Amazon’s New Fire HD Tablets ◄ $50 Fire 7 Review, Unboxing ► The Deal Guy

Amazon’s New Fire HD Tablets ◄ $50 Fire 7 Review, Unboxing ► The Deal Guy

Today… $50 Fire Tablet – is it worth it?
The deal, your unboxing and the review. Hi. I’m the YouTube Deal Guy Matt Granite. Welcome
to your one stop shop for daily deals. Usually I find huge deals of 60, 70 or 80% off and
items we give away free to subscribers. Today though I am reviewing something many of you
have been asking me to check. If you are interested in getting any of my big deals moving forward
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my deal given away for free so click the subscribe button you see on your screen right now, you’ll
be signed up for all of my big deals. Now let’s unbox the $50 fire tablet. Once you
tear this open, it’s actually really cute packaging. The tablet slides right out. You
do get a plug adapter with this tablet which is nice to see because many competitors in
this price range just give you the USB cord and expect you to either buy your own adapter
or charge it through a computer. In terms of many of the speed tests, this now pulling
photos from my smartphone. You can see this is a really nice cut I had on my eye uploaded
in a matter of seconds. In terms of the speed tests of the video on its own, not compared
to any other tablets, here we go. What was that? A quarter of a second? Really really
fast great playback. In terms of reading. Very impressed. For a book that I am reading
right now, this is how quickly it downloads using a very average internet connection.
There we are. Book is loading. Let’s open it up. On. Page turns, easy. Feels good in
my hands. Now the new iPad Mini is $400 and obviously the iPad mini is a better tablet
but you can buy almost six Fire Tablets for half the price of the iPad Mini 4. For those
of you wondering how is the sound. How is the quality? You get the lyrics with it which
is nice using Amazon Prime, now in terms of the song actually downloading… Comparing
the $50 Amazon tablet to a current version of the iPad mini which obviously has more
RAM and a much faster processor. Let’s do a page load comparison test. 1, 2, ,3… The
iPad a little bit ahead. When it actually comes down to playing video, if you had to
race both units connected to the same internet connection, the $50 tablet wins. Now this
is our morning show director and my friend Mark, and you’ve had a chance to spend time
with both HD 10 and HD 7 tablets. What’s the verdict? The quality on the big one, obviously
is better but for $250, it gets a little pricey. The smaller one, you can’t beat for $50. If
you should break it or lose it or somebody should steal it, you’re not out too much but
to download music or Pandora, something like that, that’s the way to go for $50. If you
are interested in this tablet again $50 and a link to get it before Halloween, at least
at the time this video was recorded.. right under me, right under this video window. We’re
going to give away probably two to three to subscribers but we have to wait for them to
get back in stock so I will notify you when they become available and if you’re looking
to learn about the larger HD 10 tablet, that is my next video. I really appreciate you
being here, thank you so much for watching. None of these are products, I don’t make a
dime on anything I’m showing you and for free products, click that subscribe button right

100 thoughts to “Amazon’s New Fire HD Tablets ◄ $50 Fire 7 Review, Unboxing ► The Deal Guy”

  1. Hey, Matt! This is such a great deal that I finally took the plunge and bought my first tablet. I'm now trying to get in touch with my sister to see if she wants one (it would be a great Christmas gift). Thanks for getting all of these fantastic deals!

  2. I've been thinking of replacing my ipad mini but not wanting to pay the big bucks for another apple product. The Kindle Fire looks like it's worth trying – and you certainly can't beat the price!! Thanks Matt!

  3. Boy I wish you had more then one thumbs up . Because I would be hit them all . I think I'm going to do some early Christmas shopping. Thank you for all the deals you bring us. I just used a suitcase that I got last year. it was a great deal.

  4. My old nexus 7 2012 tablet is starting to show its age and the battery doesn't really charge that well anymore, and can't really afford a really high end tablet but this doesn't look that back for 50 bucks.

  5. Wow I can't believe how much technology prices drop daily. I'm wondering how these tablets compare to other android peers instead of iPads though? I know iPads are great and I have two but I get frustrated with lack of space to store apps and pics and such. Can these tablets store more by adding a sad card?

