Are We Living In A Computer Simulation?

Are We Living In A Computer Simulation?

Hey there! I need to ask you a question? Afterall we are Besties, right? Do you ever think about where we came from? I don’t mean our species. I mean our whole universe! I’ve been pondering over it a lot lately. My therapist says I should stop before I literally
go insane! Do you ever wonder if this is real? Are we real living beings, or is this all
made up? What I’m trying to say is, are we living
in a computer simulation? Who came up with this theory? Ever heard of the Simulation Hypothesis? Do physicists actually believe we are living
in The Matrix? We’ll be talking about all of that and more! But first, want to step into a world cooler
than The Matrix! Keep watching until the end of this video
to subscribe for more amazing Bestie content! Now right off the bat, you’re probably scratching
your head asking, “What is this person talking about? Reality as an illusion? That’s crazy talk! I pinched myself and I assure you I am real.” Ouch! Well I suggest you prepare yourself, because
this information may expand your mind as wide as the universe itself. In order to properly understand the idea of
the Simulation Hypothesis, we need to venture back to its origins. While it’s easy to believe it was made up
by some nerdy science professor on his lunch hour, the theory actually dates back thousands
of years to ancient China. Zhuangzi, a Chinese philosopher who lived
between the years 369 and 286 BC, is said to be the first to present the idea of reality
being an illusion. In a passage known as ‘The Butterfly Dream’,
Zhuangzi outlines how dreams can seem so real, the senses that help us tell them apart from
reality shouldn’t be trusted. Other ancient philosophies such as that of
Maya have also suggested something similar. While the works of ancient philosophers should
no doubt live on, we’d be doing you a great disservice if we didn’t discuss the science
behind the theory. Let’s fast forward to the present day. Nick Bostrom, a Swedish philosopher at the
University of Oxford has expanded on the idea of something dubbed the ‘Simulation Hypothesis’. In a 2010 paper he wrote titled, “Are You
Living in a Computer Simulation?”, Nick’s argument is broken down into three main points. Each acts as a possible scenario, but only
one can be a reality. The scenarios read as the following: The fraction of human-level civilizations
that reach a posthuman stage is very close to zero. The fraction of posthuman civilizations that
are interested in running ancestor-simulations is very close to zero. The fraction of all people with our kind of
experiences that are living in a simulation is very close to none. I get it, your mind is probably running laps
right about now. We can almost hear you yelling: VOICE OF VIEWER: What the heck does that mean? Hey, I thought you guys at Bestie were easy
to understand. Not to worry. Scientific English can be pretty complicated. Let’s translate, shall we? In several articles, Nick Bostrom’s three
points have basically been simplified down to this: The human species will most likely be wiped
out before we can develop technology to create a simulation. The species that exists after humans may also
not have the tools to create such a simulation. Either that, or they will see it as immoral. We are already living in a simulation. If you’re thinking this is a complete and
total mind-frig, you and I are on the same page. But admit, this sort of discussion is also
fascinating! If Bostrom’s theory intrigues you just as
much as it does for me, it can be enough to change your entire outlook on life. Let’s talk about virtual reality for a moment. Remember the first of Bostrom’s points that
said the human species is likely to die out before creating its own simulation? Well we’re kind of on our way to creating
it already. It seems like the world of VR is unstoppable! You can’t stroll through a movie theatre
or a shopping mall without some annoying guy asking if you’d like to try the newest Star
Wars VR. It seems to have hit us like a computer generated
tidal wave… You know what, I like Star Wars. Let me try on that helmet for second! The road to virtual reality began in 1935
when American sci-fi author Stanley Weinbaum created a story called Pygmalion Spectacles. In the story, the main character dons a pair
of glasses that transports him into a world full of holographic recordings. You may have recently seen a similar idea
in the movie “Ready Player One”. While Stanley Weinbaum’s story only outlines
the idea of virtual reality, the first actual VR machine was not invented until 1956, when
