Apple iPad Pro Review [BIG IPAD + APPLE PENCIL + 128GB GOLD LTE]

Apple iPad Pro Review [BIG IPAD + APPLE PENCIL + 128GB GOLD LTE]

Apple’s new iPad Pro aims to take the place
of a laptop for many people, how does it succeed? Find out in my review, right now! Hey guys! Welcome to Bleeding Edge TV, I’m
Andru Edwards this is the show that gives you news and reviews through the app of
Today I’m bringing you my full review of the massive iPad pro. Now, a lot of the specs I already covered
in the unboxing video but just to recap the iPad Pro is Apple’s brand new 12.9 inch ram
of display iPad so, much bigger than the 9.7 inches iPad Air 2 and way bigger than the
7.9 inches iPad Mini, starting at $799 for the 32 gigabytes model, you get 2732×2048
ram of display which is 264 pixels per inch and it looks fantastic. The apple 89x processor
are 4 gigabytes of ram on the inside make it fly, the 4 speakers, 2 on top, 2 on the
bottom, if you’re holding it in portrait mode, or 2 on the left, 2 on the right if
you are holding it on landscape make it sounds amazing it’s the loudest iPad I’ve ever
heard with really good bass as well. Cameras aren’t amazing, but you’ll probably wouldn’t
expect that on the iPad. iPads have always shipped with last generation cameras, so you
get a 8 megapixel rear camera, 1.2 megapixels face time camera on the front, it’s got the
new smart connector on the side which can power external keyboards with the battery
in the iPad Pro and it’s got a huge 10,700,000 million ampere power battery, which is good for 10
hours just like all the previous iPads. Now, those are all just specs and what’s
really important is how the iPad Pro feels when you’re actually using it because after
all, the specs can be as amazing as they can be but if using the iPad Pro sucks, then
who cares, right? Well the good news is that the iPad Pro definitely
doesn’t suck, it’s fast and responsive but what you do have to remember is that the iPad
Pro is larger and you shouldn’t think of it as the way you thought of iPad in the past.
iPads have generally been hand-hand tablets that are easy to carry around. The iPad Pro
not so much, easy to use but a little more difficult to carry around due to its size
and it’s not the weight, it is the size. It’s hard to just hold the iPad Pro in two hands
and type on it. Luckily you can pair just about any Bluetooth keyboard to it to type
that way, you can buy Apple’s smart keyboard which is powered by the iPad itself. Logitech also has one and type that way or
you can just slap on Apple’s SmartCover prop it up and type on the on-screen keyboard
without having to hold the device itself so that solves the typing issue if you’re going
to be typing a lot on the iPad Pro, and if you’re using it as a laptop replacement that’s
probably what you’re going to be doing any way. Now if you’re into entertainment, the
display itself is great, watching things like Netflix, Hulu and YouTube, looks really, really
good on the display, especially when you go full screen. The iPad pro is definitely a
monster Netflix machine. Multitasking is another big thing on the iPad
Pro, multitask is also available on iPad mini 4 and the iPad Air 2 but not like this, being
able to run two iPad Air 2 size apps side by side, on one display is pretty powerful,
so powerful that I rarely ever use multitasking on my other iPads. Well, here on the iPad
Pro it just feels natural, taking notes on the right hand of the screen while referencing
a web page on the left is the kind of thing that the iPad Pro was made for. And going
back to the video formatting, where you can use picture to picture while in multitasking
mode and have a video that’s about the size of an iPhone screen playing on the iPad Pro
while you’re working, that’s just fantastic! Now, couple days after bringing out the iPad
Pro, I was able to get the Apple pencil and that’s when I saw the real potential of the
tablet, now let me just say up front, I’m not and artist by any stretch of the imagination.
I can’t draw, I can’t paint, and if it has to do it with my hand and drawing and
making something look amazing, I’m usually not someone that can do that but with the
iPad Pro and the Apple pencil, I can. In my day to day work I rarely ever fire a Photoshop
when I do it is usually to create my for my YouTube videos on the iPad Pro with the Apple
Pencil I was able to remove things from the photos that were in the photos and I did not
want them to be there and I can’t tell you how to do it on Photoshop but on the iPad
Pro it literally took me under a minute to figure out how to do that. The fact that the
tools and the app on iPad pro in conjunction of the pencil provide more accessibility for
people to get into art, I think it’s fantastic. The other thing is that the Apple pencil really
helps with is the typing and if you do belive it or not if you don’t want to pay for the
Apple keyboard or the Bluetooth keyboard or a third party accessory, but this one makes
the typing a little bit easier, the Apple pencil actually is really helpful, instead
of moving your hand all over the screen, you can just pretty much keep it in one spot and
just move the pencil around to tap on the keys and as silly as it sounds, typing is
way faster and less tiring when you use the Apple pencil. I’ll have more of the Apple
pencil in a separated video and I will be doing a full review on that device itself. Now about the iPad Pro replacing a laptop:
For many people it’ll be able to do that, for me it’s not quite there just yet and that’s
because I know the iPad Pro can’t do all the things that my Macbook can do but, I will
still consider it a worthy runner-up to a laptop so much so that I can see being the
one device I bring in addition to my smartphone when I travel, and that’s something that I
have never really said before, usually I’m bringing a Macbook with me because I want
that power and versatility but the iPad pro is definitely sufficient to something like
that, so it’s not a long term solution that I’ll be getting rid of a laptop but it’s
definitely something that can replace my laptop in shorter terms. The new iPad is powerful, it’s fast, it has
a large display and it’s never lag when I was multitasking or switching between apps.
Again it’s not better than my laptop but it makes by far fewer sacrifices than what
I expected. So if you’re looking for something light with
good resolution for a display, powerful processor, split stream, multitasking and the most precise
stylus that you have ever used, the iPad Pro is for you. Of course is size or price is
an issue and you need something a little bit more traditional, then this iPad Pro isn’t
yet ready to replace your laptop. And there you have it guys my review of the
apple iPad Pro. What do you think? Is this something you are picking up or it is something
you have picked already? Let me know on the comments below. I’m really curious about what
you guys are thinking and I want to know what you guys are using it for, if it is a laptop
replacement or if it is something more that is complementing your laptop / smartphone
experience. By the way, don’t forget our giveaway that we’re having right now. We’re
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following show we’ll be picking 2 winners each of you will received one of the brand
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on the next video.

