Apple Keyboard Evolution – Part 2

Apple Keyboard Evolution – Part 2

[ Typing ] [ Retro sci-fi sounds ] – [ Typing ]
– DAVID: So this is Apple’s very first USB keyboard. It was originally introduced with the iMac computer, and came in several different colors. The layout of the keys is far more PC-like than before. You get an Escape key in the proper place, inverted “T” arrow keys, and the full numeric keypad. Although, the Page Up and the Page Down keys are in the weird place. And, you get a Power button on the keyboard. This was also the last keyboard to have a Power button on it. The keys look black — but they’re actually a dark translucent, as you can see. The Caps Lock has a light inside that shines through. The bottom of this keyboard is more beautiful had it has more thought put into it than the top of most keyboards. It even has a holographic sticker at the bottom, which stands out much more when seen in person. It does include one big adjustable leg to change the orientation of the keyboard. It has two USB ports — one of each side. So that you may plug in a mouse
like a traditional ADB keyboard. But, you always have
at least one port leftover — which is great, because you can use that port for USB flash drive, or plugging in your phone, or digital camera. The new keyboard also came with
a brand new mouse, today we referred to it as the
“Hockey puck” mouse. It used a multicolored ball inside
which was interestingly to watch when rolling around. Oh, that one’s pretty! I wake up some mornings on you. Never know what’cha doing in the evening. [ Typing ] Oh, I like this one. MATTHEW:
Do you noticed that they — they relocated their locator tab? This is decent keyboard,
I don’t have problem with it. I used that. [ Typing ] This is stylish keyboard. It’s laid out well,
looks very nice. The keys are a little mushy, though. DAVID:
So, the new keyboard is similar to the last one — but they made a good bit larger. The main reason was to make
room for the arrow keys and the more traditional
PC-style of keyboard layout. And while the older one did have
inverted “T” arrows, the new one is much easier to use. If you’ll noticed, the old one
has a Power button, but that’s been removed on the newer one,
and has never been then since. But we did gain volume controls,
and an Eject button for the optical drive. The Caps Lock is just like the last one; the Num Lock actually has a physical light,
but it doesn’t doing anything unless you connected it to a Windows PC. Like the old keyboard, this one also has
two USB ports — one of each side of the keyboard. Now, say goodbye to the
“Hockey pock” mouse… With this new keyboard, also came
a new mouse — this one is optical. It’s like a sculpted piece of art,
and the whole thing is a giant button. The underside is not quite
as much of a piece of art, but it does retain the logo
and one giant adjustable foot. – Yeah, I like the way it looks like.
– In contrast, you can see the letters a lot easier. I do like a black keyboard or something; a little to easier to keep clean,
I guess you could do these area — easier for to look clean. [ Clacking ] I like it soft.
I can use that all day. Is this backlit? DAVID: So, the newer version
retains the same model number, but the color has been changed to a bright white. They are virtually identical;
they both have the same folding foot… – [ Clatters ]
– But notice the older one has the Apple logo, and the newer one doesn’t. So again, Apple has been moving away
from making the underside artistic. With the new color,
we also got a new mouse to match. It’s identical to the older mouse,
except that is white. Okay, so here’s the next model. It looks very similar to the last,
but there are some key differences — but one thing, the USB ports
have been moved to the back. Obviously, the mouse still plugs in back there. I actually liked this as it makes them
easier to use, especially for things like USB flash drives. The Caps Lock key is the only key that lights up; Num Lock is completely gone,
as a matter of fact. The bottom is very plain and prone to scratching
and collecting breeze inside. Notice that there are no any adjustments to the height. This is crazy — there’s no border,
it’s just keys! It’s a nice — er, nice feeling keyboard. It seems okay.
I’m a little bit more familiar with this, – but it’s not my favorite.
– Yeah. Feels pretty solid, and I — I could see it kinda
getting pretty good and fast on this keyboard. – I can do that, it’s nice. It’s kinda quiet for —
– [ Clacks ] having such a big clunky keys —
keys, I could use that. DAVID: So, this next keyboard was quite a departure
from all previous Apple keyboards. The keys are more similar to what they had been
