Altec Lansing Speakers – ComputerTV at CES 2009

Altec Lansing Speakers – ComputerTV at CES 2009

Alright, here we are at the
Altec Lansing booth, and we’re here with their
product manager, Patrick. Thank you very much for being with us.
-Gladly, thanks for dropping by. I hear you got some really
cool products for us. -We do. Alright, so we’re looking here, these
are some pretty interesting speakers. They’re not very normal looking.
-That’s true. Very innovative design. Okay.
-These are actually 2.2 speakers, which means that the subwoofer are
built into the base of the speakers. -Okay. And you have a subwoofer in
each of the satellite speaker, and what that means is you no longer need
to put your subwoofer on the floor. -Okay. You have a little, nice, rich
sound field right at the desktop. Also off to a little more portability
and flexibility in the system, because you no longer need to lug
that big subwoofer around the house. Okay, what type of connection…
do you need to hook up a 2.2? Because you use a 2.1, and
there’s one separate for another two, so how do you do 4 channels? It’s simply just a
3.5 mm connection. It’s really a plug and play
type of system. Wow, that’s pretty
impressive, I like it a lot. What else do you guys…
I see some great stuff over here, what’s up over here?
-And we do. We’ve… Altec Lansing has come up with
some really new innovative designs, and it’s PC speaker systems.
And we’re also working on some real premiere up stock on
some very powerful audio, and this is one of our newest
speakers, the Expressionist ULTRA. And as you can see it has just
a very, very powerful subwoofer, and just very blatant satellites.
But you get a very, very loud sound. Ideal for gaming and movies, as well as
your, you know, just loud thumping music. I can actually feel the subwoofers
hitting me. The air is hitting me. It’s really intense, and this is only three
channels in total, right? -That’s correct. No surround sound, but it just gives
you that surround sound feeling. Exactly. -Wow. Very,
very nice. Very cool. Alright, great, let’s see. What else,
do you have anything else to show us? These are kind of our primary, you know,
flagship products and our PC audio products, but we do have some really good new
docking audio products we can show you. Alright, let’s take
a look at those. Alright, now we’re in
the Docking Audio section, now, Patrick, audio docks
are huge nowadays. Everyone’s got an iPod,
everyone’s got an iPhone, now just looking at this stuff here,
you guys got a ton of different options, for just about everybody.
-We do a broad range of price points and features, and we came out with some
brand new designs in our docking systems. This one here is the inMotion Mags,
a highly versional system, it does have a
rechargeable battery in it. You can take it and travel. Also designed
for iPhone, it a new de-cellular interference. Oh wow. -So you keep your
phone on while the music is playing. So, just like when you put your iPhone
into a doc and it says it doesn’t support, it always says, do you want to turn off your
cellular, this will work with that, no problem. Correct, and you also won’t
get that interference, as well. How did you get rid of that?
-Yeah, it’s just technology that’s built into the system.
-Shielding, proprietary, a little secret. A little bit of shielding, that’s right.
-It’s okay, you don’t have to tell me. We also have now,
in a similar design, we have a new alarm clock,
stereo alarm clock. -Okay. And we’ve… Just talking to our
consumers we’ve learned that the bedroom is a very
important living space. So, we’ve created this system,
starting with great audio. You know, to fill that space, and then we’ve added
the alarm clock. -Very cool. So, you’re fully, fully featured. Also it
has kind of a cool moonlight feature, on the back of it…
-Is this like a little… Is this the remote control for it?
-Remote control, but one of the really cool things about this is
it does have a snooze remote, so you can position the audio system in the
best place where it sounds the best in the room. And put the snooze remote right
next to the bed. -Right next to the bed. So you don’t even need to get out of bed.
-Oh, wow, that’s… that’s genius. Oh, now Pat, I’m really
curious about these, over here. ‘Cuz these caught my attention.
This is a wireless speaker system, right? That is a wireless speaker system, right.
It will pair with your Bluetooth phone. And it does play stereo Bluetooth.
-Oh wow. It can also serve as a speaker phone.
-Oh, so there’s a mic built in as well. There’s a mic built in as well.
-Wow. And then this is somewhat the
same system, but with a dock as well. This one here is actually designed
specifically for the iPod nano. This one’s not wireless.
-Okay. But it’s a traditional iPod speaker.
But it’s a very, very slim profile. I was about to say, that thing
looks absolutely tiny. It’s so thin. Designed for use
with the iPod nano. That’s gotta be the thinnest
docking station I’ve ever seen. It looks really sharp. I believe that it is.
And it also sounds very good. When we specifically
engineered those speakers, it sounded greater…
-Wow, that sounds awesome. Okay, cool. And what’s up
with this one? Yeah, this is one of
our newest speakers. This is a wireless dock where you
can position this dock anywhere up to 100 feet away
from the system. And this sounds great.
I’ve got this in my home. And I actually have it set up
where I have two of these. There’s a switch in the
back, it will let you switch and make one of these a left channel
and one of these a right channel. -Oh wow. And it’s completely wireless, so, I can,
you know, put these anywhere I need them and just one dock will send the
music to the system, it sounds great. That looks like a much bigger one. So
that one’s probably pretty powerful, right? It is. It’s 80 watts.
And it gets really loud. -Wow. It will fill the room with sound.
And we say, that this kinda ends the age of the traditional stereo system
because all you need here is your iPod, your dock, and you know, a couple
of these speakers, and you’re set. I really think that’s the
direction where it’s going, huh? Pretty much.
-I think so, yeah. I don’t see, you know, big
towers of speakers anymore. It’s almost all done.
-Yeah, yeah that’s correct. Very good.
-These also offer a lot more flexibility, versatility, like, I’ll
actually take these out. If I have a part on the deck,
I can just take these out there and have sound out there as well.
-Amazing. So, you know, here we’re talking
about you know, our wall of sound, our rechargeable battery, supports FM,
iPod, also has touch sensitive buttons on top. It will support
iPhone, fully shielded. Now, this one here is a…
It’s a stereo alarm clock. We started with just
great sounding speakers, and then we actually added the
iClock Radio, in addition to that, as the touch sensitive buttons
move behind the back. And then we also
have this snooze remote. So you can now locate this
just on the other side… Great. Alright Patrick, thank you so much
for spending some time with us. -Yeah, you bet. Yeah, thank you
for coming by. (C) 2008 SYX Services, Inc. All Rights Reserved
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  1. apparently it was a discontinued venture.. i heard they had 8 or so prototype sets, which all mysteriously disappeared after their demonstrator lifespan was over

  2. too bad, it can be the best speaker system ever! even if it cost too much! i think that's because plantronics bought altec lansing, we can never see this set.

  3. ive been looking for some speakers but i cant decide which ones to get,the logitech z 2300 or the mx6021 from altec lansing anybody got any suggestions…please reply ….thank you

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