenge. A new internet hype that is
for once not stupid, like the cinnamon or choking challenges
we had before. In fact, I love the invisible
box challenge! -Invisible box challenge. There’s a real box right here,
but it’s invisible. It’s not so easy though. And that’s why
we cheated with some editing tricks, and here’s how we did it. First of all, the filming. To make it a little bit more realistic, you wanna
walk around with your camera handheld. Film your subject in an empty space. This is exactly what magicians do too. They might say that there’s nothing
up their sleeves, but in reality… …they’re just making you confused. Now while you’re filming your subject, you also wanna point your camera
to someone or something else. I pointed it to myself, as it seems like
I was talking to the camera. But that was all put in scene
to cover up the magic. Because I needed a swipe
back to my subject. After that swipe I put my camera
into a tripod. This right here is the Benro Aero 7,
which is a great tripod… …and we actually have a dedicated
video about it… …which you can find a link to
in the description below. With having my camera
on the tripod, I also make that same swipe movement
again to Yannick, who’s wearing an awesome jacket. And now the magic trick begins. Yannick has to stay on his point, so I’m laying some bricks in front of him
in the form of a little stair. Then I move back out of the frame
and let the camera roll while Yannick performs his magic walk. Don’t touch the camera yet, keep it rolling while you move everything
away out of your frame. You wanna have an empty shot as well,
which we’re going to need inside Premiere Pro. Hey guys, I wanna take a brief moment to talk about
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2018 for beginners. It’s the fifth generation Adobe Premiere Pro
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have access to our class, but also to all the other classes
on Skillshare as well. And by the way, we also have
a DSLR course… …and a Lumetri color grading course
on Skillshare as well. So, definitely make sure
to check that out. Now let’s take all the great footage
that we’ve just shot… …and swing that into Adobe
Premiere Pro. We have a shot of me
talking to the camera, which swipes away. A pure transition shot on the tripod,
a shot of Yannick walking up the bricks… …and a completely empty shot. We’ll first drag the clip of Yannick
to video channel 2. With the clip selected, I head over
to the Opacity property and click on the Pen tool to create a mask. Around the bricks I then draw a mask. And first you can do this very rough. Once your mask is done you wanna go into its settings and
decrease the feather to around 5. Also enable Inverted, which will leave
a black hole where the bricks were. And now what I’ll do is drag the empty
shot onto video layer 1. And this layer will reveal itself
through that hole, but because the bottom layer
is exactly the same but empty, it seems like we’ve magically
poofed away the bricks. Now, we’ve drawn that mask roughly, meaning
we’ll see it overlapping with Yannick’s foot. So the next thing we’ll have to do
is animate the mask Path. Enable the animation toggle for that property,
which will create a keyframe. Then adjust your mask over time so that it flows with the movement
of Yannick’s foot. And this is something you have to do because
we’ve been filming from above, meaning we have some perspective. Once that is done, your magic trick
should already work, but some people might not believe you
because of the shadows down here. We’re using an empty space to fill in
the mask, which didn’t had any shadows. -Jordy, look what I can do! -Ok, now you’re just exaggerating, Yannick! To bring back the shadows I first
wanna clean out the hard mask… …which we created first. For that I take the empty shot
and place it on layer 3. I click on the circle under the opacity
to create a rounded mask. You wanna change its position and size
to cover up where the bricks where. Then from the mask properties
increase the feather, which is going to make that
first mask less visible. Then for the last step, I’m placing Yannick’s
clip on channel number 4. Here I also navigate to the opacity property
and click on the circle mask. This one I’ll reposition underneath
the shadow of the bricks. And this means that we’re not showing
the shadow of the bricks, only the shadow of Yannick walking
over those bricks. And that’s all there is to it. The final steps are to match this shot
with the previous handheld shots. So I’m going to select everything in my timeline,
right click and choose Nest. This will group all of those
layers together. Before that clip, I insert my shot where
I was talking to the camera. I trim this clip right on the point where
I’m fastly swiping my camera. Then I cut to the shot we took
of swiping on the tripod. This is just a small piece, but will
connect the two shots around it. Looking at the result, it somehow
works, but not exactly. We went from a handheld shot
to an instant tripod shot. So what I’ll do next is head into
my effects library… …and navigate to the Fake
Handheld Movement folder. This is actually a preset pack
that we’ve created ourselves, it’s free and you can find a download link
to it in the description below. Now, drag any type of handheld motion
you want onto the nested sequence. This already looks a lot better,
but there’s one last thing missing. We’re still going too sudden from
a swipe to the tripod shot. So I’m going to go into
the effects controls, locate the Transform effect, which has been
applied through the presets. I’m moving the clip to the left through the
anchor point property of that effect. I create a keyframe for that value
in the beginning of the clip and then I move a couple of frames forward
and move the position of the clips… …through the anchor point to the
other side of the canvas. One more time, a couple of frames forward
and now I reset the anchor point value, which will automatically create a keyframe. This adds a little bump into the shot,
making that swipe appear more natural. And that, my friends, is how you
can impress your friends… …with the ultimate invisible box challenge. Thank you guys so much for watching.
If you want to see us every week, make sure to hit that subscribe
button down bellow. But now it’s time to go inside, because
it is cold outside. And by the way, stay creative! -Yannick! Where have you put that invisible box? Seriously dude, It’s not funny
if I would trip over it! Where did you put it? Yannick, seriously dude, come on. See? I tripped over it! What are these bricks doing
here, by the way? Where is that invisible box?

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