9 Craziest Snowmen on the Internet

9 Craziest Snowmen on the Internet

– ♪ Do you want to build a snowman? ♪
– Let’s talk about that. ♪ (theme music) ♪ – Good Mythical Morning.
– Mythical beasts, a question is a frothy little clump of snow. It’s nothing until
you pick it up with your mitten hand, pack it together, and hurl it
at your little brother. But, missing young Timmy by an inch,
it flies down the nearby hillside, gaining speed and size. Suddenly it’s a
giant ball of snow careening towards the edge of a cliff! It takes flight!
OH NO! IT’S HEADED STRAIGHT for Answertown. See what you’ve done
with your little question ball? YOU’VE FLATTENED ANSWERTOWN!
But we dont’ live in Answertown. – We live in Answerville.
– That’s right, we sure do! Oh, I was so worried for a second.
And we asked you to ask us some winter advice questions and you did.
The first one comes from Bellajdontplay, – Mhmm.
– who asks, “How do I build the perfect snowman?” Well, in 2015, you
should not be doing anything without first – consulting the internet.
– Ahh. Because people on the internet have
already done this in a way that you can use as a reference. And so we’re going to
do that right now for you with some – snowman’s pictures.
– Internet picture inspiration #1, I call this one the “Mommy! This mailman is
force feeding our snowman!” Snowman. I get it, ’cause it put
the hand in the mouth. I understand. This one — Okay, follow me here. This
one’s a before and after snowman okay? – Okay.
– This is the before snowman. – Yes.
– He’s getting pumped up. – (Link) Pumping some snowballs.
– You see that? And then this is the after – snowman.
– (both laugh) (Rhett) That can’t actually happen
with snow. Ha, it doesn’t really – work that way with snow.
– Alright now I am gonna point out if your eyeballs and your nipples are made
out of the same thing, you’ve got bigger problems than worrying about
the temperature rising. – Oh.
– That’s all I’m gonna say. – See a doctor.
– I call this one the ♪ It’s tearin’ up – my heart when I’m with you ♪ snowman.
– I remember that song. This is the “Do you believe in climate
change now?” snowman. Yes. I call this one the
“Where’s Donovan?” (laughs) Oh it’s not even a snowman.
It’s just a question. – Yeah.
– “Where’s Donovan?” – “Where’s Donovan?”
– How about the ♪ I’m dreaming – of a ♪ brown Christmas.
– Alright and I call this one “You’ll shoot your eye out, kid!” snowman. What do you think about the ♪ It’s tearing
out my eye when I’m with you ♪ snowman? – Oh that could work too.
– And finally, “Rhett’s family photo.” Oh I remember that.
That was a good moment. (laughs) Next question from Ryan Perez,
“Will Link’s chap stick help with chapped – lips this winter?”
– Ryan, I am so glad that you asked – this question.
– ♪ (cheesy piano music) ♪ With my Peculiarly Perfect Peanut Butter
Peppermint Lip Balm — – What’s the name of it?
– Peculiariliry Perfect Peanut Butter – Peppermint Lip Balm,
– Yeah. you can enjoy lip balm any time of year.
Winter, spring, summer, fall. Put it all over your body for all I care.
Just buy it in packs of two. Available at RhettandLink.com.store.
Make your lips Peculiarly Perfect. (kiss) You’re really plugging that thing
every chance you get. Don’t you think – that’s getting a little tacky?
– It is a little tacky. Ah. Just don’t make that face
that close to my face. – (laughs)
– For the rest of our lives, – I made that request.
– Alright. Okay, another question from
Cindy Lee Erickson, who asks, “Is there such a thing as too many layers
to keep warm in winter?” Cindy, you can never have too many layers!
Or can you? Let’s find out. It’s time for another
Clothes-Off Show-Down! – ♪ (dramatic music) ♪
– (both laugh) – You look cool.
– Hey I’m the new coach of the Pioneros. – Nice to meet you.
– Pioneros? Yeah did you hear about — We’re doing
great this year. we’re 7 and 0. Did you hear about me?
I go up to kids at the playground and say, – “Hey, you like candy bars?”
– You should say, “Do you like paisley?” I can’t see myself down here because my
field of vision is only right here. – Are you Canadian?
– I think it’s gonna become clear – as I take my clothes off what I am.
– That is how this works. What we’re gonna do is there’s three
rounds. We’re gonna guess how many hats, shirts, and pants we have on and you get
penalized a point for every article of clothing that you are off. So the object
of the game is to have the fewest amount – of points at the end.
– Right. Like golf. – Are you going first?
– Yeah. – Okay.
– How many hats? Well there could be multiple hats inside of the Canadian hat.
