Best Cheap Microphones for YouTube Under $50

Best Cheap Microphones for YouTube Under $50

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  1. ⚡ QOTD: What do you currently use for audio in your videos? LMK! 👇👇👇 Watch other videos in our budget YouTube equipment series here:

  2. This was probably one of the most useful videos that I have seen in a long time, especially with me literally just starting to record. Thanks Bro, you gained a fan today.

  3. Great video! I’m new to making videos and have a lot to learn but as you say in other videos use what you have a just start positing. I have a GoPro Hero+ that I am using to shoot footage. Is there an external microphone I can use for this camera? Which one do you recommend?

    Keep up the great work!

  4. Could you use 2 dual lavalier setups with a 2 input mixer to get 4 people with mics on a recording or would this not work?

  5. There’s another guy who do worldwide food related YouTube, looks similar to you somewhat, lol. Even the gestures 😁

  6. This item does not ship to Pakistan. Please check other sellers who may ship internationally.what should i do now ?

  7. Great video.

    I’m currently looking to buy budget microphone for screen recording on my Ipad, and i might consider even using my android phone for separate recording device of the audio from the microphone before adding them together in editing. So, do you have any recommendation on which budget microphone i should get?

    Also do you have any tips on how to work around IOS screen recording problem where sometimes the sound suddenly goes lagging behind the video, or vice versa, or even goes totally silent?

  8. I want to get a lavalier style microphone for recording videos but I was wondering if they sell it Wireless. And if so how does it tap into the camera? Is it Bluetooth or something like that

  9. Best inexpensive choice for me is the MOVO LV1. $19.99, and it can attach to your smartphone or a traditional camera. It is essentially the same as the Boya.

  10. The Dual Lav is exactly what I'm looking for. THANK YOU for the info. I was about to search for it on Amazon but instead I am happily using your affiliate link to make my purchase. 🙂 Your videos are really great, Sean.

  11. Researching a mic to use with my smart phone: What mic would you recommend to use for doing interviews in a loud/busy setting.

  12. I got the Boya Lav mic a month ago based off your recommendations. it has totally changed the audio quality on my channel for the better. Great recommendation. I also have the TakStar shotgun mic for when I'm out in the field doing run and gun vlogging. Also a dope audio choice, without breaking the bank. Highly recommend for small channels that are starting out and building up.

  13. This was so helpful for a complete beginner to this kinda stuff. I'll definitely be using your affiliate links. Thank you!

  14. i want to start a youtube channel in which ill be able to share my video games gameplay (yes i know its cliche but whatever) and i have everything set except a good microphone. i was thinking about buying a blue yeti, but i find it a little bit too expensive as a "first good microphone". this video helped me a lot, and made me think about what kind of microphone i want to have. thanks a ton 🙂

  15. Has anyone tried this microphone: I'm wanting to use the S9+.

  16. Can anyone recommend what to use with a Nikon D3400? It doesn't have a mic jack and having done a little research it does not work with an adapter. Online people have said it is best used with a field mic – are there any recommendations for the best ones to use for the purposes of YouTube tutorials and interviews? Thanks so much!

  17. Question so i currently just use my computer to record because i don't have a camera the first few he talked about he made it seem like they only can go into a camera threw aux could i also plug them into my computer and record that way i plan on getting a camera thsts capable of plugging the mic threw aux but in the mean time would also like to use threw my computer if anyone knows thanks

  18. Hey everyone. So I just bought a TAKSTAR SGC-598 shotgun mic. I also just bought a Dell XPS 15. Is the mic not "compatible" with the computer? I saw that you can plug the jack into the headphone socket and it should work fine, but my computer isn't reading the mic. What am I doing wrong?

  19. Ok, I think I've finally got a grasp on this basic world of audio options. Now where's the next video that explains exactly how to record audio into your smartphone, get it into iMovie with the corresponding video and then edit? Can iMovie even DO that?!

    My brain hurts.

