A Day in the Life of a Software Engineer | Python Freelancer

A Day in the Life of a Software Engineer | Python Freelancer

– This is one of my favorite parts where I get to take something I drew up on the whiteboard, actually
started in my brain. Then, I bring it over here, I code it up, and it starts turning it into reality. Hey you, in this video I wanna show you something very special that I did not find in other videos. One, I wanna show you the life of a Remote Developer/a Freelancer (upbeat techno music) I also am going to take
you behind the scenes and show you the idea from
its birth to its conception to it actually being
formed in reality in code, and then I also wanna show
you how I send invoices and some of my clients what my hourly rate I’m charging them, and what one weeks’ invoice
might actually look like. On top of all these really
juicy and amazing things I’m also gonna show you
how I structure my day, and what my day looks like. Do I meet friends? How do I schedule time to actually work? When do I work? When do I wake up? These are all things you’ll learn and this video will truly show you what your life as a
Developer can look like. Before we begin, the last thing
I want to tell you right now is at the end of this video I have a very special gift for you so you definitely don’t
want to miss this video! With that said, let’s jump right into it! (alarm clock blaring) Start my day off great, just
waking up a little happy as you can see there. Go get ready, brush my teeth, and then I like to jump straight into it. So, in the morning one of
the first things I like to do is check my emails, see if
my clients have messaged me, when they would like to
set-up a new meaning, and really plan out how I’m
going to work on my day. So, this is the time I take
to really plan out my day. And once my day is planned, I go at it, starting with a little bit of boxing. So, I like to get my body moving, and just kind of get into it. Now, the most important
thing for you to understand is that when you are putting in the input make sure that you
actually add the ratings because without the ratings
you really have nothing. You can focus on the benefits,
but ultimately what you need you really need… (voice fades out) A lot of the times when
I’m solving a problem, I’m usually white-boarding it. This is where it gets solved for me. It’s almost never at the computer. It’s me walking around and thinking about, “what is it that needs to be done for this problem to be solved?” And visually being able to see
it, really really helps me. So, this is a simplified version of it, but being able to look at, “Okay, I’m working with
Model-View-Templates” and for other languages that’s usually Model-View-Controller, but I’m thinking, “Okay, how can we use
this to build the app that we’re actually building?” This is why I have so many whiteboards, and for a lot of the people who get stuck just sitting there trying
to code their way through often times they’re like, “Why
can’t I solve this problem?” You’re too close to it. So you need that time
to walk away and think, need some space. That’s why this is a
programmer’s best friend. And a lot of my days
are actually doing this. And I love it, the whole process of solving a problem, breaking it down into its component parts and really figuring out the solutions. One of the most beautiful and one of the most satisfying
things I get to do in my day. All right, now this is
one of my favorite parts where I get to take something
I drew up on the whiteboard actually started in my brain, then, I bring it over here, I code it up, and it starts turning it into reality. So, let me give you an example, all right? So, we like this movie “Skyfall”. It’s an awesome movie right? James Bond, who doesn’t like him? Let’s go to this app,
we’re gonna hit Create I’m going to pop in, let’s say, “Skyfall” We put in the URL of that image. Let’s give it a rating of 8, and because we love Roger Deakins spelled his name correctly was the DP, and that’s why
we like this movie so much. Let’s hit Create New Movie,
and boom, look at that and now when I hover over it… How beautiful is that? Right? Something that was created here and now turn into a reality. This is what I love about coding. So this is one of my invoices
I sent out a few years ago, but essentially, and I’ll
give you guys a tip too, for those of you guys who
want to become a Developer, or who already are a Developer so, when you are sending invoices try to make them English friendly so when the people are reading it, they actually know what you’re doing. Don’t just add stuff
that makes sense to you but doesn’t make sense
to the other person. So, for example, I’ll be like, “Spent the
entire day switching frameworks and this will save the
company hundreds of hours of development time.” Okay, so they’re like,
“Oh, this person moved from Flask to Django. What the hell does that mean?” Well, all you need to
know, if you’re the CEO is that it saves you hundreds of hours. And, you know, this is
me sending invoices. Like, just putting in stuff, this was the front-end task we did We added gorgeous, clickable events Or I also break it down
into back-end stuff we did where we’re adding
something to the database which is harder for your
client to understand, but please, put in the
effort to make it as easy as possible for them to
understand what you’ve done and what the result of
that thing is in English. And use your invoice as, like, that, and this is me just boom,
boom, boom, boom, boom, telling them everything that
took place for that week. So, this is some of what I do in my day. It’s part of my day, is
also, sending invoices and writing down beautiful, descriptions. Once my work day is over, I like to take a little bit of a break. I’ll look up at the sky,
chill, look at the pool, just relax. And then, I go meet a friend. Walking the streets of Hollywood
Boulevard, pretty cool. Once, it was a dream. Now, I get to live here. Really fascinating, and that’s all thanks to being
able to become a freelancer. (smooth jazzy tempo) Hold on, Alexa, play “Bangerang” – [Alexa] “Bangerang” explicit by Skrillex – [Developer] You know
the song obviously, or no? – [Girlfriend] I don’t
know this song at all. – Well, all you need to
know is there’s a beat and then a drop. (edm beat) (chuckles quietly) – [Friend] Spicy? (coughs) – It went down the wrong pipe. Half-pipe. (laughs loudly) Dude, this is so good. I end my day by reading a book. I love going to the bed
with something in my brain. “Relentless”, for example, is an incredible book by Tim Grover. So, I’ll read something that
sets my mindset straight for the next day. Another important tip I
wanna share with you is put your phone in airplane mode, and leave it outside of your bedroom before going in. That’s what I do, every night. (peaceful music) After a day of feeding my
brain with code and books, feeding my relationships with spending time with
my friend and girlfriend, feeding my body with the gym, I usually feel very satisfied, and I smile when I sleep apparently. All right, so in this video, you saw what a life of a
Developer can look like. Especially, if you wanna work remotely not live that nine to five, have your own clients, and what it looks like how
much money you can make, what birthing an idea on a whiteboard, to its final form can look and feel like. As well as, how I schedule my day and how I hang out with a friend, do all the fun stuff, and
still get the work done and remain extremely productive. Now, if this is something you enjoyed and you want your life to
essentially look like this, or you want to jump into this I have put together an
incredible mind-blowing, three-part master class that will show you step-by-step exactly what you need to do with the opportunity in your life as a Python Developer can look like. What your earning potential can look like. And what are the exact
steps you need to take to make this happen in your life. Please, keep in mind, this training I’ve put together for you is absolutely free of
charge, completely free all I’m going to need from you is, your name, and your email address, and once you pop that in I’m going to send this training
over to you right away. With that said, the link is
going to be in the video below in the description. So, go ahead and click that link. I’ll also try to put it here
on the screen, in the video. Thank you so much for watching! As always, I love your face, and I’ll see you in the next video!

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