30 thoughts to “Apple iPad Pro Review [BIG IPAD + APPLE PENCIL + 128GB GOLD LTE]”

  1. It won't be replacing my laptops, but I rather use a desktop over a laptop. I'll use this for handwritten derivations and drawing illustrations, in addition to consumption activities (Netflix, magazines, comics). This will remove the need to write on paper and then scan to pdf. It will eliminate messy erasing, too. It's a total win for me.

  2. I'm going to be honest, I would love to get this because of the pencil mostly because I'm an illustrator so I'm guessing that it would be nice but I feel like Apple didn't pay too much attention to this because there are lots of easy improvements that Apple could have done but didn't for example the OS could have been so much different.

  3.  interestingly enough I think the  pencil is what has turned the iPad Pro into something really special for artists and non-artists alike .

  4. +Andru Edwards Hi Andru! I'm planning to buy ipad mini 2 is it still worth it? and what difference between mini 2 and 4 than chipset and Thank you!

  5. Hi Andru,
    you didn't mention anything about the memory they come in… My only grudge is how can such a powerful device, which potentially work with larger files and more memory consuming apps, come with max 128GB?? My fear is it'll be full real quick if the user actually does serious work like graphics on it… What's your opinion on this?
    also, I have a fear of damaging my screen on my devices, therefore I've tempered glass laid over my scree
    r of screen protector now? Any experiments done?

  6. Im getting this christmas YEY do you think it will be much better for playing games watching videos and drawing than the iPad Pro

  7. I have a 128gb lte model wrapped up under the tree. Can't wait. I have been making do with 16gb on my iPad Air for two years. Great review. I think the best is yet to come for the iPad pro.

  8. bro nice review ! a lot of people focus on facts rather than their own opinion . hearing your thoughts is just great ! nice video

  9. Great review (a lot better then most haters)!
    I just got done laying out the floor plan for a new client using on my iPad Pro with "MagicPlan" in conjunction with a bluetooth laser measuring tool, typed up a proposal in Microsoft Word and even used Adobe Draw to sketch a rough over the "shity" photos I took on it (the camera sucks to hell). But I hate laptops If I can drag MacPro with my 3 screens… the iPad pro has paid for it's self. There's the word PRO I do this for a living so the word "Pro" makes perfect sense.

  10. I'm planning on getting one as soon as I can but not as a laptop replacement device but for Drawing , Movies,YouTube ,web browsing ,games, and other than drawing mainly a fun entertainment device. The laptop size screen and simplicity of an iPad is what I've been looking for.

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