Acer Aspire AM5621-E5601A Desktop Computer

Acer Aspire AM5621-E5601A Desktop Computer

Hey, it’s Bauer. Look at that sticker– there’s just stats, all over that thing. And they’re good stats, because this is a pretty cool computer. It’s the Acer Aspire AM5621, it’s a media center, and it’s got all kinds of little things and hook ups and plugs that come with it as well. It’s very, very powerful, it’s a Core 2 Quad Q6600 2.4 gigahertz processor inside this thing. It’s got three gigabytes of DDR2 memory, it’s got a 640-gigabyte SATA II hard drive built into it, and it also has an ATI Radeon 3650 with 512 megabytes, so it’s got discreet graphics, it’s got three gigabytes of DDR2 RAM, big 640-gigabyte hard drive, and the Core 2 Quad Q6600 processor. So already, it’s a pretty powerful machine, but it also adds a number of other things, and a lot of just well thought out design has gone into this particular computer. It also has a TV-tuner built into it, so actually… actually, let me just show you what’s going on here. It does come with these very nice speakers, it does hook up via USB or through mini-1/8th on the speakers… it comes with a Media Center remote control to control all of those media center functions that are built into this computer, and it does do it all. I mean, it has a quality graphics card that’s going to be able to drive all of your high-definition content with no problem, it’s got a TV-tuner, it is an HD TV-tuner as well, it does do ATSC… it has a very nice multimedia keyboard with a bunch of multi-function buttons across the top that do things like put the computer to sleep, launch a web browser, get into your e-mail, control all of your playback functions… and over here there’s actually a wheel that controls your volume. So you get a little more tactile feedback on your volume control on this multimedia keyboard that comes with it. It also comes with an optical mouse, two-button optical mouse right here, but the real fun is over here on the tower itself, because it has a– first of all it does have a Blu-ray drive, located right here, in this bay. That’s a Blu-ray drive, as well it does do DVD-RW on the Blu-ray drive. So this is a decked-out media machine right here- it has literally everything. Down here you have– just about every single media card that you can imagine can be plugged in to the front of this computer, as well it does have a firewire port in the front and also another USB port hidden right up here. Now also, on the top of the computer, you’re going to find even more USB ports, if you take a look right here, to make it even easier to get to all your ports there’s some on the top. So you have four more on the top, plus your headphones and your microphone and your power buttons actually located in the bezel, right over here. On the back of the machine, you can see we have a lot going on here, take a look. On the back here, it does have built-in wireless, which is nice on a desktop computer because a lot of desktops just don’t come with a built-in wireless card, this one does. This is your TV-tuner right here, it does have S-video and Coax inputs as well it does have a breakout for composite, and also your stereo– your audio input for capturing audio as well. This is the Radeon 3650 card, which does DVI, VGA, and HDMI. So you can hook up any kind of monitor onto this computer. 7.1 surround sound, as well as having your mic inputs and your line-ins right here… six more USB ports on the back, a firewire 400 port full-size there, plus your LAN port and serial and parallel ports can be found on the back of this machine as well. So it’s got all the connectivity you can imagine. You may have noticed it’s missing a modem, but they include a USB modem with the tower, so if you do find yourself in a position where you need to use a modem, there’s a USB modem in the box, so you can use that as well if you want to. You want to? You want to have a look inside the computer? Let’s do that. And, actually, before we get into the inside let me show you this, it does have an optical digital S/PDIF port, S-P-D-I-F, I don’t know…. there’s a lot of controversy on how you pronounce that, but it’s right there. So it’s located right there. Now, the computer does have- I’ve already taken them off to speed things up, but it does have- you don’t need any hardware to get into the side of this thing, two thumb screws would go here and here, but it also has a latch to keep the side panel nice and secure, and there’s the inside. Voila. Inside you’re going to find there’s your Q6600 with that big fan located right here, right here is the ATI Radeon 3650 card, again that does have 512 megs of RAM built right into it, right here is your TV-tuner card and then right below that you’re going to find your wireless card right there. So if you’re looking to expand– for more expansion slots in this computer, you’re going to have to lose the TV-tuner or the wireless card if you want to expand even further on this machine. It does have lots of room for more hard drives and more optical drives in the side, and also plenty of free SATA ports on the motherboard, and as you can see, we have one free RAM slot on this computer as well… So it’s a solid machine, we can go up to four gigabytes of RAM on this thing, and if you’re looking for just a monster media computer with a giant Core 2 Quad Q6600 processor and three gigs of RAM and a big 640-gigabyte hard drive, TV and all that stuff– oh, I didn’t even show you this! It does have-this is your IR receiver, right here, and the IR receiver also comes with a couple of IR blasters as well, and of course those blasters are used to control your other home media components, like your cable box, and your home stereo and all that stuff can actually be controlled via Media Center…if you look on the back there’s actually two ports right there, that’s where those IR blasters plug in, and you can then control your entire home media kingdom from this little remote, and Windows Media Center. So, yeah- this is a solid, fast computer and great, great, great for a home theatre or just as a basic system, especially if you’re going to a dorm, or if you’re in college somewhere, this is the ultimate– you can record all of your stuff, you can watch it in your dorm room, and you can listen to the radio… it does have an FM-tuner in it as well, I think I left that part out. So, all of that in one machine, it’s the Acer Aspire AM5621. For more info on the Acer Aspire AM5621 with that Core 2 Quad Q6600 processor and the TV-tuner and the nice graphics card, go to any of the retailers listed here and type in A181-AM5621. For ComputerTV, i’m Bauer. (C) 2008 SYX Services, Inc. All Rights Reserved
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  1. your saying he should get a life when your doing the EXACT same thing as him? all he did was leave a comment…like you…all he did was watch a video…like you, so shut up

  2. it would be a better pc if it had a ATI 4850 as its gpu or two in crossfire as the gpu it has now lets the system down if it had a better more recent one it would be a sweet rig =D

  3. SO THEN JUST IGNORE IT! its really not that big of a deal if people are say first, i don't see how its affecting you at all…

  4. wtf…he miss a lot of details and shit…
    #1 theres sumthing below on the power button..
    #2 ram…???
    #3 OS…? tzk tzk
    …and others

  5. I would agree with rebel i had 4 acers 2 of them were really bad ,problem wise ,BUT the 2 newer ones have not given me any problems at all,so i don't know if they have updated there quality all i know is i have not had one problem with the new ones

  6. i am planing to buy this, will i be able to like run World of Warcraft with the Graphic ''At max'' ? is this pc good ? becuz i found it very affordable and it looks pretty good

  7. this may be true but your sentences are so poorly formed and your spelling is so atrocious that no one will ever care what you say. save the childish sentiments for your WoW buddies.

  8. Hello i have one of these acers but it's not a am5621. mine is a m5700 i bought mine in may 2015 and i still have it to this day. right now it's just a bare case but i plan to rebuild it with. 8GB DDR4, 1TB hard drive, Intel core I5 6600, EVGA GTX950 FTW and Windows 10 Home.

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