Audio for Computers : 2.1 Stereo for Computer Audio

Audio for Computers : 2.1 Stereo for Computer Audio

Hi, my name is Tony Ramirez, from Tampa, Florida,
and on behalf of Expert Village, this is audio for your PC. Alright, let’s talk a little
bit about a 2.1 speaker system for your actual computer. This right here’s a 2.1 stereo system.
What it is, is two satellite speakers, one left one, and one right one, that actually
deliver the stereo sound from your computer to, of course, your speakers. Now the reason
these are called 2.1 is its two satellite speakers, just as I mentioned, and the .1
is actually your subwoofer. So your subwoofer will provide all your low frequencies, your
base, things like that. So this is an active system, or a powered system, so it will actually
plug up to the wall or to your actual power socket or power break out box, however you
may have it. Set up your power surge protector, whatever you have onto your computer, and
then it will plug up into your actual computer using a standard stereo headphones jack. This
will plug up either to the front or to the back of your computer, and deliver your stereo
sound in a 2.1 system, of course, your left, your right, and your subwoofer. So this is
a great way, this is an inexpensive system that delivers great sound for your standard
music listening, or anything that you’re going to be doing that’s just is in need of a regular
stereo sound, even video games. So, this is your 2.1 system.

5 thoughts to “Audio for Computers : 2.1 Stereo for Computer Audio”

  1. Here's my way:
    1970s stereo receiver with integrated amplifier that someone gave me, plus a pair of restored 1980s Boston Accustic speakers I found at the thrift store for $30.

    Not only is it much cheaper than what's in this video, it sounds much better, too!

  2. were i live that 2.1 if its the same wich i think it is i can get it 4 $50 and it is gr8t because i have the 5.1 and the maen control speaker fell off my wall and the volume broke on it and now it dosent work 🙁 but it sounds gr8t when it was 2.1 or if i hooked up to my tv 5.1 or the same as the pc it sounds good

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