Abandoned Mansion:  Possibly Buying the Cheapest Mansion on the Internet, and a Video Tour!

Abandoned Mansion: Possibly Buying the Cheapest Mansion on the Internet, and a Video Tour!

Get this heat on here. Can’t find it? Grind it dude! Welcome back to the brothers workshop! My name is Dave, this is Sean, and today we are headed out to check out the cheapest abandoned mansion on the internet. I’m in
the market for a house. I’m looking for some of the renovate. As many of you may
not know I’m an architect, and I’m a preservation at heart. I’m not. And, he’s not. But, we like to build stuff on this
channel. Since I’m in the market for a new house
I’m thinking why not buy something that’s a fixer-upper? We could bring you
guys a lot of content. So, what we’re doing is we’re heading out to take a
look at this thing today. As an FYI; I know some of you are gonna
be wondering how much this thing cost. It was listed for $50,000 initially. Tell
them what it’s worth now David! Tell them what it’s worth? Tell them what it’s
worth! It’s listed right now at $27,000. So, we’re gonna go take a look at this
ten bedroom mansion that’s been abandoned it for the past couple of years,
and we’re gonna go see if it’s something that the two of us can tackle. If it’s a
project worth it, and if it’s… you know cool enough for us the feature on the
channel. So, stay tuned we’re taking you guys along for the ride. We out here.
David, what you think? It’s not bad. What’s this thing down here? This is lever down
here under the… What do you mean? That lever down there. You don’t know what the high beams are? No… That’s the high beams fam. Oh, no, no. I’m sorry you were pointing… That’s the emergency brake. That’s the high beams down there. That’s your high beams down there on the floor? Oh, I was going to ask about that one too. This right here? check it. This is high beams.
Where’s your regular beams? Regular beams are right here. this is the choke, and this is the windshield
wipers. No cigarette lighter to plug in the
GoPro? Whoops! Breaking necks already. Breaking necks, and cash checks. I guess old Johnny… Oh, hello. This isn’t what I was expecting. I felt like it’d be a great idea to jump
in with you and give you a guided tour of this mansion. Now, the listing photos
that you guys just saw; they don’t do this justice. They make it look like it’s
a lot better than it is. The building is actually in really terrible shape. I
expected something like that. Sean expected something like that, but
we didn’t quite expect this. Now it’s not like somebody came through and
vandalized the space, but as you can see from the front porch it’s a lot of time,
neglect, and whether that really started to take this building and kind of put it
into the condition that it’s in now. You can see around the front door there’s a
lot of separation between the woodwork and the stone, and even the front door
itself more industrial alludes to a use that was no longer a private residence. Now opening this gigantic industrial
door we enter the foyer. On the right-hand side there is what seems to
be a smaller living room or maybe at some point was used as a bedroom, and
then just beyond that was definitely a space that was used as a bedroom.
Very interesting as you could see ceilings are coming down. That is black
mold for sure right there in the center of the screen, and we’re just going to
step out of there back into that living space. Which could have been used as an
office, or something like that. Or, as kind of a more private space living space for
that bedroom. Here you can see that the plaster is completely pulled away from
that wall. There is some water damage, and water getting into the wall there
exposing that brick. That’s not something that normally happens. But that
is one main living room and then we’re going into a secondary main living room;
with a bathroom off and, what is a chapel. Believe it or not
this building we did find an article that notes that this building was used
as a long-term care facility, so that is a chapel that was probably an addition
or repurposed little nook that was utilized for that. That space we just
left was this a first floor bathroom. Now we’re in what was a sun porch, and
probably used as a dining space when it was the long term care facility. Again
you’ve got a lot of moisture problems with that roof hall, and ceiling pulling
away from it. We’ve got a storage… storage room/facility kind of space. Right off of that we’re heading back into that main
hallway. Looking out back into the backyard you can see all the way through
that back porch roof. That’s, that’s something that’s gonna have to get
pulled off right away. Looking back down towards the front door there. To the left
here we go into what is the kitchen, and it doesn’t
look like it’s been updated quite a while. There’s a lot of mildew and mold
all over the place on that thing. You can see the sprinkler line running through
there, and it is in rough shape. Headed back out into the hallway now. We’re
gonna turn left, and look down into the basement. We did peek our heads down in
there. It was too dark to get any footage, and it was a lot of mildew and mold. As
you can see here that whole ceiling is pulled off, and there is water just
pooling. That’s standing water; it’s about an inch, an inch of water right there; half
inch of water. Nice millwork on the right hand side
there. To the left here you can see the kitchen, and then to make another left up
what was the servant’s stare at one point up to the second floor. Now, in that
same article that noted this as a “long term care facility” it did say that at
some point someone lit a fire in the basement with a mattress, and the
sprinkler systems went off. I do not believe that standing water is that
sprinkler system water. I believe that there’s… that probably was cleaned up. Now, you can see the main stair there, and then going into what is a third bedroom
(or second bedroom) on that first floor. with its own bathroom. It was definitely
a 90s or mid to early 2000s addition. This room here is in terrible condition.
Plaster pulling away, mold, mildew; as you can see here right in the center of the
screen black mold right there, and it’s in rough shape. Going back out to the
main hallway and then we’re gonna head up the main staircase here. This
staircase is in great condition. Actually didn’t see too much wrong with it. The
millwork is amazing, and here you can see what was a
stained-glass window that somebody pulled and replaced with just sheets of
Plexiglas. So, that is definitely an issue. There’s thermal transfer, as well as,
just the ability of water to get into that because it was not actually sealed.
