Alphabetize Amiga Workbench Icons… & Strip Poker?!

Alphabetize Amiga Workbench Icons… & Strip Poker?!

Hello Computer Cooks and welcome to another Bytesized episode of Retro Recipes. Fun little videos that don’t really warrant a full project episode, but are still interesting nonetheless And here we are with the Amiga 500 once again, and a little problem that’s always cursed my orkbench unalphabetized workbench folders. Take a look at this mess. We’ve got Yeah, S’s and E’s together worms with, with strip poker (laugh). Oh! No! sorry, you didn’t see that And yes, S’s and T’s at the end, and Zeds in the middle, and U’s at the top. How do we fix it? Well, you can just hit cleanup, and all that actually does is organize the icons, but not alphabetize them Oh There’s another way you can actually manually drag them, but that’s gonna be really laborious for a big folder So what we’ll do is select all the icons Head on up to the menus, and find the icons menu…surprisingly, and look at this. I never even knew that was there. Unsnap shot That’s gonna make these unlearn their unalphabitized positions Next time you open… Oh my gosh! What a mess! But, it’s an alphabetized mess Then just hit cleaner Wait for it Yeah, look at that! Fully alphabetized and sorted. So you got the A’s to the Z’s and then all you want to do is save that for next time, so head on back up to the menus and in window you want a snapshot all. We can just snapshot the window, and they’re saved Let’s see if Niall is impressed. You want to play strip poker? (Talking to dog) Come on then, good girl! Yes, are you jealous? Oh You’re gonna play it together. All right. Have fun! It’s fine, I’ll play it on my own (feelings hurt). (Funny computer generated music) Oh! oh! Mmm Hmm Uhh Okay..what (stern voice)? But I’m wearing a blouse! Tsk, “This is fun” (Woman’s voice) I disagree “This is easy” (woman’s voice), I’m I’m not taking off my bra! (Snickers) What (annoyed)? “Sure you want to keep playing” (woman’s voice)? NO!

19 thoughts to “Alphabetize Amiga Workbench Icons… & Strip Poker?!”

  1. Now make a video on how to turn off the background music in a Youtube video.
    It's not a bad song but gets pretty annoying after binge watching.

  2. Thanks for watching! Had this issue plagued your workbench too?! Do you have any similar tips and tricks?

  3. I actually spent a lot of time playing strip poker on the PC as a pre-teen. It must have been the next higher version of the same game.

  4. Can't wait to look back when Chris (my name's Chris too btw.) achieves hundred thousands of subscribers and then comment: "i was there when he had less than 10k".
    And i also can't wait to refurbish my dad's C64 which he bought 1 month after i was born. In fact, the keyboard of the C64 was the first keyboard i ever touched. Keep up the good work Sir!

  5. Great Video👍🏼 I know it has nothing to do with your video but where is Ashley? Sir ! Best regards from Germany !

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