A Keyboard Made Of Wood?

A Keyboard Made Of Wood?

– All together now, three, two, one, (inhales and exhales) Yes! What’s up guys? Lew here, back with another video. Before I get into it, I wanna, I wanna give a big shout out to all you crazy Unbox
Therapy maniac style fans. Take that as a compliment. I mean it in the best way possible, that came out on Twitter
and helped to vote for NBA All-Star Weekend. Helped vote my good guy
Kyle Lowry into the game. We got like a crazy number of retweets. I just, I dunno, I felt like
I needed to say something, give you guys some appreciation for that. If you didn’t see it happen, you can catch up with
the news on my Twitter, but I think we did
enough to alter history. You did. Jack, not so much. Can we get a retweet
Jack, is it that hard? Maybe next time, Jack says. Maybe next time. Rollin’! Today I’ve got something in front of me. Actually, I just realized
I don’t even know how to pronounce that. It wouldn’t be the first time. It’s French. The accent, God how do
I interpret the accent? Oree? Or Or-ee? This is a keyboard made of wood. They got in touch with me. They were like, “we got
this keyboard, it’s wood. “We make all kinds of gadgets out of wood. “You wanna check that out?” I’m like, “wood is good. “Let’s do it.” Wood is good? What am I… Anyways, they make different
gadgets out of wood. The stuff looks really amazing and I was like “all right, send one out.” I haven’t opened this yet. I don’t know what it looks like. A fairly standard box here. Wow, a journey for the senses. At first, the halo of
its natural materials adorned by a timeless,
minimalist design meets the eye. Intuitive gestures unearth
the technology mystery and the sophistication behind the tool. Only the patina of time and usage will fully reveal the
soul of this unique piece. Is that, was that poetic? I don’t know. Ooh… Okay, so it’s Bluetooth, wireless. Work with, obviously
computer, tablet, phone. Oh my… That is wood! I know that’s what I
should’ve expected but oh, stop it, this is cool. Even the on/off switch is wood as well and the connect button. Some LED lights up on the top. These two screws probably
reveal the battery compartment, I assume. So that’s all we need. It’s wireless, of course. Look at that. Now this isn’t like a wood-looking finish. This is… wood. Real wood. It’s not just the structure,
but the…each keycap. Over time, this will change like a natural wooden product
because that’s what it is like a fine wine? I don’t know. Let us pair. This is actually an opportunity
for a scale comparison. Here, my friends, is a
Macbook Pro keyboard. This guy is about the same size, actually. Switch it on, press connect. Ooh, we are connected. What’s up, guys? Lew here, back with another video. You know what? For a compact keyboard, not too shabby. You guys probably wanna
know how loud it is. I’m gonna just be quiet for a moment. (shushes) Not very loud, actually. Your multimedia controls, just
like on your Apple keyboard, are mapped over there. Play, pause, volume, brightness. They chopped down the
shift key a little bit here and put an extra delete
key, that’s interesting. I didn’t notice that at first. Is that a European thing? Cmd button as well, rather
than a Windows button, so taking some inspiration once again from the Apple ecosystem. But anyway, there you have it. Essentially, what this is about, is having something that is unique and unusual. Something that you can
put on your desk and (inhales) smell. That’s wood. Yeah, I mean it’s a nice little piece. You wanna have a special
desk, kind of, environment. Or-ee, Oree? It doesn’t really matter. My French is terrible. The craftsmanship here surely is not. Thanks very much for watching. Hope you enjoyed this content. Hope that, as usual, I’ve introduced you to something that you find interesting and didn’t know existed. That’s the mission over here. Also, thanks again for all
those crazy votes on Twitter. If you don’t follow me on Twitter, go check it all out. That link will be in
the description as well. Leave a thumbs up if
you enjoyed this content and I will catch you very
shortly on the next episode. Later guys.

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  1. When I looked at the name on the box I read it out loud and yes I know how to speak and read French when I read i thought it said ear but I didnโ€™t believe it but I bielieved my self aft five min of looking at it I cracked up laughing and said โ€œwhat the heck it says earโ€

  2. Get this book its called Matrix of deceit then you will know the truth my name is Dennis Vidot aka David Albert Einstein Vidot

  3. Commening in 2019: The manufacture Oree broke. I placed my order last year and never got any updates. I searched Google today and found that the company is gone….!???

  4. Don't judge but here to watch him snort wood flakes so that a peice of wood gets stuck in his nasal chamber and he bleeds to death cause he snorted wood

  5. This is a great keyboard, but if you look at any of your keyboards, you will find that the letter keys with the letters "f" and "j" have certain marks that are needed to properly touch the keys on which the keys are located. There is no such keyboard on this keyboard. This means that less experienced users will specifically look at where to put their finger to get on the key …

  6. I have a coworker that is allergic to plastic. She already has a wooden mouse. She uses a silicon cover now but this would would be great for her.

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