an American filmmaker by the name of Morton Heilig gave the world Sensorama. Allowing up to four people at a time, this
machine would immerse its audience into the 3D experience. An innovation that Stanley referred to as
the “cinema of the future”. Over the next several decades, the possibilities
of VR were explored thoroughly, with many different advancements made to the technology. As of 2018, many of the world’s leading corporations
have their own brands of VR equipment. These include companies like Apple, Microsoft,
Amazon and Samsung. Now at this point in the video, you may be
thinking, “Yeah, this is fascinating and all, but where does it tie in with our reality
already being a simulation?” Well, get a load of this. While discussing the origins of VR technology,
you may have noticed that Morton Heilig’s machine was invented in 1956. That’s only 63 years ago! Look at it from this perspective… In the time that Tom Hanks has been alive,
he’s seen a tiny 3D box with some cool images become a helmet that transports you into the
Star Wars universe. If you add in all the advancements we’ve
made with video games and phones, it’s safe to say we’ve come quite a long way in just
six decades. You have to wonder… If a species can advance in simulation technology
this quickly, what if another civilization has already beaten us to it… AND WE’RE
THEIR SIMULATION?!?!? VOICE OF VIEWER: Okay, you guys have gone
way too far over the edge. What, did you hit your head or something? Maybe party a little too hard over the weekend? There is no way you’re saying what I think
you’re saying… Yeah the idea sounds absurd, but so do plenty
of others. Imagine what people thought when it was first
suggested that a frozen person could be brought back to life. For more information on that, check out our
video on Interesting Facts About Cryogenic Freezing! But back to the simulation talk. If you think we’re crazy, talk to engineer
and Tesla CEO Elon Musk. He seems to stand by this theory. On multiple occasions, Elon has used the game
of Pong as an example for how a simple video game invented in 1972 can advance into the
games we play today. VIDEO EXAMPLE: With such quick advancements in technology,
is it possible that we are already in someone else’s simulation? While Elon Musk believes that there is a ‘one-in-a-billion’
chance that we’re living in base reality, Nick Bostrom thinks that the odds we are actually
in a simulation is about 20%. Astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson has also
weighed in, believing there to be a 50% chance. While people’s theories on the topic may
vary, Elon Musk states that we better hope we are in a simulation. This way the civilization responsible for
us will continue to advance. If it turns out we are on our own, our technological
progress will eventually reach the end, resulting in what may be our doom. VOICE OF VIEWER: Alright, this is all very
compelling stuff. But has any of it been put to the test? I mean is anybody actually out there physically
trying to prove whether or not our entire universe is fake? How would you do it? As it turns out, there are several proposed
ideas for how we would test the simulation hypothesis. Too bad its illegal to simulate cash, because
the amount of money these experiments cost could surely use some quick mula. In 2018, a scientist named Tom Campbell started
a Go-Fund Me page. The objective: to raise $150,000 for experiments
that test the theory as well as document it on film. VIDEO EXAMPLE If you’re not a physicist, ideas for how
one properly tests the simulation hypothesis are enough to make your head explode. Just explaining it is no easy task. Based on what we’ve read, in order to confirm
whether or not the theory is true, one has to look at it as a video game. If the system projecting the simulation has
limited resources, physicists suggests it would only produce content when we as the
subjects need to observe it. That which we are not observing doesn’t
exist. Whatever that means, I’m kind of freaked
out. Do you think we live in a simulated reality? Sound off in the comment section, and don’t
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  5. When all of us go to sleep every night or even during the day for some people. We have no control over ourselves until we awake up from our temporary rest. So therefore, we are a like a dead untie we awake up again. We experience the simulation as dreams. Currently, if you pinch yourself and feel your own pain than you Are Living the Real life. Please add your comments 🙂

  6. Nick bostrom was in his dads nutsack when Philip k dick said that we live in the matrix , 3:40 into this video

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