Best Budget Standing Desk For Gaming – Respawn 3010 Gaming Desk

Best Budget Standing Desk For Gaming – Respawn 3010 Gaming Desk

So what’s one of the best upgrades you
can make to your stream well at your work and extreme environment and in this
video we’re taking a look at the 3010 gaming computer desk from respawn
let’s go! Hey it’s me it’s wild coming at you for my stream support playlist where I bring you the best tips and tricks and today we’re doing a product review on
the respawn 3010 gaming computer desk but if this is your first time here and
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for you and hey at any point in this video if you like the products or the
services I’m talking about I did you all a favor I put links in the notes below
so make sure you check them out so it’s no secret that streamers and
broadcasters are obsessed with making upgrades to their streams so they can
have a bigger impact online but one of the most overlooked things that
streamers and broadcasters don’t think about is upgrading at their work and
stream environment and the respawn 3010 gaming computer desk has that in mind
for gamers streamers and broadcasters so let’s take a look at how this desk can
help improve your streaming life the 3010 comes available in four colors red
green blue and grey comes complete with extremely sturdy and steel frame
construction in solid steel coated top that helps with easy cleanup and spills
if they occur has a contoured front edge allowing more comfortability on the
forearms and wrists which is a huge game-changer in those long gaming and
streaming sessions on line the 3010 has an aggressive gaming top design with
table accents and colors to showcase the 3010 comes complete with accessories
support with headphone rails for easy storage speaker wings that can sport
speakers up to 5 inches by 5 inches and a cup holder that can accommodate up to
bigger water bottles and tumblers the thirty ten is fifty two point six to
five inches wide by 23 points six to five inches deep but the awesome thing
about the respawn 3010 in gaming computer desk is the fact that is a
height adjustable desk giving you 19 inches of travel between sitting and
standing just simply pull on the lever and you go
from forty-nine point five inches all the way down to a sitting height of
thirty three point five inches with one pull of the lever you can easily adjust
the height up or down for all of your needs and this is what I love most about
this desk if you’re using the area as a workstation it’s good to get up and get
the blood flowing in your legs and in your entire body to work out your joints
so you can actually continue to work longer if you’re using this as a gaming
desk or a streaming desk the height adjustment allows you to accommodate
games where you need to be standing or move around think like games like just
dance or beat saver or if you’re a creative streamer out there the 3010 has a raised monitor shelf that has raised about 5.5 inches from the main
top and is twenty eight point seven five inches wide with about nine inches deep
so what are some of the cons of the 3010 well to be honest there
aren’t many but let me make you aware of some things I notice and how you can
address them if you are interested in getting this desk the decal accent
pieces on the side of the desk are cool and add a lot of flair to this desk but
keep in mind they do take up a couple of inches of space because they are raised
off of the desk it would be nice to see if these accent pieces were actually
flush with the top if you plan on putting your 3010 desk on padded
carpet like mine please keep in mind that if you’re going to use the top
shelf for your monitors they may become wobbly now there are some good solutions
to this if you’re gonna put it on a solid surface you can entirely avoid
this issue or if you are gonna put it on carpet I would highly suggest getting
some monitor clamps to secure it down or you can get some monitor stands or
articulating arms so that way you can adjust your monitors and it makes them
more secure I will put a few links in the show notes below so make sure you
check them out if you plan on doing this there is also no cable management system
or cable loops or holders so be aware of your cable management make sure you have
enough extended cable for the height adjustment so nothing’s tugging on your
desktop or pulling on your speakers or anything like that and be sure to anchor
down all of your cables at the desk top point and an easy solution for this is I
just use a regular A or alligator clamp that you can get at your local big lot
store or discount big-box store now if you’re interested in getting the thirty
ten gaming computer desk from respond retail is normally around $340
USD but depending on what color you want you can find some killer deals on Amazon
I will put links in the show notes below for all of you out there now if you
can’t get an awesome deal off Amazon that’s okay you can buy from respawn
direct and the cool thing about that is I reached out to them and they created a
coupon code for all my audience and community members out there so if you
buy directly from them make sure you enter in coupon code Wild4Games to
save 5% on checkout again I’ll put links in the show notes below for all of you
out there now if you’re not interested in a height-adjustable game computer
like I am that’s okay respawn makes a few different versions of gaming
computer desks they’re just sit down only I’ll put a few up here on the
screen and the nice thing about all of their products is they actually make
corresponding products that go throughout their whole color scheme they
make gaming desk and gaming chairs so that way you can get everything to match
the way you want your room to be represented in your workstation or your
streaming station if you guys like me to review any of their gaming chairs or any
other gaming computer desk out there make sure you leave me a comment below
and I will see what I can do to make a review on that for you as well
the 3010 gaming computer desk from respawn is one of the best introductory
standing desks that I have found out there to be honest the price that
they’re offering out is a steal otherwise you’d have to go with a desk
top one that’s adjustable that you put on top of your pre-existing desk or you
know you’ll probably have a step up to the 500 800 or $1000 range to get one
that is electronic that moves through different heights for you which is a big
step now I’d like to personally thank respawned for sending me this desk so I
can do a product review for all the audience members and community members
out there because I love making videos that’s gonna help you guys be bigger and
better and heck even more comfortable within your streaming environment now
respawn makes a lot of cool products so I recommend checking out their website
and see what would fit within your budget or within your style like I said
I put links in the show notes below make it an upgrade to your streaming or work
environment can actually be one of the best things that you can do it’s gonna
make you feel more comfortable and heck it’s actually gonna make you more
organized for your stream that way you can put a lot more concentration into
your community and into your dream because you kind of have
everything in its place now now if you guys like this type of video and you
like me to do more product reviews or streaming gear reviews you know what to
do leave me a comment below and I will see what I can do to help all of you out
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sport goes into me making more content to help all of you out there so thank
you guys all so much I will see you all in the next stream support video coming
out real soon take care all peace

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