  6. Out of fairness you should really compare this to other Kindle Tablets not Ipads . How does this new Fire compare to the more expensive models,how does the memory capacity compare,the speed of apps,etc…

  7. Just got my Kindle 10. AWESOME!!!!!!! Thanks for letting me know about it. Saved me money as I was going to get the Ipad because it was bigger.

  8. that's a steal for sure……Matt do you think they'll be great deals on smartwatches this thanksgiving? or you have something in the works?

  9. Matt, I stumbled on your channel and immediately subscribed because frankly I love great deals and certainly free stuff. Your energy and generosity is greatly appreciated! Thank you and God bless! 🙂

  10. Well, The good news about this tablet was it came on the 20th instead of sometime in Nov, After I got in from college, I cracked it open and fired it up. Strike 1: foreign language. I had to get amazon to help reboot the fire into english. One hour later all my books from my kindle app off my chinese 20 dollar tablet that committed suicide was transferred to my fire. The next day I was ready to play MY Game CSR Racing..I used the app store and there she was..downloaded happy as heck to get back to mt 118th level and all my 45 cars…opened the game and…wait where's my saved data? called amazon again..Strike 2: no instant approved my to get google+ so I can resume gameplay!!!! This was my main reason for buying another tablet.You know what..this is the kindle fire, I will use the free month of amazon prime..I mean unlimited movies and music great deal, I pick the first thing on there. Picture is great!! sound too. hey I want to see nightmare on elm st. ,,what do you mean I got to pay 3 bucks to rent it?Strike 3: even though you will be charged 100 bucks you are still very limited as to what you can watch. at least I can rock out to the greatest band in the world evanescence..what do you mean I have to pay for anything past her first album? why pay for this when I have frostwire,pandora,hell rhapsody may charge but I get everything.needless to say I got other apps denied me as well. I don't feel this is a good buy if you like the freedom to put what you want on your tablet.Really thinking of sending it back.any thoughts on a decent replacement in the same price range?

  11. They should make an ipod sized one for like 40, so you can have a super high quality mp3 player for the price of cheapy mp3 players.

  12. i think all apple products are over priced and over hyped i have a first gen kindle fire its about 4 years old i love it. especially being able to hook up to pc to transfer files etc.

  13. Hello there. I just wanted to know are there any deals for audiophile like AKG, audio technica earbuds and headphones??

  14. My husband just asked me yesterday if I had heard anything about the $50 Fire tablet and all I had seen was the commercial. Well today I checked my email and there you are in one of the YouTube videos talking about it. So I think he's going to finally get a new one for himself. Thank you for talking him into it, he wouldn't listen to me.

  15. When are you giving this tablet away? Im a new subscriber & are you gonna just randomly choose who ever you want or are you gonna put it in a generator to choose at random?

  16. These tablets look really nice
    And sleek in design and incredible price for 50$
    And it seemed pretty fast
    Thank you for finding the deal 😃

  17. I have been in the market for a new cheap tablet. my Ipad 2 (got it when it was new) is starting to show age. crashes, slow internet, etc. has some dings on the back  and the screen has a crack. for Christmas I got a $50 amazon gift card. I couldn't think of what to get. so decided to browse and stumbled upon this…so getting this

  18. Rip off for me, Story: so I buy the fire I'm so excited I open it up find the tablet inside I set it up (took about 1 hour) and download all the games I want about 1 month later I turn it on and it turns off by itself not to turn on again I try charging it nothing.

  19. Hi there, your videos are very impressive and inspiring. Im wondering if you have any interest in reviewing our tablet? Please let me know.

  20. I have that tablet. But i really want to know why such a good electronic so cheap. Its good its cheap, but that tablet is very smart and can do lots of things and tasks. Mostly reading tho.

  21. jesus christ how big do your hands have to be to palm a 10 inch tablet? I can barely palm an 8 inch safely

  22. This product is definitely worth $49.99, heck that is less than a pair of shoes and you get a fantastic tablet! I bought mine about 8 months ago and i can honestly say it was one of the best electronic purchases i have ever made.

  23. Great review of Amazon Tablet! A new subscriber and so happy I found your channel. Look forward to more of your reviews and side by side comparisons

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