using on the MacBook products. The keyboard is amazingly thin —
there’s nothing much to see at the bottom. It does have two USB ports,
although they are little harder to get to than the previous models, but you can still get a flash drive in there. The USB cable is decently long. They moved the volume keys here —
along with the Eject button, and then decided to give us more function keys
all the way up to F19, for some bizarre reason. Caps Lock is the only key that lights up. So, two years later, they introduced a miniature version
of the aluminum keyboard. Basically, everything from here has been removed, and the arrow keys have been moved down here
in this corner. The bottom is essentially the same
and still has the same two USB ports. It’s that — this is like super uncomfortable for me.
How do you type? Like this? It reminds me of a laptop keyboard, and — While those are good to get some really quick,
work done, and things like that. – I don’t like this one.
– But it’s super thin, so it’s easy to travel a lot. Probably not something I would want to use
8 hours a day. Yes. This is kinda like
the keyboard I use at home. [ Typing ] I like it. DAVID: Interestingly enough, this keyboard was so popular that there are many fakes and knock-offs being sold online. It fact, I have one of them here — while it does extremely similar,
it’s actually a piece of junk. Notice that it has no USB ports,
but the main thing is: it’s just — it’s just plastic, that’s painted
to look like it silver. It’s actually very flimsy, and the whole keyboard
bends when you type on it. You can see how flimsy it is. Alright, so you can see that the official
Apple version costs at least 2 to 3 times more than these pieces of junk, and you can kinda see
there’s a pretty good reason for that. Alright, so there’s some things I want to point out —
how about these white keyboards? Now, I think they’re very beautiful — but, they have a tendency to fade to yellow, er —
especially if they’re exposed to any UV light or heat, and, um — they’re look terrible and they are a pain in the butt to restore them! and, you have seen some of my previous videos on that. So, that’s one thing I don’t like about these. Now, if you have black keys,
then that does not — that’s not a problem. So you don’t have to worry
about if you have black keys. Now, I wanna say something about these
aluminum keyboards. Now, I love these keyboards.
I love the way they type, and I love how small and efficient they are. But there’s just one thing that just– Really irks me about ’em.
And if you spill anything in them, like even just a tiny few drops of water,
and they get under the keys, it’s done. It’s broke. It will never work again. I have thrown 3 of them away because of that problem. And you can’t repair them.
They’re actually glued together at the factory, so there’s no practical way to take them apart
and figure out what’s wrong. I’ve seen some other videos of people trying
to take these apart, and they just destroy them. So, I will not be buying any more of these, despite the fact that I do love them
because they’re extremely expensive and they just break too easy. So, I’m sure that people want to know
which keyboard is my favorite. Well, I wanted to– I couldn’t just really pick one, so
I wanna go ahead and tell you that this one types the best. I mean, I like the feel of the keys of the mechanical keys
on this original ADB keyboard. But I could never use this for a day-to-day keyboard
because of the arrangement of the cursors and a variety of other things. Um, as far as which keyboard I
think is most beautiful, um, I think, the original USB keyboard. The blueberries, and of course, they
come in other colors too, but this is the only one I have. But I think that these are beautiful pieces of art. They’re really amazing, but, you know what? I could probably use this
everyday, but I’m not going to. As far as actual using, day-in-day-out,
I gotta give it to the aluminum keyboards. I told you my gripe about these,
so after this one breaks, I’m not going to be using aluminum anymore. But as long as this one keeps
working, I’m gonna keep using this one. So, this is my favorite one to use. OK, so, I wanted to say one last thing. I’m pretty fond of Apple keyboards.
I always have been. But the one thing I don’t care for is their mice. Especially in the last decade,
I really hate the Mighty Mouse. When this ball, little trackball thing appeared,
it never works right. In fact, if this keyboard history video
proves to be popular, I’m gonna go ahead and follow that up with a mouse history video,
and I’ll elaborate on some of the reasons of why I don’t like their mice. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this quick series,
and I’ll see you next time.

