BenQ Screenbar Plus e-Reading Lamp – The COOLEST LAMP for my desk! (Srpski prevod)

BenQ Screenbar Plus e-Reading Lamp – The COOLEST LAMP for my desk! (Srpski prevod)

[Music] [Applause] [Music] hey guys its name onion welcome to another really fun episode I’m spending a lot of time in the front of my computer right here preparing some tutorials for you guys retouching doing some projects for clients etc and according to some researches we are daily spending the where is 5.7 so almost 6 hours in front of our screens that’s a lot and I don’t know for you guys but I’m spending it even more a lot more sometimes like 12 hours and that can cause some I strains your eyes can be tired irritated even dry etc so that’s why having the really good lighting setup on your desktop is a must if you want to have more pleasant experience working in front of your screen and to reduce some ice trains and that’s why in my studio I had really nice control light setup for years now and I’m really satisfied with that but two weeks ago I brought a new lamp from Bank you it’s called screen bar you reading LED lamp and I’m really thrilled about it I really like it so much and that’s why I’m making this video for you guys because I want to share my experience with you screen bar is designed with the idea to reduce eyestrain and to make or or working experience in the front of your computer much more pleasant and also it’s designed to be mounted at the top of your monitor and it will catch the light from the top to the bottom of your screen the light will go parallel with the screen and it will not touch the screen at all another part of the light will go straight down to the end of your desk so whole working area of the desktop in front of yourself will be really nicely written and because it has some a symmetrical optical design the light will not reflect of the monitor so it will not cause any kind of glares etc let’s talk about the build quality screen bar is made out of the really good quality plastic and aluminium alloy so it looks and feels really premium and mounting it at the top of your screen it we’ll give you more professional look of your monitor and your working area overall so I really like it how it looks at the top of your monitor to mount at the top of your monitor it’s really easy you just need to basically put it at the top and it has some kind of counterweight that will hold it there it’s basically like you’re mounting your web camera and it will stay there really nice and stable so no matter if you’re rotating your monitor tilting it up and down or moving it up and down the light will be really nice and stable hooked at the top of the screen the lightest power would be a USB cable so it’s really nice and easy you don’t have any kind of additional power supplies you just need to plug that USB cable in your monitor your PC and you’re ready to go also you can power up this light with some external power supply like power bank or your iPhone charger or any other charger but it needs to have an output of 5 volts and 1 amp so that’s something that you need to know and you can power the lamp with any kind of other power supply screen bar is made in two versions just the screen bar and screen bar plus they’re basically the same with that difference that screen bar plus has additional desktop dial which I will talk about a little bit later but otherwise they’re completely the same the maximum brightness of screen bar is 500 Lux which is really good and also you can change the brightness with the dimmer also you can change the color temperature of the lamp it goes from 2700 kelvins to 6500 Kelvin really good options because you can set precise color temperature to fits your working space also there is an option called Auto dimmer so the lamp can control the light intensity automatically depending of surrounding lighting conditions another benefit of this lamp is that there is no flickering and also there is no blue light hazard you know that blue light can damage your eyes blue light is not good for your eyes so this is no blue light has a lamp so you’re covered with that also another great benefit of this lamp is that is a space-saving so you don’t need to have any kind additional stand for this lamp on your desktop you’ll save space because the monitor will be the stand for your lamp so it’s really easy to mount and really convenient so you can use it on really smaller desktop surfaces too right now let’s talk about the desktop dial this thing right here is the desktop dial and it’s really nice and convenient to change the brightness of your lamp or pressing this button you can change the temperature of the lamp and also here you have the button where you can set to outer dimmer mode and it will automatically change the brightness depending on conditions in the lighting conditions in the room so that’s really really cool it has a sensor right here at the top as you can see this is the sensor where it collects the lights information and it will auto dim if you want to turn this off just dial left and right and it will turn off also you can power on and off the screen bar just by pressing on this button right here it’s really easy and convenient what is really cool about this lamp is that you don’t need to mess with the settings too much once you set your preferred color temperature and the brightness you can turn the lamp off go away and when you come back and turn on the lamp it will remember the last use settings so that’s really cool screen bar is selling with two prices one is for regular version and it cost $99 and another is for Plus version it cost 129 dollars read guys and that’s it for this episode I hope that you enjoyed this review as much as I’m enjoying it this screen bar I really like it a lot I’m really thrilled about it and I will continue to use it on a regular basis if you have any questions regarding to the screen bar in this episode please let me know down there in the comment section below I will be more than glad to answer them also down there in the description have the links where you can buy screen bar and screen bar plus in case you’re interested have fun experiment and see you guys in a next one episode bye bye [Music] you

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  1. I love your channel Nemanja it very helpful when I need to practice my skills and learn new techniques so thank you. I do have a question what is the monitor name and model, please and is it 100% RGB colorspace?

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