100 thoughts to “Are We All Internet Addicts?”

  1. Really considering setting that 20 minutes of work and then 5 minutes of play schedule for myself. Sounds incredibly hard, though. Most stuff I do would take more than 5 minutes. And how much work am I really doing?
    Perhaps a 25 minute work period, and a 10 minute play period. Continuously switching off, with STRICT timing. So more often than not, I'd have to stop play early before I get sucked into something that would make it impossible to stop playing without passing the time limit first.

  2. I keep staying up really late because I'm like "Oneeee more video" then I forget about it or see another interesting one and just watch it.

  3. Im very addicted! I spent about 10-14 hours on the Internet just listening to Music,playing habbo,playing moviestarplanet,playing Virtual games And im very addicted to ourworld o.O

  4. The internet is pretty cool… The outside is scary and, you know, is full of people. The Outernet is not cool.

  5. Me: I should stop spending so much time on the internet and get a life. *goes out into the real world* I should be spending my time on the internet…

  6. The key to cure us is that we realize that since we can only watch a very small fraction of what would interest us, it doesn't matter if you STOP watching videos right now; cause chances are that you won't learn anything really important on the next hour that you can't find by chance tomorrow…

  7. I aint sayin theres nothing wrong with it.. but im 14 and don't need to do it at all let alone be addicted like society wants everyone to be so screw off

  8. Sometimes I find that if I stare into another direction for, like, no reason at all.. My mind starts to switch and I feel like thinking instead of just googling things before I've even completed processing my query internally. And then I think about doing something else but here I am at 5am on a weekday typing into a growing box.. fml..

  9. You Tube has become my heroine and I'm completely addicted to this freaking thing!
    … Oh I wonder what that video is *clicks, gone!*

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  11. I had to block facebook on my google chrome, that didnt work as it turns out you can still access blocked site under incognito mode.. #stillafacebookaddict!

  12. But let's not blindly assume that all addictions are bad. 
    I'm addicted to the 'Net in the same way that I'm addicted to oxygen.

  13. The DSM-5 should classify as a disorder all those people who have no internet presence at all — people in 1st world countries who DO have access, and yet they have no email, no facebook, no online anything.  Now THAT's abnormal!

  14. My addiction to the internet is ridiculous. I basically have two identities now; real me and internet me 😛  

  15. I only use the internet for learning and watching Youtube. Oh, and playing Path of Exile. My favorite game right beside Dark Souls, where you can be as vain as you'd like. Great game for people with no empathy at all, just makes me happy.

  16. is it a bad thing? 100's of years ago people would sit around reading for fun doing nothing now we have unlimited entertainment in front of our eyes in seconds. It could be the hands down greatest invention ever created

  17. I rarely get what I need for the internet because my internet connection is so horrible. Every time my home phone rings it cuts off the connection for about 15 mins and I waste my time walking back and forth waiting for it to come back on. >:(

  18. EVERYBODY, get the SelfControl app for your computer. Download it, enter the websites you are addicted to, and put the timer to 24hours.
    It'll block the websites, and you will see just how seriously addicted you are. It's the best thing for me when I NEED to work and I cant seem to focus.

  19. Most of my time is on the internet. Sadly… 

  20. My procrastination/internet addiction is ridiculous and is heavilly influencing my life and success.. I'm sitting here watching edutainment videos since I woke up 11 hours ago, haven't done any of my work done, work which has EXTREMELY pressing deadlines at this time. Still I'm sitting here writing this.. Oh my God..

  21. Whenever something happens to the internet and it is down for a day or two, I get SO MUCH DONE. It's crazy how productive I get. I should download something that activates my internet only at certain times..

  22. lol, pomodoro… it will not work for me… i'd just turn it off… 
    but i wouldn't classify it as an addiction, i can stop… if i want to (example goin camping)… but "regular life" is to boring… nothing happens in this "reality"

  23. Within 10 minutes of waking up, I usually touch my laptop, then I stay there for 15+ hours taking maybe 30-60 minute breaks every few hours. I am addicted. It doesn't help me that I'm not in school or working right now so I am a full blown NEET with all the free time to dick off on the internet as much as I want.

