Best Home Inventory Software – Top 10 List

Best Home Inventory Software – Top 10 List

Top 10 Best Home Inventory Software. Top 10: Home Manager 3 Top 9: Everything I Own 3.6 Top 8: Pro Home Manager Personal Edition 4.1 Top 7: Collectify Home Inventory 1 Top 6: Frostbow Home Inventory 5 Pro 5.2 Top 5: Quicken Home Inventory Manager Top 4: My Stuff Deluxe Top 3: My ICE Plan Top 2: HomeManage 2011 Top 1: Home Inventory Pro 2011

6 thoughts to “Best Home Inventory Software – Top 10 List”

  1. You may also want to consider Home Management Wolf. It not only works great as a home inventory software product but also for home management.You can keep track of your mortgage payments, home maintenance schedules, home to-do lists and much more.

  2. The most advance home and business inventory and estate software that I have found is iINVENTORYpro, and it is much more powerful than the ones you have listed.
    They not only have an incredible web-based software that never has to be downloaded, they also have valuable companion Apps for your Smartphone, so now it is easier and faster to do an inventory than ever!  Once you log on to your account, all the date is stored in the same account, no mater which Smartphone App or computer you use. The program even includes free storage of your data in Microsoft  Azure, templates for each room, remember buttons, automated email reminders, and storage for everything from photos, documents, and videos.  iINVENTORYpro is only $19.95, including a full year of storage, and its a real game changer!

  3. So these databases are on a computer in the house that you just lost…..hmmm….or even if on a laptop – did that make it out of the loss event? hmm.. What is the name of the database that you may have done several years ago?? hmmm..
    …precisely why we created handi2…capture all this in the app…then when needed export the entirety to a file that can be opened in a spreadsheet…or immediately sent your insurance agent…one less BIG action item after a catastrophic loss.

    It is more likely that your smartphone will be with you so you will have immediate access to this info.

    try our FREE (limited storage) fully functional iOS app handi2 now on the app store!!

  4. I agree with your Number 1 in the video as I have/had it.
    The company/person who made no longer exists.
    It seems they went under and other got their domain.
    Problem is worse than that which is no way to buy or register software.
    Other problem is people who own it like myself and got new computers can't move it as it got registered with the MAC id and other system info.

    It is the best software but is now 100% useless even with a valid registration key.

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