Acer Helios 300 Review – The Cheapest Gaming Laptop with a 144 Hz Screen

Acer Helios 300 Review – The Cheapest Gaming Laptop with a 144 Hz Screen

Hey, how’s it going Dave 2D here, This is the 2018 Helios 300. The previous version, the 2017 Helios 300 was one of the best if not the best valued gaming laptop from last year it had a bunch of great features for a really good price point and they’ve updated a bunch of things particularly the things that I’d Had issues with last year and they’ve made a significantly revamped product So the big three changes are the screen, the CPU, as well as the thermal design. So the exterior casing hasn’t changed at all It’s still running this black and red color scheme It looks almost a little dated to me Like a lot of the newer generation laptops are going with a more muted look as well as a less angular design This has that whole predator DNA going on It looks pretty aggressive and it looks really gamer kind of over the top gamer But it still looks decent if you’re into this look, I personally don’t love it But that’s just a personal preference. One thing that this doesn’t have is a Thunderbolt 3 port It has a USB C support just like the previous generation But once again, it doesn’t support Thunderbolt 3, the rest of the port selection is good and they’re well positioned just no Thunderbolt 3, So if you want to connect up an external GPU, you can’t do it The internals are just as difficult to get into this year as it was last year You have to be careful not to snap the tabs when you’re opening it up Especially on the back part once you’re in though you have access to the Wi-Fi card But they were to give you a great one your two RAM slots and the two drive bays You also have access to the fans. Now the fans have been upgraded this year These are actually running metal fins, which is actually something I don’t see very often in gaming laptops It’s these thin metal blades that actually help quite a bit with the airflow The battery and the speakers weren’t great in the 2017 model. I don’t think they’ve changed on this year. It’s 48 watt hour battery You’re getting around 4 hours of battery life. Not a very long time You will have to bring a charger with you, and the speakers also remain quite mediocre They give pretty loud, not a lot of bass, but they sound kind of flat now in 2017 I don’t care too much about these speakers but in 2018 a lot of the mid and even entry level gaming laptops have Really decent speakers and these ones fall a little bit short. Inside they have a brand new screen. I think it’s actually the most surprising and best feature of this laptop It’s a 144 Hertz screen on a reason we priced gaming laptop. It’s fast. It’s bright. It’s reasonably color accurate. It’s actually really cool They’re able to use a screen like this at this price point and I actually think that this particular Gaming laptop is going to have an effect on the entire industry because almost every other gaming laptop at this price point is Sticking a 60 Hertz screen onto those devices and this product just sticks out as being the most Visually enticing and visually attractive gaming experience for the people that are unfamiliar with gaming refresh rates the difference between a 60 Hertz screen and a 144 or even a 120 Hertz screen is massive everything looks just so much more fluid on a high refresh screen and I’m not gonna say that if you purchase one of these screens You’re gonna instantly become a better gamer It’s not that it’s just the gaming experience is a lot better and I think it’ll help you achieve better results You’re essentially seeing double the number of frames versus a 60 Hertz screen. So it’s just a better experience The keyboard and the trackpad haven’t changed from the previous generation. I didn’t love either of them the keyboards decent It’s got relatively soft stroke, but the layout is good The only thing a little bit weird of the layout is the shift key, again They haven’t changed that it’s just right beside the up arrow and depending on how you type you might hit that Accidentally, but decent keyboard overall the trackpad the buttons are a little bit stiff, but it’s using Windows precision drivers So it’s got good gestures and tracking. Performance on this device is great Now this model is running a GTX 1060 and is comboed with the six core i7 and it delivers really respectable frame rates for most gaming titles out there If you’re playing something heavier, you obviously have to drop your visual quality to keep up the frame rates But it’s a good combination You won’t be able to max out the 144 Hertz screen on most games at Ultra But you can for a lot of games, especially Competitive games on high. Now the thermal performance on this laptop is improved this year Not that it was terrible last or anything, but it is better There’s no throttling and the temperatures are a little bit lower fan noise is also very respectable. Nothing too loud Even on Max and you also get fan control through predator sense. One last thing to note There’s a special edition of the Helios 300 that’s gonna be available later. It comes in white and gold no changes internally It’s just an aesthetic change. So overall the Helios 300 is once again a Fantastic value for gaming laptops. It’s amazing that they’re able to stick a 144 Hertz screen into this kind of price point It’s a really good screen. Now if you’re fixated on that screen like if you’re interested in this device Exclusively because of that screen understand that there are ways to stick high refresh screens on to other devices It’s more do yourself route cost like 100, maybe 150 dollars But if you want something out of the factory you want just that You know the whole experience right out of the box, you don’t want to mess around with installing high refresh screens into cheaper devices I seriously think this is the best value for this kind of device. Okay. Hope you guys enjoyed this video thumbs to be liked it subs if you’d love to see you guys next time

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  1. I think Acer's Helios 300 sets the new standard for cheap gaming laptops. This is a freaking awesome screen for the money. Thanks for watching!

  2. I trying to get a new laptop. I am stuck between, choosing Acer Helios 300 or ASUS rog strix hero II. Can somebody tell me which one is better?

  3. I just got this and it is amazing ! Do expect the fans to sound like a jet engine during heavy usage though. Personally I think the cooling design on the VX 15 is better. Still a great laptop that does the job !

  4. Yup Yup Yup i got this laptop like a week ago n i love it i maxed at 144Fps on most games n i got to get it to 98°😂 ……so jus the thermal is kinda bad

  5. Acer Predator however has shit thermals due to the default BIOS 7 of my friends don't get a constant fps. It's so weird.