    When I don't have internet, I don't feel any withdrawals and I like to pick up a book and read it cover to cover every now and then, its just there's so many fun things on the internet. 

    It's a love/hate relationship.

  24. I fucking love the internet and all of its complex fractal-like mesh of links and connectivity. I love using as much bandwidth as possible for some odd reason… I average over a gigabyte per day….

  25. Is it an addiction if one actually get something useful out of using it? e.g. watching DNews to learn some new cool stuff.

  26. Used to debate politics and religion on YouTube, it was tearing me part, now I just avoid sites which use those issues.  Just didn't feel good as a villain who caused trouble hiding behind a screen name.   Feel like I should be doing more "Pay it forward" type volunteer activities where I can do good.   Will talk to my therapist about it next week.  Just my 2 cents.  Feel free if you got any good advice or suggestions.

  27. some months ago i came to terms ''my worst fears''
    so i got my nose pierced
    fuck i wasted 3 years
    but now it seems i'm an addict
    so i will sit up on my attic
    screaming fuck world i'm having
    dunno why i wrote that, just felt so

  28. I am not relay addicted to the internet am just addicted to knowing every thing. like i don't care if I get a like on Facebook but every time i find some thing on the internet I have to research it more then I become obsessed about researching it . then I move on the next thing it just gos on and on and on.

  29. Let's just say that I went on the computer to check my email, then I can out 5 hours later watching a video of kittens, and somewhere in there I played a murdering game.

  30. Try SKEEBLOO Internet-blocker for win7, there's a free version on CNET (A VERY STRICT ONE). It looks simple on the surface, but it's really hardcore underneath it all because it integrates all kinds of cheat-protection mechanisms. Best used when you're trying to help someone (a friend, spouse, a child…)


  31. I literally have a 100+ tabs open right now, to say nothing of my Watch Later list, because when I'm putting off homework I'm just mindlessly clicking around on whatever looks interesting in the youtube sidebar, reddit, FB newsfeed and whatnot, convinced I'm going to read/watch it all at some point later, and when I do finish homework, I get too lazy to pick out what I'm going to read/watch realistically, so all the tabs stay. Repeat over time, and boom, 100+ tabs. I also picked up this habit recently of not going to bed until I've read/watched something really entertaining, even after I just stayed up for homework. I'm an addict fo sho.

  32. Speaking of internet addiction, just how many videos has DNews made?  I've been watching countless numbers of them, and there are still more over there on the right that I haven't seen yet.

  33. I'm always on youtube. A random thought becomes a learning video. I read internet articles instead of news paper. I think i might have a problem with internet addiction.

  34. I've been addicted for 10 years. Ever Since I got my own computer at twelve years old. I'm an Internet Junkie!!!

  35. Yeah you're so right. I kind of set a timer for myself, but in the end just ignored it with a tiny bit of guilt, then forget it. Play on.

  36. Internet addiction has started to show negative consequences on my life four years ago and now I'm very fucked up, I've lost a ton of time and missed opportunities, lost all hope in any future and I spend all the time on the internet just to distract myself from thinking and stressing about life. Since it also prevents me from maintaining a job I don't have enough money for therapy, not mentioning the absolute lack of motivation to even thinking positive or smiling. I've probably already disappointed my parents and ending it all seems to be a pleasant solution more and more every day, there's no going out of this downward spiral.

  37. I would just get rid of internet all in all if I could, but an airbnb apartment I'm administrating for my dad and being the leader of a board in a badmintonclub I'm playing at is forcing me to keep it.

  38. I agree because he talks like he has been on a screen all year and has forgotten how to measure his words slowly and deliberately, rather than speaking like a news-feed which doesnt give us time to think about the words and the weight of the moment.

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