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Aladdin (SNES) – Deen Gaming

how's it going everybody welcome back to Dean gaming I am Dean I'm in pays earned today we are playing the classic for Super Nintendo Aladdin must mean because the movie is coming out are you gonna go see that movie would Will Smith I think I might you think you might even go and take a kid she could go yeah Jeannie well let's get into it oh oh you know you know learn you are a guest so you must go oh you throw apples but um okay BAM now remember you can jump on their head and do that we know young Zimmer Thurman had three hearts there I'm always wanting to pick a fight at the bit oh he leaves it alone good for you therm Oh you bounce on that man said he is mad at you want to smoke he didn't want the smoke but you are wasting apples you only have 22 apples left turn oh yeah yes he will oh you can yeah upset yeah look at their lamp up there it's a one up fam oh he said the f-word it's a family oh no no he said that well here slow like therm is really a completionist no I am there know if they mean it huh the monkey is like what what's up come on therm give me this damn thing no but you gotta go all the way back I got this now you ain't gonna get that back but the fuzz caves man Wow oh that's good ah hurt so close no can't do it no can't do seems like you're getting used to it there yeah oh no film always able to open around I knew it any left it one day one monkey balls did you ever play this game there one night I don't know it's really good yeah we there's a Sega version to it yeah that's different they're two different games I don't know why you messing with that guy just hit me really fun she said to give him you get nothing that prize okay it's all about pride no Joey no pride is a sin thir No how are the controls there it alright it looks like they're slippery for you darn you gotta go that way I'll time you don't worry nothing it's one way oh I almost had it I was like a ninja like oh watch it no brah my deal killer found a broad meows gasps get that one diamond what about that one done I skipped around me I didn't knew notice it but if you did good for you sir there's no way we're gonna play this game every can know it's big cow Oh dodgy no no come on captain I missed it you're gonna miss it every time third no well that's why he's laughing at you brah I can get the dog you don't gotta be a completion that's alright I got you son Easy's promise you a lot of innings so far I know there have you seen all the enemies Atlantic announcing huh that barely wash that one so you didn't even see the revenge of Jafar oh my I want to say he had a show you didn't watch the show we know about things like he was privately in watch what I'm on money under name oh he done hmm and then just done maybe you've seen well what does he do what does I do do tag-along right which is what he is doing okay thank you knocked in metal now beat her then resolving the controller's re-learn hiss acquitted her don't need no more apples you good oh really I get on at 90 I don't know I'm gonna say thank you thank you sir thank you BAM he left it alone he couldn't do it he knew he couldn't do it good dummy no you couldn't yeah cool sorry turn this one maybe if you hold down that button you can hold like this but it's yeah you know it's like on Mario or something oh wow so yeah that's all I want too slow oh you got there boom boom boom I'll still remain forever broke in these streets yes getting out of here it won't be that area of stages oh my gosh oh it's finally you're a duel Oh we uh therm you see that term I just yeah you see this that's how we do put the hair ideas this is the boss stage if I remember correctly know me hey guy what's up for this guy turn it watch it he he knows how to sling that sword he's a sword slinger then that is not gonna do nothing what'd I do wait for more oh yeah yeah wait for me oh you can't like that BAM is it three times time you can't do it like that darn look at your monkey cheering you on yeah yeah we got away from sling it time you got away from the go oh that's mean jump no I'm doing the third yeah the Army's giving steering woof woof turn me up I need to go over right now buddy let me swing it there's get there it's good did you say he's here wait he swings he's here when it goes down every bump you got time that perfectly therm heaven let's go see get the chicken yeah what no turkeys Beckenham I don't think they would never heard no desert Turkey okay completionist therm and learn we're down to the last life therm up there you go see look at you yeah what's up what's up ah huh boom look at you turn it's five times therm like Booker T last time he's sick sound oh yeah he is but no for time for time for time one more time what no but DDP three times mmm that's a little bit hello you rescued me yeah let's go hasn't unprotected sex go back to the tele ma that is the password yes right there Oh happy faces then raise skedaddle Thermax kill people so it's some serious business yeah I take care business love all y'all even while you just let my ass or just talk bad because it's the internet that's what you're