BEST Electric Standing Desk on the Market (In Our Opinion) ProDesk60 Review

BEST Electric Standing Desk on the Market (In Our Opinion) ProDesk60 Review

♪ Bob and Brad ♪ ♪ The two most famous ♪ ♪ Physical therapists ♪ ♪ On the internet ♪ – Hi folks, I’m Bob
Schrupp, physical therapist. – Brad Heineck physical therapist.
– We are the most famous physical therapists, on the internet. – In our opinion of course, Bob. – Today, we’re gonna do a
review of the ProDesk 60 and in our opinion this is the best electric
desk on the market. – It is a beauty. – Yeah, and we’ve had
some experience with this ’cause we’ve reviewed
some of the other types. – Right.
– And this one is a step above. By the way, if you’re new to our channel please take a second to subscribe to us. We provide videos on staying
healthy, fit, pain-free we upload every day. Also, you wanna join us on
our social media channels ’cause we’re always giving something away. Right now, we’re giving away the thermotex infrared heating system. Fantastic for what ails you this thing penetrates deep this will get to the source of the problem. – Infrared, so it’s, It’s.
– Infrared, yeah. Go to and
go to the giveaway section or go to BobandBrad Facebook and it’s always pinned to the top of the page. – There ya go.
– So. All right, so Brad, lets talk
about some of the components why we feel like this one’s better than some of the other ones we’ve seen. – Sure. – So, number one, assembly. All of us, have put
together the other ones it was nice, they gave us some free ones. – Right.
– And you were able to do it in a hour, you say. – Well, it was more than that. I didn’t time it but,
hour and a half, but– – We’re talking bout a different desk now. – Right.
– Yeah. Brad’s very mechanically inclined I am not.
– I was using the quarter screwdriver. – And he had a quarter
screwdriver, and I did not. Mine took an hour and
a half, to two hours. – Sure. – I mean, and so if
your time is worth money ’cause this one assembles
under five minutes. – Good. – And ya know, this, even
if you’re a little bit dense as the person, who put
this one together is. – Why Bob, why?
(Bob laughs) – Why, just trying to tell the truth. He didn’t even hear, I don’t think (mumbles) Insult fell on deaf ears oh, he heard what we said. So, 1 1/2, to two minutes that’s all it takes, so so, if your time’s worth money this may be your baby– – Otherwise get Alex to do it.
– Yeah, all right (laughs). Number two, stability. Alex, why don’t you come on in here? This is the guy, we were talk (laughs). – Yes, where we can,
we can make fun of him. – Ah, here he comes this is, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah (laughs). This is Alex, he’s actually Yeah, go ahead and get up on there, Alex. Come, come over to the
edge here, like that, yes so we can see of ya there.
– There ya go so, we can see that whole. – So Alex, actually is
married to our camera woman which, how he managed that, I don’t know but um, he’s got his own channel. Why don’t you give him that sign?
– Oh, yeah, there ya go. – They got their own
channel, this is really cool it’s not just him, it’s her it’s actually, the family product channel. Check it out, really funny, and they they do reviews of a lot of fat products that will help your family, so. (mumbles)
– Getting balled. – Yes.
(laughing) They carry, he said we’re getting balled. – Yeah. Don’t, there ya go. – By the way, Brad,
show the stability here while he’s out here. – Right, yeah.
– Look at this. – We’ve got.
– Yeah. – He’s almost 200 pounds, and– – Yeah, and he’s all the way up here. The other one, was not nearly as stable. – This is the industrial model. – Yeah, this is industrial. – Really commercial. – Yeah, so I’m gonna bring you back down so, we can get rid of you but–
– You do need to plug it in, in to the wall, but uh. – Yeah, and it does have
settings, reset settings. – Right.
– So, three of them that you can go ahead and
set, for what you prefer. So, I’m sure you have a setting that you yeah, thanks again,
Alex, thanks for coming. – You’d set one height
for your seated location one if you have a stool and then one, if you’re standing would be a good example. – That’s.
– or different people if three different people.
– Right. – Might be using it, they
may have their own settings. – The motor’s very quiet. – Oh yeah.
– You notice that. – The legs, again are very stable. It’s a heavy duty laminate finish and I thought this was really beautiful. – Yeah, it is. I would tip it forward,
but it’s too heavy. – Yeah, love it.
– There we go. – But this one, yeah
it’s a monster to move ya know, once it’s set up you’re gonna, probably
want to keep it in there where you have it. – Sure.
– Stylish. I’ve never heard this term before. Chamfered, chamfered edges.
– Oh (mumbles) yes. – Liv, have you ever heard that before? – That’s what I was gonna
say, with first impression. – Yeah, chamfered edges, yeah, so. – Chamfered. – Is it chamfered? There’s a tray here. This, I thought was a
very cool thing too, here. You can actually take the cords. What are you laughing at?
– Chamfered. – He finds himself funny, I don’t know. – Let’s go have a sit.
– Nobody else finds you funny. Okay, you can actually put
the cords in this tray, here and (laughs) now you got me laugh and it keeps them out of
the, ya know, out of the– – Right.
– Sight. – It is really a nice idea, ’cause, otherwise the cords are gonna find a place and their
dangling and whatnot. It’s very handy.
– Yeah the height goes from 25.5 inches which is a little over two feet, right? And it goes up to 50.5. So, you saw it was quite high. – We had, Alex was on
and we had it that high. – They ship to the, for
free, to the lower 48 states so, Alaska and Hawaii,
you’re out of luck here. – sorry.
– And. Oh, by the way, it does come with like, monitor arms too,
and a lot of devices you can put on your, ya know. – For your computer setup.
– For your computer and stuff like that, so. – Yeah, it’s a complete
package, they got options. – Yeah, so my son works at Echolab and they all got standing desks. – Really?
– Yeah, so you can start to see the need for it ya know, there’s really a lot of issues of for health-wise, why you wanna – Right.
and wrist, back and neck pain. – And when you feel better,
and more comfortable at work you’re gonna be more productive. So, from a managements point of view they’re looking at that as well. – Oh yeah, these things pay for themselves rather quickly I think–
– Sure. – As far as, lack of injury and also like you said, productivity. All right, thanks for watching and we’ll love to hear
your comments, down below. As long as they’re nice. – We’ll discuss the chamfered (laughs). – Chamfered (laughs). Why do you find that funny?