That’s what I’m thinking, cause it’s very – tall. You have on seven hats.
– Alright, so I’ve got… – (both) Oh!
– Right there, that’s one! – Okay one. Got it got it.
– Two. And then look, it’s me.
It’s just me Rhett. – Oh and then there’s a beard thing.
– Alright so that’s — – That’s four.
– Four? – Yeah.
– Alright so this is — – Oh. Ski 60 at 60. What does that mean?
– I don’t know, but I’ll give you another – chance to figure it out!
– (both laugh) – Hold on, how many are we at now? Seven?
– Seven! So that’s your seventh. – So now we’re into point territory.
– This is points. I don’t want points. – What is this?
– That says “T” on it for Texas. – Alright. You got two of those as well.
– Don’t look away, ’cause — – (laughs)
– So we’re up to nine items. That’s nice. – So this is 10 and here’s 11.
– Okay. Oh. So that’s 11. – Yep, so you get
– (both) four points. (ding) – Four points. That ain’t good.
– Okay how many hats do I have on Link? – I’m gonna say six hats.
– Okay. – Alright?
– I wear this when I coach. – Alright so that’s one. Ooh!
– (laughs) – A mini sombrero!
– And this is what I do with the timeouts. – Oh!
– I’m like, “Guys, no strategy. – Just focus on the hat.”
– That’s cute. – Hey you know what?
– Alright what’s that? – That’s it! (laughs)
– Three. – Yeah just three hats. (ding)
– Alright so I get three points. Okay you go first this round.
Link, how many tops do I have on? I don’t know. You went low with the hats.
I think you’ve got a deceptive number – of layers here.
– Huh. – I’m gonna go with seven.
– Alright. – Including that awesome jacket.
– I hate to take this off and not – represent my school anymore.
– Ooh yeah! – (laughs)
– You are a totally different person now! Right after the game,
what do you think I do? What do you think I do
right after the game? You get on your Hog and you ride
to a bowling alley. – Yeah I bowl.
– I see a lot under there. – Yeah and then right after I bowl,
– (laughs) – things get a little weird sometimes.
– (laughs) Get a little floral. So that’s three.
Alright take that off quickly, – ’cause that’s weird.
– (laughs) – “I attended the Las Supper with George.”
– I don’t know. – Who’s George?
– It’s a wild night. You got a lot of shirts here.
I’m losing ground on this round. – You need some help here?
– yeah. – Priscilla. Queen of the Desert.
– (laughs) – Yeah.
– The musical! – My first wife.
– Alright. There you go. Woah! – Me and Priscilla went to Charleston.
– (laugh) – That’s where it all went south.
– Charleston: where it all goes south. That’s a good slogan.
‘Cause it’s in the south. – Can you pull that? Woah, hey!
– (laughs) – Well you gotta peel it off.
– Take this shirt off. K-Earth 101:
The greatest hits on earth! – Yeah I’m a big fan of this station.
– Do they play the greatest hits on earth? – You gotta pull it from here.
– I’m also a fan of 94.7 the Wave. – (laughs)
– It’s just a radio station. – That’s a lot of shirts though.
– Ahh. Dang dude.
Calculus is an integral part of my life. – I’m into math as well.
– AP Calculus 2012-2013. That was a good year.
You recognize this guy? And maybe we should go to college,
stop putting gel in our hair, – and start wearing blue jeans.
– That’s Chase. That is actually Chase. That is Chase. So you raided Chase’s
closet for the clothes you’re wearing. Sunset League: Cross-Country Championship.
Another one of Chase shirts? – Okay that’s 12.
– Dang it. What did I say seven? – (laughs)
– That’s my last layer. – 13. So I get six points for that one.
– (ding) Okay wow. There’s a lot of girth – in there. I’m going to say eight.
– Alright here we go. I’m glad to get this one off. This is a
warm thicky right here. – A “warm thicky”.
– Yeah when I went to the thrift store, I was like, “Hmm, look at that
warm thicky!” – “Where’s your warm thicky section?”
– (laughs) – And this goes with it.
– Yeah it looks nice on you. – It almost looks like a Persian rug.
– Here we go. There seems to be a lot of —
There’s not usually something – going on in there.
– (laughs) There’s nothing going on here. I just —
I really like plaid. – Okay.
– I got a little something else for you. – You ready for this?
– Yeah. – (laughs)
– Why you got my shirt on, man? – What? That’s not your shirt.
– Link. You got my bird shirt on. – Nice.
– And you’ve got boobs. Nobody said you could put
boobs in my bird shirt. – Are you ready for the grand finale?
– Oh my goodness. Oh gosh. Doesn’t seem appropriate.
