April Fool’s on the Internet Sucks | Hardly Working

April Fool’s on the Internet Sucks | Hardly Working

(mechanical winding)
(pop music) – Oh did you guys see this? Netflix is making a Calvin
and Hobbes animated series. – Ooo.
– No way. This is like, wait a minute. What day is it? – April 1st. (flute music) – Ah-hah. (laughter) (eerie chime music) April fools. (medieval instrumental music)
– Ha-ho, ha-ha. (humming) Ha-ha, what ho me lords? ‘Tis I the April Fool returned once again to fill the internet with jokes and japes and all matter of tomfoolery. – No God! This is so fucking annoying! – Pray tell, have ye
heard the latest news? – Go away! – It concerns a recent development from the code masters at Google. – Whatever it is, we don’t believe you. – A novel new offering called Google Date. It looks at the key words in your emails and analyzes it to find
your one true love. – No it doesn’t. It’s a prank, we know it’s a prank! – Oooo, alas ye have been tricked
by the April Fool. Tee-ha, tee-hee, tee-rum. – No we haven’t. – Google Date does not exist, you see. ‘Tis a most unlikely fiction,
yet ye dullards believed it. – Not even for a second. – Heaven hath not known a more
oafish crew than ye three. (laughter) – Fuck this. April Fool’s Day used to be fun and now it’s just a bunch of brands trying to seem cool with a bunch of lazy boring ass obvious lies. – Oh well perhaps this will cheer you? It’s a clever new
contraption from ThinkGeek. (groans) Behold! This orb resembles a Poke ball, but it is in fact a miniature projector, preloaded with the entirety
of the Pokemon anime. – Leave us alone! – Surely your seduced by
the promise of nostalgia, but wait! There is but one more surprise. This product, – Doesn’t exist!
– Doesn’t exist! (slide whistling)
(laughter) Ha-ha! – Yeah, we know! – Did you?
– Yes! – Well did you know that ThinkGeek will actually make this
product a few days hence. – Yeah. They do it every year.
– Oh! What you thought a mere lark
was in fact advertisment! (laughter) Yeah you are bamboozled twice over! First by me and thence by capitalism! – You’re not clever. – You’re just lying to us. – Ooo. – And it’s not even a surprise, ’cause you do it at the
same time every year. (grunts) Honestly do you enjoy this? Or do you do this ’cause
you feel like you have to? – Oh pity this poor old curmudgeon. This grumpy old man’s
heart is un-gladdened by our monkeyshines. Boo!
– Boo! – Boo this man! Boo. Yah.
– Quit it, quit it now. Boo, hiss and boo! You know I have written a rude little song about people like you. Would you like to hear it? – No.
– I think that once you do, you’ll never be able to give it up. Da-duh-da-duh-da! (flute music) – Stop it, stop it, stop it now! Really? A rick-roll? – It’s ironically funny. Who-hoo. – No it isn’t. It’s the oldest least original
prank on the internet. – Nay grand nay, the oldest least original
prank on the internet is when your engaged in some sort of internet activity, concentrating really hard and then (screaming) (thudding)
(powering down) (whirring)
(drum jazz music) Hi it’s Mike Trapp from CollegeHumor. Click here to subscribe. Click here for more fun things. And send help to keep me from sinking. Please. Please help, please help.

100 thoughts to “April Fool’s on the Internet Sucks | Hardly Working”

  1. I returned to this video with no memory of having seen it before, saw that I had disliked it, and wondered why. Until the end. God dammit

  2. Couldn't hear what Trapp was saying at the end, so I turned up my volume all the way and focused extremely hard and then… DAMMIT COLLEGE HUMOR. Ya'll are good. Too good.

  3. Hold on just one fucking second. Is that Brennan in the blue? The defender of the basic met the April Fool a whole year early.

  4. Can we all get a guy like Brennan? I mean, look at how he looks at Trapp.

    I laughed at the random vegetable-throwing.

    Also, Grant is so perfect.

  5. Nobody will ever make a Calvin and Hobbes animated series because the creator fought really hard not to sell the rights to anyone.

  6. people getting mad about rickroll….guys its a meme its always going to haunt you thats what memes do

  7. I’m worried. Screamers just make my pupils dilate more. Other than that, I don’t react. I don’t even jump anymore.

  8. It's actually a bit unnerving how well Trapp fills the role of the April Fool, like he is just amazing with it

  9. You know what’s worse? You’re good friend and thier friend (who u don’t like) play a prank on me when the one I don’t like pretended to accidentally send me a text ab how they actually hate my friend, then I showed it to the friend, and then she acted all hurt, and then proceeded to tell my friend about how much I was waiting for her to leave them because of how mean they were, of course, I was a prank, and I just spilled my secret hate for her friend very loudly to her.

    So ya…

    You know what happened next?

    It turned out my friend actually DID hate her. And she suggested that prank to see if her friend would be unnecessaryly rude to her. So ya, “no harm done”

    Lesson learned tho, never trust anyone lol.

  10. Fu Fu so much I wasn't looking until his voice lowered and then I looked and I just see bloody horror, B's I'm alone rn and now I'm terrified, fuffufufudfufufufu (〒﹏〒)

  11. It's 4:00 am and I've just been watching CollegeHumor videos all night (they're too awesome. I actually have been non stop watching them for three days now), so I'm so tired that that jump scare didn't even make me blink.

  12. This comment section is so thirsty, every time Brennan even shows his face on a video half the comments are about him, and I love it

  13. 2:11 me: this is funny.
    3.14 me: AAGHHHH!!f,**$*$*,",,$kkkk me jesus on a stick AHHHHHHH(falls of chair and runs to room)

  14. Is… is… that Brennan as one of the backups? The one in blue with the drum? That is… unsettling if it's not the case.

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