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  1. Some of the 1243's had really short cables btw. Mine is so short I need an extension cable to use it in my mac pro tower under my desk or have to plug into a hub or monitor.

  2. 6:59 I have that keyboard but its Bluetooth and has a lightning cable, and no numbers om the right just on the top

  3. You are partially right about the latest aluminium keyboard … I got one as a BD gift from my wife. Later she spilled orange juice and this busted it. Apart of this case I had washed few aluminiums straight in a dishwasher. Just need to watt for some days to dry completely inside and the are just like brand new 🙂

  4. I am happy to say that I have finally got myself a bondi blue M2452 keyboard… it's actually pretty good, and is compatible with my windows 10 machine

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  8. I had sold a 2009 24" iMac with an aluminum keyboard. But got it back after a few years broken, the iMac itself was an easy fix, replaced a couple caps. But the keyboard must have had some pop spilled on it, as some of the keys would stick when I press them, and they would pop back up after a few seconds. I put the keyboard in the sink and poured isopropyl alcohol over it, and rocked it around to let it get around underneath the keys. Frist time I noticed the keys would pop up faster, and the second time, I can feel they were a little different than the other keys, but the third time did the trick. BTW, I also had to replace the 24" screen because the entire display's LED backlight had darkened to an ugly amber, and I also had to replace the SuperDrive. Now the SuperDrive had been a problem before I sold it. Apple replaced it 3 times, the last time just before I sold it. So I kind of expected it not to work when I got it back 5 years later. So I got a SuperDrive for a much later iMac, different manufacturer, so hoping that will hold up. Funny thing, though, I had a 2006 iMac that also had the SuperDrive replaced a couple times, and the third time, Apple support just offered to replace the entire iMac with a 2009 iMac, this one. But the SuperDrive problem didn't go away. Oh BTW, they accidently sent me two 2009 iMacs by mistake, But the honest fellow I am, I sent one back.

  9. Oh look, 1994 introduced the first basic keyboard of all time, which are always placed on laptops like my recent Satellite L305-S5955 purchase. Much more efficient than my dead Inspiron 1300 I used for 2 years and it served me quite well.

  10. I wish the video would address the issue that as time passed the normal keys (a-z) got moved further and further to the left. This was an unfortunate evolution. If you have a column of arrow keys to the right, and then a pad of numerical keys then the mouse is about 12 inches from the pinky finger when typing. also it forces you to either stretch your hands to the left lopsided, or if you want to center you hands under the screen (asdfghjkl;) directly under the screen, then you need a wide desk to have room to move the mouse now very far to the right.

    The Sun keyboard again did a very good job of the layout. It pub the function keys, including insert/home/end/etc to the left of the asdf keys and the numeric pad to the right. This left the normal keys in the center where they should be. and you didn't have to move your hands so far to the right to grab the mouse.

  11. This keyboard from Sun was very good as far as placement of keys for a touch typist. The function keys were on the left, the arrow keys on the right, so the mouse was not very far away. At that time, forcing the programmer to move his hands away from the keyboard was seen as a bad thing. Most editors had a way to move the cursor around the screen without lifting the hands. Emacs had (and still has) CNT-P CNTL-N for up and down and CNTL-F CNTL-B for right/left. This made having the control key just to the left of the A very nice. Vi had (and still has) some combination of h l j k, a combination with vi users loved, and everyone else hated. Nobody used the caps lock, or extremely rarely, so it was good that it didn't take up valuable space near the home row keys.

