[AION 7.2] Changes to Crafting

[AION 7.2] Changes to Crafting

Hey, everyone and welcome back to my channel! 7.2 is live in Russia and today I’m gonna
show you the changes to magical crafting. There are new designs, which allow you to
produce already existing ancient, legendary and ultimate Noble Pros gear with 100% chance. I’m talking about PvP set, which is called
Noble Glided in NA version. So, no more RNG. You just collect the materials and craft the
procced equipment piece that you need. However, I don’t see any point in doing
that, cuz in this update there’s new strife gear, which you get by farming battle medals
in Red Katalam. It’s divided into two types – Fierce Strife
and Bloodstained Strife. Fierce Strife is much better than old crafted
items. Let’s move on. With the help of next design, you can craft
a fragment of the chest, containing ultimate weapon of the Merciless Intruder. In order to get the chest, collect and assemble
50 fragments. Keep in mind, upon a critical craft you can
receive the weapon straight away. But that’s not all! There’s also another design, which allows
you to produce the chest with 100% chance. And guess what? It’s tradable and you can sell this top
1 PvE weapon (so far) via broker. As for the mats, you gonna need Stellium and
these Merciless Spirit Crystals. If you craft a fragment, you buy the crystal
for 5.1kk AP. In case of a weapon chest you will have to
spend 25.7kk AP. But it’s not easy as it seems, cuz these
designs are not learned automatically, when you lvl up magical crafting. They can be found in the treasure chest, which
appears after killing the boss in the brand new 12-ppl instance. Idk how it’s gonna be translated in our
region, but it should be something like ‘Benirenerk’s Mansion’. This dungeon has 2 levels of difficulty – easy
and normal. And, ofc, you have a chance to drop the designs
only when finishing normal mode. Now let’s check other changes. There’s a new way of making Alchemium. It requires Alchemium Key, which can be obtained
from instances. This design also has a high-quality output
and you may craft a Key to the Treasure Chest. These chests are scattered all over Red Katalam
and contain valuable rewards. Such as pre-enchanted strife gear, manastones
and enchantment stones. Btw, Ancient Alchemium is not dropping from
small leader mobs anymore. You can now loot it after killing final bosses
in Narakkalli and Holy Tower. However, you shouldn’t panic about the possible
lack of Fragments of Fighting Spirit, because there’s no such issue. As I already said, in 7.2 NCSoft added new
PvP Strife gear. but it’s worse than current AP equipment we have now in 7.0. So, basically, you just go to Red Katalam,
do the garrisons, complete the quests and get your Battle Medals. With these insignias you buy strife gear and
extract it. Also don’t forget, you can open treasure
chests with pre-enchanted gear and turn it into fragments. And the last thing I’d like to talk about
is consumables. The community has been asking developers to
add a possibility to craft food and drink since 6.0. And they finally listened. In the next patch you are can craft some pots. Well, theoretically you can, but show me at
least one sane person, who would waste 1 Ancient Magic Crystal on crafting 1 untradeable pot,
worth 8k kinah! I don’t even count the expenses on Vitality
Extractors, needed to gather new mats. So, these particular designs are beyond logic. That’s it for today! I hope this information was useful. If you still have any questions – feel free
to ask them in the comment section. And if you wanna see more of interesting content,
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11 thoughts to “[AION 7.2] Changes to Crafting”

  1. Thanks for the update. Not a big fan of the new crafting system, but knowing that Red Katalam is coming to NA soon is great!

  2. Крафт был хорош в 6.0.. дальше все сломали новыми шмотками и ресами… 2-3 реса достаточно, они опять понапихали в 1 рецепт 10-15 ресов, заеб.. замучаешься фармить их))) Крафт ныне не способ заработка)

  3. Are there new PVE armours which better than 7.0 stella . i mean wings/feathers/bracelet/boots .. i guess there are only new accesories and weapon drops from instance .

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