6 WAYS To Use WAHOO  ELEMNT Bike Computer With Your SMART Trainer

6 WAYS To Use WAHOO ELEMNT Bike Computer With Your SMART Trainer

– Today I’m going to talk about how to use your Wahoo ELEMNT by computer with your Smart Trainer. And in this video, I’m going to walk you through six different, six, six different ways to control your Smart Trainer using the Wahoo ELEMNT. So the Wahoo ELEMNT, ELEMNT BOLT, and ELEMNT ROAM all have the ability to control your Smart Trainer, whether you have a Wahoo KICKR or any ANT+ FE-C bike computer. Or I mean, ANT+ FE-C bike trainer. So the first thing you need to do is pair your Wahoo KICKR or any ANT+ FE-C Trainer to your Wahoo ELEMNT and
in this video I’ll be using the Wahoo KICKR as an example. But you can do the same thing and everything will work the same using any other bike trainer. So using the Companion app, make sure your ELEMNT by computer is paired to your smartphone. First, and tap on the sensors, and look for your Smart Trainer. You can also add it directly
from the ELEMNT itself, and to do that, you just
tap the power button to browse back to the main menu. And browse down to add sensor and select your Smart Trainer there. Once you find your Trainer, it will prompt you to save it. And now just make sure to switch the ride type from outdoor to indoor. And you can do that
again in the main menu. Under ride type, just switch it to indoor. You can also do that within
the Wahoo ELEMNT app. You can switch it from
outdoor to indoor ride. So when you pair your Smart Trainer, and this is more specifically
for the Wahoo KICKR, make sure you pair it using ANT+ because if you pair it in Bluetooth, and then you want to use another app to control your Smart
Trainer like in Zwift for example or TrainerRoad,
it’s not gonna happen. Always remember, Bluetooth
is a one-to-one connection. Once it’s paired to one device, you won’t be able to see it or pair it using another device. So to ensure it is paired in ANT+, before turning on the ELEMNT, turn on Zwift on your mobile device and or TrainerRoad, and pair
it to your Smart Trainer. And then turn on your
Wahoo ELEMNT bike computer. And it will find your bike computer ANT+ signal and pair it using ANT+. And now from now on, it will
always connect with ANT+. Once you start moving, you will see the screen with all the different
modes available for you. And these modes are
Passive Mode, Level Mode, Resistance Mode, Erg Mode,
Route Mode, and Workout Mode. And let’s talk about each mode, and go through each one. And make sure you stick around for Workout Mode because I’m
gonna talk about a feature that is only available on your ELEMNT and it’s not available on other devices like Garmin for example. Passive Mode is great when you want to use your Smart Trainer with another bike, with another app like Zwift, for example. But also record your
ride using the ELEMNT. In Passive Mode, the
ELEMNT will not attempt to control your Trainer
and just record your ride. In Level Mode, the Trainer will simulate the standard resistance curve. Meaning the harder you go, the more resistance you will feel. Just like riding outside,
as you go faster, the wind resistance will increase, and will require more
power to push you forward. You have 10 levels, zero to nine, and generally I found level one or two to be the closest thing
to riding on flat road and sufficient most for most workouts if you use gearing to adjust resistance. The next one is Resistance Mode. Level Mode and Resistance
Mode can get confusing. Think of resistance as the
brake settings on your Trainer. And you can set the brake strength from one to 100%. Unlike Level Mode, the brake strength or resistance you will feel will be fixed regardless of your speed. Play with these two different modes, and see which one work best for you. I personally like Level Mode because you always feel that resistance and it resembles outdoor riding the most. Erg Mode and this mode,
you set your target watts, and you go. And the Trainer will adjust resistance to keep you at your target watts regardless of your speed or cadence. So if you set your target
watts to 200 watts, the Trainer will adjust resistance to keep you at 200 watts, whether you are doing 50 RPM or 120 RPM. Sim Mode or Route Mode, in this mode you will be able to
re-ride a specific route by either selecting a route
that you previously did, or a new route that you created on any of the routing options
supported by the ELEMNT like Komoot, Strava, or Ride with GPS. In Route Mode, make sure your weight is entered correctly in the app. And the ELEMNT will control your Trainer so the Trainer replicate the
elevation profile of the route. And if you really want to reroute a route, I would encourage you to watch this video. I talked about different apps that are, I think they are much
better than riding a route on a small screen like this unless you really want to feel bored. Okay, next Workout Mode. The ELEMNT is optimized
to read incoming plans from third-party apps like
TrainingPeaks or Today’s Plan, and hopefully, hopefully,
we’ll see additional apps added like TrainerRoad and Exort. You need to first authorize TrainingPeaks or Today’s Plan from your profile using the ELEMNT app. And to do that, go to Profile, tap on Authorized Apps, and select TrainingPeaks or Today’s Plan. I will ask you to authorize a link between the two apps. You just go through the steps. Here I’m using TrainingPeaks. The ELEMNT supports
interval based on power, heart rate, and cadence. It will pass whatever information it receives from that
third-party application. In this case, TrainingPeaks only supports interval base on percent of
functional threshold power and heart rate. Just make sure your power’s on, or heart rate’s on, set
correctly in the Wahoo ELEMNT App because TrainingPeaks
will only pass a percent of your threshold. So make sure FTP setting
is correct in your ELEMNT and you can do that in your
profile under Power Zones. Next time you turn on your Wahoo ELEMNT, you will see a pop-up
of your planned workout and you have the option
to select the workout. You can also view your planned workouts and select a different one. And if for whatever reason you do not see the workout, you can select it directly from the Wahoo ELEMNT Companion App, and it will load to your Wahoo ELEMNT. And that’s it, very simple. You can pause, skip, rewind, or stop an interval mid-workout without impacting your interval
or overall workout time. And this is my favorite feature something Garmin devices do not support is adjusting workout intensity. And to do that from the
workout detailed page, press the Plan button, tap the button under 100% and it will give you
the option to scale up or scale down that workout. So on days when you’re not feeling 100% or find yourself not able
to complete the intervals, you can scale it down a bit. Okay, that’s all I have. If you find the video helpful, hit the like button, and share it. Thanks for watching, and we’ll
see you in the next video. (upbeat music)

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