A debut to remember | Alex Albon talks you through his Belgian GP

A debut to remember | Alex Albon talks you through his Belgian GP

– Thank you.
– Okay. – [Man] Thank you. – Okay so, first weekend done. Pretty happy with it. I think, yeah, it was obviously quite a big moment. Just in general with all
the noise of the paddock. And left off, started off
quite comfortably with the car. Had a good FP1, and then even qualifying. Coming to qualifying I was quite happy with how it went, so yeah, it was not a bad day. Had some good pace. Sorry. – Good race.
– Even, thank you, even with all the results. Okay. And so, yeah, we started off qualifying, obviously it was a bit compromised with the whole strategy regarding, with our engine penalty that we did carry. But actually I was quite
happy with qualifying. I know the lap times – nothing showed it, but the pace was quite good, considering what kind of
circumstances we were in. Coming to the race, tricky race actually. I did struggle on the first stint, and didn’t make up enough
positions as I would have liked. Yeah, it was a bit of a weird one, that I felt like tires just
weren’t in a good state. And, yeah, I wasn’t finding it easy out there, so we did pit, went to the soft tires and suddenly the car came alive. And I was really happy with how it went. Got to P5, which credit to the team I think, car really, was really quick. I do know I have a lot of work to do, I do feel like, even though it was a P5, I do feel there are areas
I should have improved, so we’ll work on that, and yeah. – Thank you.
– Right, you’ve got to do Sky…

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  1. Wow this guy is real relex and cool and so down to earth. I like him lik i like Norris. Albon is so nice and a great attitude. Keep it up Albon you doing great

  2. Back in March at Melbourne, I was the first person at his signing session on Thursday (I waited for more than 6 hours in the hot sun to be first) – I remember saying to him: “I’m your biggest fan” – to which he replied: “I think you’re the only one”.

    I suspect he has a few more fans now… 🙂

  3. i just love how awkward he looks 😂 its cute I would be the same & he did a FANTASTIC JOB 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  4. Albon already beat his teammate, by scoring much more points, in his 1st race. Watch out Max, soon he will be number 1 driver in the team.

  5. Comes across as a bit effeminate. Fantastic job, though! I hope he can keep pace with Max – would be an amazing battle!

  6. P17 to P8 on mediums (in a midfield on softs), then P14 to P5 on softs after pitting – you are indeed showing them what you can do Alex! 🙂

    Even though the RBR strategists got it wrong… If Albon had started on the softs he would have comfortably cleared the midfield in the first stint, then had some clear air to attack P4 after the pit stop.

  7. I'm happy for Alex, I hope he continues to do well and kudos to Pierre Gasly on a having his best day all things considered, in a while. Sorry for Max but it had to happen sooner or later. WHATEVER that problem is that keeps hobbling him at the start, has GOT TO BE RESOLVED! Max is a great driver, it's the car and it's not even the second time it's happened at this point.

  8. I think that this vid partly shows why Gasley struggled. It isn't just about driving a different car, its about managing your MIND with the extra demands of a race winning car/team. Definitely my Man of the Match at Spa. Anyone who goes around the outside of Ric takes my vote

  9. Omg Alex Albon actually looks like a younger Thai version of Dr Helmut Marko!!! Look at his facial features, his eyes. Could it be that Dr Marko is his secret father???

  10. He had a good first race. However, I'm a bit worried about his delta time to the front. More than a minute and 20 seconds. If this were a shorter circuit, he might have just avoided to be lapped. Definitely a lot of work to do. Needs to improve race pace.

  11. This was a great race. But lets see what he can do at the next one. Hope he can compete with the ferrari and mercedes just like max.

  12. Alex great job, didn't let the race go over your head, even when didn't look promising, you stayed strong, stayed focus, and P5 instead of you having to chase it, it chased you! CONGRATS !

  13. Hilariously uncomfortable in front of the camera, Alex – don't change! 😂

    Fast becoming my favourite driver. 👌

    Cracking drive from Daniil too.

  14. I can't wait to see what Red Bull achieve with Max and Alex. Good decision Christian. Good decision Red Bull Racing.

  15. i don't really think gasly can do what albon do in Belgium. I mean p14-p5 slicing through the field with ease. That's just something max/lewis/vet/lec ( tier 1 drivers) would do. Really looking forward to seeing this guy in monza

  16. Sorry horner, you can't just have a SEB lookalike contest and expect the guy to win races.. mind you alex may have been grown in a vat from Seb's dna..he actually looks more like Vettel than Vettel does..if that's even possible.. cool how they mixed Thai and Uk, to get the German Result.. Seb's won so much with Redbull, maybe the strategy is to put a guy that looks exactly like SEB in the overalls, and the officials will get nostalgic about the pre Hamilton era and award him P1, or… make Vettel feel icky, about having his younger , better clone right behind him, and make an error..

  17. Albon will be the driver for 2020 he sealed the deal here. He has the talent just needs to get the finetuning done next two races.

  18. It's been great to see Alex make some waves in F1 this season. He did well in the STR car and showed that he had the moves, and I think he'll do well in the RBR. I just hope he keeps the seat…

  19. Great drive! But for the RedBull marketing he is a bit boring. My dreamteam for Red Bull racing is Max+Lando. Good bromance chemistry and also the 2 best talents of F1 in one team.

  20. Y'all should let him do the same thing he did on the Toro Rosso videos, pointing at something random to put the subscribe button on.

  21. งงกับนายจริงๆ Albon อยู่ทีมไหยกันเนี่ยคับ วันนั้นยังอยู่ทีมToroอยู่เลย

  22. I am a Honda fan and support Toro Rosso and Red Bull.

    Albon. It was a great run. To start 5th from the rear grid. I think that you can get this result as soon as you move because you are talented. Please do your best. I expect the next Monza Grand Prix.

    Verstappen was disappointed that he contacted Alfa Romeo immediately after the start and retired. I expect it from the next.

    By the way, I am Japanese and this sentence is translated from Japanese to English using Google Translate. I ’m sorry if there ’s something wrong.

  23. This is some of the best content on the channel – really awesome way to capture what was an amazing weekend. I think it's impressive how understated that performance was.

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