30 Year Old Macintosh Keyboard With 2019 Mac?! {Quick Bytes}

30 Year Old Macintosh Keyboard With 2019 Mac?! {Quick Bytes}

Welcome (typing) Well from the lovely sound of that keyboard You can understand why I came up with the idea recently of wanting to use one of these There’s my main keyboard for writing letters to Lego asking them to please mass-produce My Commodore BrixtyFour for and other things Now this is the M0110 Keyboard And it’s the last of the phone jack style keyboards to be supplied with the vintage Macintosh computers And this one came from the Macintosh Plus And I found it on fleBay So after it’s finished, its quality control checks by Puppyfratic It’s time to see how we could hook it up to a modern-day Mac So inside here should be the Mac to… … the Mac2USB by Drakware Put on eBay And you can see here, it just plugs in the RJ11 port on the Macintosh keyboard Kind of embarrassing though that they printed this upside down Just kidding Inside it is a Silabs Universal B Microcontroller And basically acts like a Mac host and receives keystrokes from the old keyboard Then just translates those into USB key presses for the new Mac And there are a few PCBs on the market that will do this You could even design your own and send away to PCBW ay They offer a full assembly service And as we all know PCB the stands for Phone Cable Board, doesn’t it? And as for the Mac2USB The firmware includes four keymaps You can even emulate the function keys by pressing the caps lock key Even though this keyboard doesn’t have function keys at all Now funny story, this is made in Malaysia And I actually used to work in the factory But they had to let me go because I didn’t put in enough SHIFTS (clears throat) Hmm sorry, I can’t control it Anyway, let’s return This cables kind of icky and sticky So we’ll give the whole thing a bit of a quick cleanup before we get started Of course with RJ11, it’s always the second way around that you try put that on Craigslist Put that on Craigslist (breaking noise) Ba-naa Wait, it doesn’t … it doesn’t fit Oh! Sorry … other end Ba-naa So, out with the old and in with th.. oh .. Out with the new and in with the …well.. retro An elegant keyboard for a more civilized age Yeah, I actually did all the sound effects in the movies myself Isn’t that a great combination Think I’m onto something here But what I’m not onto is getting this working I tried every possible thing, but I just couldn’t get the keyboard to be recognized by the new Mac It would even say to press the key to the right of the shift key And it just wouldn’t respond to that key press Hmm I’ve tried all the usual things: cleaning the ports, checking the connections, different USB cables So let’s try talking to the one company who might know how to fix this (recorded voice) Hi. Thanks for setting up a call with Apple Hi, how are you? (recorded voice) To speak with an advisor, press 1. (recorded voice) For quality assurance purposes, your call may be monitored or recorded Yeah, same here (recorded voice) Apple is happy to offer a choice of music while you wait Please play the Retro Recipes theme tune while I wait Hello. (music playing, Yo Mama?) (Apple advisor on the phone) Was that you singing just now? You got a beautiful voice (Apple) What can I help you with today? Just first up, is this call recorded? (Apple) Uh, yes yes Okay, and that’s okay with you, as well? (Apple) Yes. It’s fine by me Basically, I’ve got a 1986 Macintosh Plus keyboard And I’m connecting it through a USB adapter to a modern-day iMac, but it’s not actually working (Apple) Ooh, I think they discontinued that in like, the 90’s. So, pretty recently. Well. I’ll try to help you as much as I could over the phone Okay, do you know if Walmart could do that? (Apple) Uhh.. did you say Walmart? Right. (Apple) I don’t think Walmart, no. But I wasn’t so sure about that Let’s just double-check with Ashley. Oh, hi. (Ashley) Hi, how are you? Good, how are you? I’m doing very well. Great. I hope you can help me. I need a replacement