  6. Can we remove battery and work with only power card/cable connected to it. (Assuming uninterrupted power supply)

  7. I think Acer has some serious quality control issues… My laptop Helios 300 i5 + gtx 1060 used to get so hot that I could not even touch the top of keyboard after 10 seconds of gaming. It was thermal throttling after every 20 seconds and the throttling itself extended to upto 8 seconds… The max temps of CPU reached around 99 Celsius. Hugely disappointed with the laptop.
    Searched Predator forums and there are plenty of people complaining about the thermals. There were so many complaints that the moderators even made special thread for guiding people how to undervolt. But even undervolting never helped.
    For gaming, I think it's always better to buy a desktop. Buying a laptop for gaming is like contesting a lottery.

  8. My helios 300 is thermal throttling idk what to do it spikes up to 98 degrees and almost 90 degrees while gaming

  9. Funny thing is there are USB 3x external GPU boxes now. But of course I'm sure that comes with a performance hit vs thunderbolt.

  10. Anyone watching this today, 5/10/19…Amazon has this for Prime members for $999 with the option to pay in 5 interest free payments of $200. Shipped free of course

  11. This thing gets ridiculously hot on the outside. Right out of the box it was 85-95 degrees C when playing r6 on high. I'm returning it for an MSI yea 144hz is nice but Ima go with 120hz MSI that won't burn your fingers off

  12. i didn't know intel made an "i5-8750H" cpu specifically for this model. Thanks for the info…👍


  13. worst gaming laptop I ever had. I bought first one from amazon. Within in first month, blue screen happened 3 times and bad gaming performance. I love acer, so, I assume I just got the one with manufacturers flaw. So, after this one, I got second one from Amazon. For the first week, 2 times blue screen and forced to restart and with still worse gaming performance. I don't think I can get two gaming laptop with manufacturer's flaw in series. So, if u don't trust what I said, give it a try, u will see. Bad shit

  14. Doea Acer Predator Helios 300 laptops heats up too much when we play games on them for long time ??
    Please please please reply me I really need help ….

  15. I got 1050ti, i7 8th Gen. But I'm not sure with RAM, it has 8GB then they added 4GB on the other slot, it shows 12GB but I'm not sure if it is really working as 12GB because I understand that RAMs should have same size on both slots. 😅

  16. Bhai please tell which one is better among the asus rog, acer nitro 5, asus tuf or acre predator helios 300

  17. For me, higher 144hz refresh rate isn’t a real priority at all, however besides that it’s still a really great budget machine from Asus. Very good to see the updated and improved fans.

  18. DONT BUY IT !! there is issue with cpu ( temp come over 90 ) and the FRAMES is DROP !! i buy fans usb and the GPU come lower but still the CPU is very high and the fans allready on max and still i have high temp of CPU and drop FPS with laud sound the fans , this is the only problem in this laptop ,, good luck


  20. I need to get a job at 14 if I wanna get this, in my country it’s uncommon for a 14 year old to start being a waiter or something, and I really want a decent gaming laptop, I have asked my dad if he can find me a job, and he said he will try, pray for me guys

  21. Hi dave i love you and your video but we don’t have i5 8750h please fix data in this video in 3.32

  22. I hate how these gaming laptops are all either red or green or blue. I still want to be able to use for video editing and browsing the web and not have people at school or a coffee shop see the flashy colors or bright keyboard.

  23. Please make a review about the new version helios 300 (2019) with gtx 1660ti , and how to upgrade hdd which seems to be a lot difficult than the older version.
    And how about the new thermal design!!

  24. Hey i have a question what do you prefer more this acer helios 300 or MSI GL63 8SE-209 with a RTX 2060 I believe they have similar prices? im not sure but what do you think is more worth it? Thanks in advance!

  25. Hello Dave, I'm having trouble getting out the ethernet cable easily once is plugged in, thanks for any advice from anyone

  26. Hey..! can you please review "Acer Predator Helios 300 Gaming Laptop PC, 15.6" Full HD 144Hz 3ms IPS Display, Intel i7-9750H, GTX 1660 Ti 6GB, 16GB DDR4, 256GB PCIe NVMe SSD, Backlit Keyboard, PH315-52-78VL" which is the latest Predator Helios 300 edition in 2019..

  27. My advise is..don't buy 2018 model..go for 2019 model, it has a split fan..mine 2018 model temp for cpu roast up to 98°c when playing gta online..😡

  28. He mocked 2017 model in 2018 and now mocked 2018 model in 2019 because of over heat😂,,,,he's gonna mock 2019 model in 2020 for sure

  29. Which will be better Acer nitro 5 2019 i5-9300H, 8gb ram, gtx 1650 or predator Helios 300 2018 , i5-8300H, 16gb ram, gtx 1060 for ML, GAME DEVELOPMENT, PHOTOSHOP? PLS CONSIDER REPLYING! THANK YOU!

  30. my 2017 version of the acer 300 keeps bumping into blue screen DRIVER POWER STATE FAILURE. what cn i do to fix this?

  31. Hello sir I've heard so many bad reviews about this laptop that it has backlight bleeding issues?
    Will this bleeding keep spreading in future and affect the display?
    Please reply

  32. Everyone:wow
    Me:in less than 20 years 4k, 240hz, rgb, 20 million colors, extreme brightness, super portability, and server running will be available for the same price as this probably more

  33. Something was off about the review respect to other reviews and I saw at the 3:50 min why… He isn't reviewing the one I'm interested in, the i7-9750h, gtx 1660Ti for around 1200$

  34. Interesting how the word/concept "cheap" is used for >$1000 laptops. They're NOT "cheap" ….

    But I just bought the 2019 version of this (blue/teal backlighting) and with 3 drive bays — 2-SSD's and 1-HDD or SSHD for $900+ tax, warranty.

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