21 thoughts to “BEST Electric Standing Desk on the Market (In Our Opinion) ProDesk60 Review”

  1. Bob and brad the 2 most famous physical therapist on the internment they are the most famous physical therapist

  2. Electric way easier to move than trying to lift and lower a ur own strength esp if u have arthritis injuries etc. got a standard one from another company and could never use it bc it was too heavy even w spring loaded legs or whatever. Cheaper but couldn't use it.

  3. For any who have had a standing desk for a number of months (or longer) have you continued to use it or does it just become a fad and you start to just use it as a regular desk? I've been debating about standing desk. That sitting all the time is not good is a given, but by the same token I'm not 100% convinced that standing is great either (it's not like you can move around while you work–at least I can't.). So I wonder about the standing aspect on knee joints and such.

  4. I have this desk as work and I couldn't say enough great things about it! I think everyone working in a situation where you're bound to your desk all day, should have one of these!

  5. "Cham-feared" huh? 🙂 "Why, Bob, WHY??" Good presentation, with Alex's help of course. Strong desk!

  6. Hey guys. I've been considering one of these for some time but not that brand in particular, so you've given me a new one to think about. Meanwhile have you tried either the Uplift V2, or the Fully Jarvis? If so, I'm curious to know how they compared to your favorite (in your opinion of course 😁). I'm really glad you did a video on this topic!

  7. With all those deep tans it seems as if you are broadcasting from the Caribbean! 😂

    Woodworking is clearly not something they taught at the Mayo Clinic, eh Bob? 😉

  8. Have been using this desk with the LeanRite sit-stand-perch-lean chair by Ergo Impact. It's a great combination

  9. I've had a standing desk for several years now. My back pain has gone away. I use it about 5-8 hours a day editing in Photoshop.

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