ANYmal C Legged Robot – The Next Step in Robotic Industrial Inspection

ANYmal C Legged Robot – The Next Step in Robotic Industrial Inspection

Safe and efficient operations have never been
as important as today. This increases demand for routine inspections
that can become a bottleneck for growth, and if performed incorrectly, lead to safety hazards
or even breakdowns. ANYbotics introduces the autonomous legged
robot ANYmal, a robot that redefines how machines are able to support industrial operations. Built around the superior mobility of four
legs, ANYmal can navigate challenging terrain. Carrying a set of state-of-the-art sensors,
the system can see, hear, smell, and measure with super-human capabilities. ANYmal is designed to protocol entire plants
frequently and reliably, and to detect potential hazards, before they turn into a problem. Our team has been developing legged robots
for more than 10 years. Redesigned from the feet up, ANYmal C combines
outstanding performance with a range of smart features in a user-friendly, rugged, and fully
water-proof design. Given a target location, ANYmal identifies
the quickest route to reach its goal. Real-time mapping and motion planning allow
the robot to react to obstacles and to safely blend into a work environment. With advanced algorithms and powerful actuation,
ANYmal can cover the toughest of terrains. After working on a single battery for over
two hours, ANYmal connects to a docking station for charging – all by itself. Explore the potential of autonomous robotic
inspection for safe and efficient operations with ANYbotics.

23 thoughts to “ANYmal C Legged Robot – The Next Step in Robotic Industrial Inspection”

  1. How is it not cheaper to just install sensors with iot connections if the robot does the same route then it’s useless compared to installed sensors mobile robots are only really useful in unknown cenários

  2. There's no way on this planet that it would be allowed into a chemical plant. The risks associated with it are too great.

  3. I love how the robot snuck behind the human worker to see if it could trip him up, what a joker!
    Also it's cute how the robot just collapsed onto its charging point like an exhausted animal.

  4. why have a walking robot in these rooms with sensors on it , and not just have the sensors already in those rooms mounted around or connected to key areas ? It seems like they just replaced a walking human with a walking robot, same bottleneck just made out of plastic and steel.

  5. That great and all, but can you add a touch sensor on its head so I can give it a pat when it's done a good job?

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