supposed to do jokes and Jones what a completionist that therm is but I will win somehow with this one life yes yes this game right here it was pretty straight for what it was stupid nice not the monkey already get over here monkey I'll go down yeah sure whatever all the jewelry we I can make it out this craft that's the carpets yes whose name is carpet oh okay yeah y'all just leave a letter I know they were such assholes need some life meet a 1-up thanks termed being such a completionist keep talking smack about terms it's so damn completed all the damn time okay oh there's a one-up okay make it or break it no and it breaks it oh you know all the good games have bets and we'll that's untrue think dr. Jekyll mr. Hyde had bet and we gotta do this thing ah I'll say what that looks like John know what it looks like okay what is that Oh big rocks okay of course I'll know what this is all about but whatever yeah okay oh it's the magic lamp damn it a boom no good old cutscene and if I remember right supposed to be volcanic eruption and I'm gonna be on that damn carpet flying through some stuff I got a red ruby good for me yeah this is it I'm not gonna say what that looks like either oh boy dad I can make it out of here whoo skills boy skills dammit dammit not skills their work will continue oh come on whatever I don't like these kind of stages oh come on baby ah Oh what do I got I don't even know what the hell that does it's a map yeah look at it do you oh I don't even know what the hell that thing does just flies and flies okay that's fine it's very fine ah fuck hmm whoo come on backup guy mmm whoo whoo my goodness hey come on that should be in thank you oh now what now we're in this thing that was great Oh golly oh I forgot how difficult better oh this is so difficult oh boy poof oh boy only no mess-ups now yeah yeah hi I'm the genie bla bla bla come on oh man I think I'm might just end it here this stage is awful yeah this is awful sure you support all summer by getting the cool Dean TV gear now what supplies last you thought that was it I thought it was too but it is not and look who it is it's you tell him why you're mad son he's mad Wonder Woman just beat him up yeah but we're gonna go straight to the final battle this epic game I'll see what it's about put a password it's not what no you don't even know what it is I asked him what Latin was he didn't know what a Latin was you know this is gonna be all the movies right yep won't you be Jean so yeah yeah the final battle there we go oh I got some hearts on me my goodness I don't know what you got dude right here we're gonna try to work only got 10 apples that's no fair okay okay okay oh boy yeah let's go oh oh come on three four five I think that's how you count whoa I beat him that was easy that was super easy that's the final battle oh my gosh I thought was way harder than that this is even over oh it's not over what I just want to happen to our panel and you thought you could outwit the most powerful being on earth you're not as powerful as you think Jafar and be doing their voices the genie has more power than you you'll ever have his power will not exceed mindful and Genea here's my third wish make me an all-powerful genie I have no choice your wish is my command master yes yes I can feel the absolute power the universe is mine to command well this is it I'm sorry I'd like to you oh wait I'm sorry I lied to me about being a prince I know you had to do it because of that stupid law but I love you anyway no problem use your third wish master and zap you're a prince again Jasmine I love you too but I can't pretend to be something I'm not I understand genie my third and final wish is for your freedom Wow I'm free I'm free Oh does that feel good time to hit the road and see the world thirsty Gus Jeannie I'm sure I'm gonna miss you me too I'll no matter what anyone says you'll always be a prince to me Oh looks like we need a new law from this day forward the princess will marry whomever she chooses thank you Father I choose him Aladdin just call me al all this is wonderful get over here guys big group hug and now I'm out of here look out world here I come you're still mad after that nice little thing right there still well that's it well here that's the end of the land a happy ending you don't care get out of here see you later mean little son of a gun you I am Dean from Dean gaming go see Aladdin and always remember keep gaming alright then come on got to I missed it you gonna miss it every time third no well that's why he's laughing at you

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  1. If you don’t mind me asking where do you get your games for the emulator I downloaded and emulator but can’t get a game to load to play

  2. I still have this game for snes I haven’t played it in a long time gonna have to get it out and clean it up and play it but great video keep it up

  3. Love the vids deen you always have the best content on the channel keep it up I'm not lying when I'm depressed I know I have you to cheer me up thanks deen you been a good man and a good father keep it up deen

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