keyboard cable for a Macintosh classic (Ashley) For the Macintosh Classic, we only have the inverted phone cables but the Macintosh has the straight How it takes the straight? I thought it was inverted Nope. That might be where I’m going wrong cool, thank you You’re welcome Okay. Well, let’s say if Apple can help us find one of those cables (Apple) There is one called Unitek Computer Stores. It’s in Encinco, CA Now, they do have appointments today. Basically, they look at all our older products. They actually have the ability to order any old parts, if you need. Gotcha. Well, you know you’ve been really helpful. Is it possible to have a quick chat with Tim Cook? (Apple) Tim Cook? I wish I could get quick that him. Yeah, that’s okay. I just thought that with me running a YouTube channel called Retro Recipes Someone with the last name Cook might want to speak to me (Apple) Well you can go online and send out an email, if you like. Okay, I’ll just drop Tim Cook an email then, no problem Thank you so much you’ve been really helpful. Alright you have a good day Cheerio Why is there always Lego everywhere? Yeah, but now all joking aside, I was blown away by Apple’s response I honestly didn’t expect them to even acknowledge these old machines But they actually were offering me an appointment to get this resolved Unfortunately, this store was a little far away. So I turn to fleBay But first let’s take a look at the cable we’ve got here And you can see it is inverted on one side On one side, the black cable is on the left on the other side, it’s on the right A few days later my new cable arrived and you can see here how this one is not inverted On the left is the new one and the black cable is on the right-hand position in both plugs In my right hand is the old cable, which is inverted So I think what happened at some point The person who owned this thought they could just replace the cable with a phone cable And were surprised when it stopped working And so they sold it to me All right, so let’s put this one .. wait, what is this it looks Like a retro controller for dogs, oh (squeaky noise) Ohh, I remember now! This is from BarkBox.com And it’s not a Konami, it’s a KO-GNAW-MI Goodness, the whole entourage is here Careful! I’ll cut your nose off! That was about your face (squeaking) Now play nice Greedy. Yeah, she’s the retro gaming fan in the family Sorry guys. I can give you the label.. Op.. Broke the dog Sorry buddy! Don’t worry, they made friends (friendlyish growling) Kind of. Now, where were we? Oh, yes, so let’s try this new cable with the Mac And it was detected first time And we just have to hit the button to the right of the left shift key Not confusing at all And yes, it responds And the same, the button to the left of the right shift key Again, not confusing And there it is! Your keyboard has been detected Sorry Unintentional toilet human And it’s incredible every single key is mapped perfectly to the keystrokes that appear on the screen I can even hold down command S to save a file And those function keys work, too Now I waited so long to get this result that I’d bought a new Mac by then to help improve the quality of these videos What the heck? Let’s create our YouTube video thumbnail using this keyboard Nice And as Steve Jobs said….. Oh no, that was someone else Either way, I’m gonna use this keyboard to write that email to Tim Cook What I might also do is get this Apple Trackpad 2 Althogh, funds are a little tight right now But I realized if I go to iStyles.com And use this photo of the underside of this keyboard that I took and add in a logo I can position that photo and create my own vinyl wrap for the trackpad I don’t know. What do you think? Is that the way to go or should I spray the keyboard dark gray to match the trackpad instead? Hmm. Either way, I’m a big fan of how this turned out. What do you think? Comment below and Cheerio Oh and speaking of fans. Do you wanna say hi to your fans? Ashley: Hi everybody. Hi fans, please like and subscribe!