It’s just tacked in. Here we head into another bedroom (and it’s a very large
bedroom), and you can see on all the tarps on the floor. Water just coming in from
the ceiling there. Looking out the window you can see that there is a
balcony on that off that bedroom, but that all of that brickwork has been
blown out. Assuming it’s from freeze-thaw cycle and poor maintenance. Back out in
the hallway we’re headed into what is; I’m going to call the fourth bedroom. You
could see a ton of water damage going on up there.
Actually what… there was a little pipe in there, and you can see that is a shower
drain from the bathroom above. Out this door here there’s a balcony off on top
of the porte-cochère. So, leaving this bedroom we head out back
into a main hallway. Making a left, and we’re seeing what was a main bedro…
We’re seeing what was a main bathroom. This noted on the door as the ladies
room. There’s a lot of what seemed to be original fixtures in there; cast-iron tub,
stuff like that, but as we continue down we’re at the fifth bedroom. With possible
sixth on the back side here. Looking over there that could be in a sixth, and or,
a living space for that bedroom. Again more water damage on the ceiling. That
plaster just pulling away. Headed back out into the main hall here. We’re gonna
look up the third floor stairs. As you can see, all of that is covered black
mold. All of the walls are; all of the ceilings
are. There’s ceilings, chunks of ceilings, missing. Headed looking back down the
servants stairs to the kitchen. Coming back into that fifth bedroom with the
possible sixth off of it. Turning left here you have a another
bathtub/bathroom. Bathtubs cast-iron, so that’s another thing that’s possibly
original to the building. Being on a plinth like that doesn’t suggest that.
And, you have another smaller office, or single bedroom. They’re very small,
probably not used as a bedroom, but it’s good chance it was. And, then we’re
looking at the final bedroom on this floor. A ton of water damage here, and
that’s directly above the space on the first floor that had all of that
standing water. So, I’ve got a feeling that water’s coming through here, sitting
on the floor here, and then dump it back down to that first floor. As you can see
here bathroom; that tub is filled with water, and there is no ceiling. So, a lot
of that is also probably coming down through and sitting on that first floor.
And, Kind of with that that’s the all the extent we saw there. We didn’t bother
going upstairs to the third floor. There was a kitchen two baths, and I
believe three or four bedrooms up there as well, but that doesn’t really matter
to us because that would have to get completely gutted. All right we’re gonna
take one last look down the main hallway, up the main stair on the first floor,
and we’re gonna head outside to take a look at what’s going on around the
building. There’s a lot worse condition than just that interior. As you can see
here; it does have some really cool stone columns, and a fence around it which
is really unique and ties into the building. Headed underneath the orte-cochère you can see there is a lot of damage on that right-hand side under
that little window here. I’ve got a feeling that there’s moisture that’s
getting onto that porte-cochère, or water from when it rains. Then headed down
somehow on a crack between that overhang and the rest of the building. And, sad to
say but on the backside of that is where you saw all that plaster pull away in
the living room, and that exposed brick. So, there is a lot of water that’s
actually getting into the wall here. You could see vents for dryers. The outside
of the sun porch which was probably really interesting at
one point, and entering the secondary entrance to the basement. There was two;
that one going into what was labeled the boiler room.
And, the backyard is completely paved. It was used as a parking lot. So, interesting
enough we did find an article that listed this building as having been a
long-term care facility. Not too long ago I was able to find that article. It also
listed it as, somebody lit a fire in the basement with a mattress. Set off the
sprinkler systems, and this is like 2012. So, that caused the sprinkler systems to
dump, and at one point I believe that was probably the last time I was occupied. So,
it’s been sitting vacant for seven to eight years. In my assumption, you can
tell nobody’s maintained it. It takes a while, so that’s almost a decade of
neglect. Especially on this back side. That porch has got to get pulled off,
and rebuilt. Headed up the stairs here you can see they have done an addition. A
little back, back room there, and you can see holes all the way through
that porch roof. Now this is not stuff that can’t be done, can’t be repaired; I think
it’s really kind of easy to fix. It’s gonna cost money, and it’s gonna take
some time. So, that’s something to keep on keep on your mind when kind of
attempting a project like this. Looking back over the rest of the building
you can see there’s some stone work that needs, and brick work that needs repaired.
The sprinkler system letting out; I don’t think that actually ever caused an issue.
I think that water is all from the roof that’s sitting in the building. Now you
can see that neighbor’s fireplace actually sticks out in between those
columns of the porte-cochère. I think that might be an issue. If it’s not a
issue directly affecting this building it is definitely an issue affecting
zoning of the plot. There’s an interesting situation there. So, with that,
I hope you guys enjoyed our guided tour. Alright! So, that was tour of the mansion.
Not sure if you guys really got a good sense of what it was.
It was a little on the beat-up side. Um… I don’t know how was holding up. I was… how the heck was that thing standing it? It should be condemned.
Its toothpicks! I want to say minimum, last time somebody was living there was
about ten years ago. It has a lot of work that’s needed to do.
We’re missing a roof an entire section of the roof. Where you guys saw that blue
tarp; that completely missing under the tarp.
So, water isn’t pouring in. And, the entire third floor we didn’t get to show you
guys that part of the building, but it is covered with black mold. So, we’re gonna
need a remediation team in there. I’m thinking it might be a little above
my expertise, and a little higher $$, but if… How many likes we wanna say? If we get one hundred thousand “likes” on his video. Let’s say one hundred thousand “likes.”
I’ll straight up by that thing. I don’t care you got a hundred thousand likes on
this video I’ll buy that mansion. That thing was being held up by termites holding hands. Yeah,
termites holding hands. That was basically what we just saw. Whatever,
we’ll leave it up to you guys. YOLO! Hey, if you actually like the content drop us
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We’re going on a journey here with the old 6,6 and looking for a new building.
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