  20. I am starting a YouTube channel. I dont have a video camera now. I will be using my phone. How can I connect the audio to the camera of my phone

  21. I just got the rode wireless microphones and transmitters (tx-m2) . Thanks for the great review, It is so easy to use. I put them together and the just pair them and I do not have the search for a clear channel and it is always searching for a stronger channel. It is simply a great price !!!!!!!!!!!! It is great for a small production team. Simple. Thanks from Chicago, IL

  22. Personally I don't recommend using a lavalier mic with a long cord hooked up to your camera. Soon or later you are going to forget about the mic and you are going to get up and walk away. Boom! It pulls over your camera setup and destroys some amount of your equipment, possibly costing you time and hundreds of dollars. It is an expensive accident waiting to happen. If you do use this setup, loop the cable through something heavy that will stop you from pulling on the camera directly.

  23. This is such an effective video. Honestly, why do all companies not do this for all their products….


  24. Professional tip for making videos..use your hands when necessary, not all the time. Busy hands are distracting. Otherwise, great video!

  25. Is the Boya BY-M1 working with a PC? The description on Amazon says so but the comments there say that it is not working with a PC. I would like to start making YouTube tutorials and would like to start with a cheap but good beginner microphone. Thanks in advance 🙂

  26. The cheapest microphone with the best quality u can get for its price is the BOYA BY-MM1 for only under $20 to $30

  27. Thanks for this great video, it was exactly what I was looking for. I loved that I could actually hear the difference between mics.

  28. Hey Shawn, a BIG thank you for making this video. looking to start uploading my very first video and this has been extremely helpful! Ordered the BOYA mic + Batteries and a small tripod. I'm very excited to join the YouTube community!!!

  29. Hello! I have a question, if I may? But I also wish to thank you for what you do here on YouTube. You are very learned and thorough. I am very soon starting my own YouTube channel and your. Ideas here have helped me learn in an area that I had little or no knowledge. Thank you. As to my question, it is indeed in regards to microphones. I was exploring the Rode microphone you had mentioned and came across a Comica CVM-V30 PRO for $53.00 with good reviews. What would your opinion on this be? Also, years ago The had purchased a microphone…a MXL 990 condenser microphone with a shock mount. I had bought it for music and not sure if it is suited for speech….or if it will plug into the camera I had purchased, the CanonEOS Rebel SL2. I am just beginning and budgeting. If the MXL 990 is suitable, could you recommend a boom stand? The microphone is somewhat heavy. My apologies for the lengthy questions here. Again, thank you for your valuable teachings here on YouTube. Be blessed in your day! My email address is [email protected]

  30. Wow this is incredible!!!! I'm so happy I found it so I can invest on a budget-friendly mic for now that's still great and then in the future get more professional ones

  31. I bought the Blue Snowball Ice because of this video and the one problem I have is that, and I don't know if it's because I have a quiet voice, but I have to be speaking not too far away from it at all, say within 5cm of the microphone for it to work nicely. When I've been trying to do art tutorials, the microphone doesn't work very well for this scenario, I just thought that's something to note.

  32. Is syncing externally recorded audio to your videos troublesome? How does it work? Do you have to manually import the sound files and sync it with the videos?

  33. if you shoot videos on your home and then upload them on youtube use a software like Audacity and Voicemeter (both are free) to increase the quality of the microphone with some filters and tweaks. Voicemeter also works for streaming. there are video tutorials on youtube for both. you can make a good cheap microphone sound like a microphone that costs over $100.

  34. I currently use an iPhone XS and will soon be using a Pixel 4 for recording videos. Is there a Microphone I can get that will work with these that will also be able to plug into something like a Cannon M50 once I upgrade my camera?

  35. Can I plug the lav. mic into my phone and use that to record audio, then when I edit the video I add the audio?

  36. I have the takstar on a6400 but I've shot a couple videos where the audio leading into a take has a lot of feedback that goes away once I'm talking. How do I get more clean audio 3-6 ft away? boom on recording device or lav on phone? I know you said phone works well, but I'm nervous to rely on separate file for audio..

  37. PLEASE HELP: I bought the Boya BY-M1 and I am trying to connect to my Canon T6i but it is not recording my audio. How can I fix this ?

  38. I currently do vlogs with my iphone 8 plus (I turn up the video quality but try to keep videos under 20 minutes) however for gaming i use aa logitech but its becoming a struggle since it lags when recording, so now I'm looking for a good camera with also a good mic for recording those videos while using my iphone for vlogs for now

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