APEX LEGENDS | The Future of Battle Royale Games (PC/Android)

APEX LEGENDS | The Future of Battle Royale Games (PC/Android)

Hey whats up guys welcome back to another
video so today I am back here with a new game. By new game I literally meant NEW because
this game was released just a week ago and it already has got over 30 million players
worldwide. That is such a huge number of players for
such a short period of time. So why I am trying this game is because this
is just another Battle Royale game which is coming to Android. This is already released for PC and PS4 I
guess.. but is also confirmed for Android and also this is a free to play game so obviously
I had to try it and I just wanted to check what is with this game that people love so
much about. So I have already played a couple of matches
and thats what you guys are seeing in the background. The rules and purpose of the game is same
as any battle royale games we have played but at the same time gives you a completely
different experiance. So one of the reason is this is the first
ever dedicated FPS battle royale game.. atleast that I know of. Also there are 8 characters to choose from
and each of them got cool special abilities. So you could try all of them by swapping them
after every match that would really give you completely fresh experiance every single time. Also, you can not only revive your teammates
but can also respawn them completely.. any times you could. So you wont have to stay dead if your teammate
is good. In short this is a free fps battle royale
game with mindblowing graphics having cool characters with special abilities. Well, what more could you expect huh.. but
if you want more, close this video and play MiniMilitia. Nothing could beat that legend.. So for right now, lets watch this gameplay
and see how cool this game is and just let me know in comments if you would play this
game right now or you would play this when its released for android or wont play at all. Its your choice but you gotta reply with any
of these bcoz I gotta know if you like this game and only then, I could decide if i should
create more videos on this game. I honestly love this game but its your opinion
that matters. So watch this full gameplay and let me know
your thoughts..

72 thoughts to “APEX LEGENDS | The Future of Battle Royale Games (PC/Android)”

  1. Bro I understood why you were regarding zero death challenge tough. I play team deathmatches and it is easy to win flawlessly there as you have less enemy ratio. But quickplay has 5 enemies per player, everyone is an enemy to every other player.

    BTW, today I tried this challenge. I failed in my first attempt of 28-2 because of shield noobs but next attempt I managed to score 28-0. So I finished flawlessy😅😅😅. The next player to me had 4 kills only😁😁😁

  2. Unlike fortnite I hope they don't make the mobile version only for extremely high end mobiles… Mid spec devices Shud also run such game…and that's the best thing I love about pubg…they considered every such aspects.

  3. Nice game bro but not better than Pubg and da2 but you should continue this series and please it's my humble request to upload today's Pubg gameplay video which you played with me, I was LakshyaSisodiya please upload it.

  4. Why dont give shoutout to first 5 comments from last 2 months i thought that you would continue that soon but you never did it whats the reason and btw where in india you live

  5. The thing is that pubg pc also looks far better than this but mobile version is completely different so just dont go on the pc graphics

  6. What a graphics are of this game…I hope it come with same graphics on Android also….how much ram U have bro in if PC?…….

  7. Pubg is famous because of its realistic graphics and fortnite is not as much famous because of its cartoon graphics,so no apex legends is future of battle royale games because of its cartoon graphics!

  8. Bro
    This discord link which you have Posted in Description has Expired
    I request you to use this link now on

  9. Bro, I tried ur zero death challenge….on my first attempt, I ended up in 26-2….on my second attempt….I managed 22-0….
    I could not kill many coz everyone kept complaining that I have unlimited health ….and they quit for this reason…that made me quit sad :(…..
    Yasin bro, can u pls play with me ??

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