That was the last one. – That’s what the breasts were.
– Yeah they were — – They were coconuts.
– (laugh) – Okay, so that is how many total?
– This is six. Okay and I said eight, so I just got
two additional points. (ding) – (taps coconuts)
– Alright. How many pants do you think – I have?
– I’m gonna go with 16. Alright. Let me get rid
of my floral pajama pants. – Okay. One.
– Alright. So we got that. – Two. Ok. Mmh I think I did good.
– (laughs) – Oh gosh.
– This is a skirt. – They put me in a skirt.
– Yeah well I can see that. – Softball shorts?
– These are SIO shorts. Alright? – Here we go.
– (laughs) – That’s not a good look for you.
– We’re going into uncharted territory. It’s not pretty. I’m not proud of this.
This is not my proudest moment. – That’s good. Oh more of those.
– I’m going in again. – (laughs)
– Going in again. – What? Plaid.
– I really like plaid. – (laughs)
– See if I can get all of these off. – Check this out. Muscle legs!
– Oh gosh. – What do muscles cover? Bones!
– (laugh) Look at my pelvis.
It’s anatomically correct! – (smacks butt and laughs)
– And that’s it. – Yeah this is 11.
– And I guessed 16. That means I get five points
added to my previous six. – I have 11 points right now.
– 11 to 9. – To your nine.
– Yep. So you’re in the lead by two right now,
going into guessing my pants. – Hmm. Why that stance?
– ‘Cause they will fall off. I’mma go for four.
I think you’re going a little light. – You’re light in the pants man.
– Really? – Four. Four pairs of britches. Okay.
– Look away. You’re construction up top, you look
a little basketball beneath. Well I wear this when I coach
so the players won’t run into me. – Alright. Bring those down.
– And then — – (laughs)
– That’s good Rhett! That was a great effect. You just ripped
the bottom of your pants ’cause they’re – not rip away.
– They are rip away. They’re just — – They haven’t been ripped in a few years.
– Just brace yourself. Brace yourself. It’s not gonna do it man.
They’re not made to — – Yeah! There we go.
– So that’s two. And then sometimes — – Aren’t you gonna try it again?
– (rips) – Oh!
– (laughs) – That looked like it hurt! (inaudible)
– Oh that wasn’t even supposed to rip. – Alright so what is that?
– I’ll have to get Priscilla to fix those. – Alright. Nuh-uh. Look away kids! What?
– And I really like plaid as well. – (laughs)
– What are — – But that’s it.
– Now hold on. For the record, – what are those?
– Underwears. – Do you have underwear on underneath ’em?
– I have underwear that don’t count under. ‘Cause if you don’t have underwear
underneath, I’m not comfortable. If I don’t count my underwear, that’s it.
That’s five layers. You were off by one. – I was off by one. (ding)
– You win. – ♪ (victorious music) ♪
– Woo! Yeah! Congratulations Link. You are now crowned
the Lieutenant of Layers and you know what you win? You get to keep that outfit on.
It’s yours to take home and to wear – the rest of the episode.
– Okay. I’m sure everyone’s gonna be – glad about that.
– Would it make you feel better if I – continued to wear this?
– Yeah. Alright Cindy, to answer your question,
“Is there such a thing as too many layers to keep warm in winter?” I don’t know
if we did that. Well I do know that I’m not wearing
enough layers right now. – Okay that’s true. Yes.
– And that’s what matters most. Thank you for liking, commenting,
subscribing, and sharing this video. – You know what time it is.
– ♪ (theme music) ♪ Hi I’m Aaron from Ontario, Canada and it’s
time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality! If you don’t like wearing construction
vests or coconut bras to stay warm in the winter, go to
RhettandLink.com/store and get hoodies. – The Randler hoodie! The GMM Hoodie!
– Woah! – And the Rhett and Link Hoodie!
– Click through to Good Mythical More. – Woah!
– We’re gonna open your mail with Candace and you can find out what is in this bag. – Competitive farmers.
– Well sir — Claimed! I claim that for corn.
That field I claim for corn; it’s mine. – Oh! Well —
– Claimed right there. That acre. Read the sign that I just posted
on the front of it. “Claimed for Beans.” Next one over.
Got it! Corn for that one. – Oh! Read the sign on the front of it.
– “Claimed for Legumes.” – That’s right.
– Is that a bean? Hey let’s go in business together.
Hey let’s not compete. – Give me half of your beans.
– Well… I’ll give you some of my corn,
but I’ve got no place to grow it. – I got a confession to make.
– (laughs) – Okay? You didn’t make those signs?
– Those aren’t my signs. [Captioned by Annalyn:
GMM Captioning Team]

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