A mini PC inside a monitor stand!

A mini PC inside a monitor stand!

hey this is Melissa
and I’m here to show you a very special monitor stand here it is and look what’s
inside this is actually the dell optiplex 7070 ultra and this is a mini
PC that’s small enough to fit inside this monitor stand now we all love mini
pcs we seen all in ones and things like that in corporate offices this is really
taking it to another level all I have to do is slide this and finally we get to
the PC look at the size of this motherboard this is teeny I’ve seen
gaming laptop AC adapters bigger than this what we have here this is the
system fan starting over on the left then we have the RAM slots as you can
see here a ddr4 Ram the CPU is actually on the other side of the motherboard and
it’s soldered in so fortunate I can’t show you that but this here is the Wi-Fi
networking module and this is the SSD that comes with it you can actually also
put in a hard drive if you want to there is a two and a half inch drive bay on
the back here you also see here you’ve got USB C as well as USB a and there are
some there’s more connectivity over here because of the USB C you can connect
this computer to up to three displays to use with it and because it’s USB C
you’re reducing all these cable connections between it you can run a
power cable to the display to run this computer but the main thing is that
Optiplex is a corporate PC think about a corporate environment especially the
open ones that exist today you don’t want a lot of clutter if
you’ve got a big bulky desktop or even a big bulky all-in-one that just starts to
stick out in these open plans by having these pcs be so small and be able to fit
behind the monitor you’re definitely cutting down on the visual clutter but
the other thing you’re doing is you’re making this modular so say that you’ve
got a bunch of people a lot of them are just doing basic computing tasks so they
don’t necessarily need a more powerful PC but you’ve got some other people who
might need a little more oomph all you to do is switch out this module you can
still use the same monitor or display and all that unlike the traditional
all-in-one where you’re kind of stuck with the display and the system you have
you can just switch out what you want and I don’t think you have to be in a
corporation to be excited about that so we don’t know the price on these yet
they’re going to come out in September but I’m just really excited that we’re
seeing an all-in-one that’s modular that’s super small and slender and that
you know I can’t even tell it’s there and yet I can do most of my most of the
computing I’d ever want to do on this system

31 thoughts to “A mini PC inside a monitor stand!”

  1. Put an 8 core laptop processor in the base and give us a stand where we can swap consumer GPU then I will be up for it…

  2. If that tiny heatsinks anything to go by, this will either be loud or a very low performance CPU part. Very nice idea though!

  3. Good on Dell, they make good monitors and this is a more attractive all in one PC that doesn't tie the monitor to the PC part.

  4. So Apple is selling a $1k monitor stand that does nothing except holds it's $5000 monitor and Dell makes a PC monitor stand that is the actual PC but will cost less than Apple's stand? And People wonder why I hate Apple. It's really not the company that sucks, their marketing is brilliant. It's the company's consumer that makes Apple suck. They'll buy anything from Apple no matter how overpriced their products are.

  5. Official documentation :O
    OptiPlex 7070 Ultra Spec sheet: https://www.dellemc.com/resources/en-us/asset/data-sheets/products/desktops-all-in-ones/optiplex-7070-ultra-spec-sheet.pdf
    OptiPlex 7070 Ultra Reviewer`s Guide: https://www.dellemc.com/resources/en-us/asset/brochures/products/desktops-all-in-ones/optiplex-7070-ultra-reviewers-guide.pdf

  6. veri sad . for corporations to look at an excel or word maybe it's ok … at any office the tile is too small for a real unit . apart from dimm ddr4 a . it's a brick !!! so incompatible bricks … uninterested . but I'm sure there are quite a few who will have a mini orgasm for this Dell OptiPlex 7070 Ultra . there are probably people who want something like that for a long time … if it will cost below the price of tha appel stand . I'm going to laugh veri hard . lol . very cool for offices but that's about it …. dell .

  7. It's really in your best interest to not show people who have the attractiveness of a pair of wet, dirty underwear. the bitch is beat

  8. thats nice but that thing must be so slow.. clocked too low for heat reason.. not to mention Dell pork software will destroy was speed you do have..

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