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  13. Man I still use a 2007 keyboard but I took the 2003 mouse off and replaced it with a normal feeling mouse
    This setup is in a media booth at a church and I love the 2007 keyboard it works so well but the mouse never felt right

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  15. I had an original imac and I bought a 3rd party mouse after using the round one for about an hour. I bought a 3rd party keyboard after a couple of days too because i didn’t care for the one that came with the iMac.

  16. Pretty cool videos, but you forget the keyboard of 20Th Anniversary or TAM, Model M3459, greetings from Colombia, I love your channel

  17. These videos took me back! My first experience was playing Oregon Trail on an APPLE II in elementary school (I never made it all the way. Sally ALWAYS got dysentery!), and then playing Lemmings on a Macintosh Performa 550 in Middle/High School. I LOVED their startup chime and was fascinated with the power button on the keyboard. The ones at our school used CD caddies instead of a slide out tray. It seemed so futuristic. LOL! Personally, I always used Windows computers, but coveted Apple’s hardware and software, especially when the iMac G3’s came out. Pre OS X systems were so fun to me compared to Windows (For Workgroups!) 3.11. I got some of the “Apple-ish” satisfaction once Windows 95 came out. Fast forward a few years and the first time I saw my friend with a 12 inch PowerBook G4, I decided the time had come to make the switch. I went to CompUSA and bought an iMac G5 and have been an  fanboy ever since! I have a closet that serves as an Apple graveyard for all my retired  products, save for the few machines I’ve given to friends/family.

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  19. We had four of those first usb keyboard computers to trade off use in our computer class in middle school. It was my favorite one to use as far as mac goes.

  20. Do people not realize that some devices in 2000 had back lit? Hell In 1983 there was a patent for a backlit keyboard. And as early as 1970s a backlight calculator. They were not rgb but normal white light

    Apple did not introduce back lit keyboards until 2003-2004 I think they only did it in the laptop keyboards.

    So when the checkered guy asked if it was backlit, especially with translucent key caps, he had no reason to not believe they could not be. You guys are so vindictive about someone giving an honest review of something, and leaving the creator out of it.

    Being able to separate the artist from the art is what makes someone a good judge. If you can’t separate apple and their products, then you can’t judge solely those products.

    Take it or leave it, they made bad keyboards, and when they started doing IBM layout keyboards is when they started making better keyboards. You keep doing you checkers, these people are just fanboying about brands. This is exactly like the Paylessi incident, and people are just acting like pompous, pretentious, know it alls over a couple of keyboards.

  21. I also loved the Macbook keyboard until I came across Lenovo IBM ThinkPad… Apple's MacBooks and computer keyboard were really only cheaper rubbish, just like today's Butterfly 1 and 2 scrap. One scandal after another at Apple. I'll stay with Windows/Lenovo from now on. Windows 10 is really awesome today.

  22. I’ve never had any problems with water in the keyboard. As a matter of fact I usually wash the keyboard with water under the tap.

    See my instruction video here:

  23. Apple USB Keyboard (1998) 0:14
    Apple Pro Keyboard (2000) 1:59,3:13
    Apple Keyboard (2003) 3:39
    Apple Keyboard (2007) 4:36
    Apple Keyboard (2009) 5:12

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  29. Great job on the vid! Tip: All mac keyboards although compatible to all macs are not created equal. Some functions may be missing from one to the other. I spent hours trying to figure out the reason why Command F2 did not enable dual screen activation. I wasn't using my newer bluetooth mac keyboard, but an older usb one. As soon as I connected the bluetooth keyboard it worked! However, I wonder if their are alternate keys you can use for the same thing. I searched for some and couldn't find any. Also, the option to do the set up doesn't show up in sys.prefs if you use the older one. Just trying to save someone else the time and money if they pick up a cheap keyboard to try this.

  30. stupid captioner
    It doesn't look nescient; you do; little bitty brain; fast -> swift; travel -> fare.
    larger -> greater; physically -> ; thin -> fine, squat; harder -> touher; long -> fore, wide; down -> fore

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