AVITA Liber 12.5″ Laptop

Avita Liber Review. The Avita Liber’s aluminum chassis and punchy
keyboard isn’t enough to redeem its poor performance, short battery life and limited ports. The Avita Liber does feature some redeeming
qualities, like its colorful aluminum chassis, punchy keyboard and faster-than-average SSD,
but overall, there’s just one too many issues keeping us from recommending it. The Avita Liber’s sleek aluminum chassis comes
in six different flavors — ours is lathered in Blossom Pink, which strongly urges me to
go buy a pack of Hubba Bubba Bubble Gum. The Avita logo is engraved in the center of
the hood with a silver trim tracing the letters, giving it a futuristic vibe. Its black keyboard may work well with other
colors, like Silver, but it’s just an eye-sore when paired with the Blossom Pink deck. It would have been a refreshing design choice
if the keys were white instead. Plus, the backlighting was so dim I didn’t
even notice that it was on. Just below the keyboard, there’s a fingerprint reader. This machine has room for only three ports:
A USB Type-C port, a headphone jack and the power jack. That’s disappointing even for a laptop this
thin. What annoys me the most is that the Type-C
port can actually charge the laptop, so there’s no reason why the company couldn’t have ditched
the power jack and added another Type-C port designated for charging so you’d have an extra
port for accessories. The Avita Liber’s 12.5-inch, 1920 into 1080
glossy panel is on the dull side, and while it’s relatively bright, the glare can be insufferable
while watching movies. During the establishing shot of a city landscape
in the trailer for Hobbs and Shaw, I couldn’t focus on anything besides my own face reflecting
in the glare of the panel. Despite that, the brightness still looked
uniform in the scene where Hobbs walked into a poorly lit karaoke bar. The stubble on Hobbs’ face even looked sharp
and distinguished. But when Shaw walked into a club, the red
panels and lights that surrounded him looked drained and didn’t pop. Each key on the Avita Liber’s keyboard offered
tactile feedback as I typed, which is impressive for a laptop this thin. The Avita Liber’s bottom-firing speakers couldn’t
muster enough power to fill a small office space as I played The Strokes’ “Reptilia.” The guitar riffs were dull and didn’t have
a sharp impact, while the vocals sounded as though they were underwater. Not to mention that drum beats were drowned
out by the other tracks. The Avita Liber’s older 7th Gen Intel Core
i5-7Y54 processor with 8GB of RAM showed some slight slowdown after I opened 20 Google Chrome
tabs and a 1080p YouTube video. For a laptop with a processor that doesn’t
draw a whole lot of power, the Avita Liber’s battery life is disappointing, to say the
least. After continuously surfing the web over Wi-Fi
at 150 nits of brightness, the Liber lasted only 5 hours and 39 minutes. While looking at myself in the test shots
I took with the Avita Liber’s 720p webcam, I thought I’d been thrown into a horror film. The blurry pixels and low contrast, I could
barely identify the red on my sweater, as it all blended into black, and my face was
so pale that I looked like I was turning into a zombie. Additionally, the webcam still found a way
to blow out the ceiling lights above. I highly recommend purchasing an external
webcam if you decide to go with the Avita Liber. The Avita Liber can get a little warm under
the hood. After it streamed a 15-minute HD video, the
underside measured 92 degrees Fahrenheit, which is just below our 95-degree comfort
threshold. The center of the keyboard and touchpad hit
87 and 84 degrees, respectively, but it did reach a very hot 105 degrees on its lower-right
underside. The Avita Liber offers a solid keyboard and
a decent SSD packed into an affordable aluminum chassis, but we simply can’t ignore the flaws. With its outdated processor, dull display,
quiet speakers, poor battery life and inherent lack of ports, we recommend getting a better
laptop in this price range. Overall, there are too many trade-offs in
purchasing the Avita Liber, and you can do a lot better for a cheaper price. Kindly see the description for this Amazon
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