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  1. 10 minutes video if not for the completely unnecessary dog toy part. 10% of the total run time was dedicated to that … really?

  2. Now I want one of those keyboards… great vid as always! Love the addition of your pups ❤️ Let us know if you get that trackpad vinyl!

  3. why not just use an ADB Keyboard with an arduino since ADB Keyboards(e.g. Apple Extended Keyboard II) are better than the keyboards that came with the AIO macintosh computers like the Mac Plus

  4. Tim Cook SHOULD contact you (as should other CEO's) on interesting subject matters would only be great publicity for how "cool" their companies are.

  5. Great idea and video, love the sound of that keyboard now as i did when i had a new one. good times. Keep it up P! love the channel man. Be cool.

  6. go with the Vinyl wrap. at least then if you don't like it you can peel it off, painting the keyboard would be a little trickier to remove if you changed your mind.

  7. Just one thing, the macintosh Classic used the ADB bus for the keyboard so no phone-style cables there. Walmart really should get their shit together 😉

  8. The Walmart woman was willing to play along because you have an English accent. Americans are brainwashed to be anglophiles even though they had two major wars with England and were colonized by them.

  9. I dont know why but i have this feeling your going to be well known on youtube, like the big 3 8 bit guy Perifactic's Retro Recipes and Nostolgia nerd or somthing

  10. I love that sound of broken glass all over your house. And I bet if you set up a PO box where people could send fan mail to Puppyfractic, she and the other pups would get a ton of love and treats!

  11. Great video … got me thinking … how can We use a C64 computer as a USB keyboard for or my PC? Love the feel of the original keyboard

  12. That is a nice way to get a vintage keyboard working. Personally I would want to build a hackintosh inside a vintage mac shell to go with the look. Possibly an old Apple II GS or similar. Even a G3 might have the right kind of colouring to match.

  13. That old keyboard was Apple's version of the awesome old IBM model 'M' keyboard that had that wonderful click sound and was built like a tank. You can find original ones online still, but they are NOT CHEAP!

  14. I miss the sound of that keyboard SO much, but even more so the sound of that sweet beige classic Mac floppy drive!
    "Murrrrr murrrrr…. Murrrrr murrrrrrrrrr…."

  15. What a magical time we live in! I once tried to do something similar by daisy chaining ADB and USB adapters but never got it to work. Glad to know that there's now a single adapter that'll do the trick. Also great knowing that I'm not the only one weird enough to want to do this. 🙂

  16. Heh, glad to see I'm not the only person who uses an old Apple keyboard on occasion. I have an Apple M0115 Extended Keyboard with Alps SKCM Orange switches in it and while it's not a daily driver as I have a lot of mechanical keyboards both old and new, that one in particular is really great to use, even with Windows instead of macOS. If you can track down an AEK or AEK2, you can use S-Video cables as a cheap replacement and for a really good ADB to USB converter, there's a guy on ebay who makes them who goes by Tinkerboy or something like that, and it's pre-flashed with a keymap that's 100% compatible with Windows, macOS and whatever else.

  17. Hello and happy COOKING…. I have to ask. Do you know id you can get the Macintosh keyboard adapter to work with a PC? I still have my Mac Plus (WORKING) and would love to have the clicks of that old keyboard on a PC. please let me and you subscribers know….

  18. If I press the plus or minus keys on my Dell keyboard from 2002, it will sound like the keys on this Macintosh keyboard but I absolutely hate the feeling of that Dell keyboard so I use an Apple wireless keyboard instead

  19. I'm a bit of a rebel and use a 1986 IBM Model M with my Mac Pro. 
    But in general I love the idea of using old keyboards on modern computers. I would also consider using an Extended Keyboard II.

  20. You totally could have solved this with a modular jack crimper like anyone who has made a network cable might have and one spare connector.. and I have both these things in my garage.

  21. Loving the retro/modern cross over of tech. Great video. Just subscribed. Looking forward to more videos. My girlfriend is a big fan of your dogs too!

  22. 3:56 😂 For quality purposes your call maybe monitored or recorded. Perifractic – Yeah, Same here 😂😂😂😂

  23. Just bought an Apple Extender Keyboard II for the same purpose. Also bought form the same company you did, the ADB2USB adapter. So much cheaper than a Griffin iMate..

  24. Oh wow. I didn’t think I’d actually find something like this. I want an older keyboard. I cannot stand the keyboard on my MacBook Pro. I can do photoshop all day, but I can’t imagine trying to type. Thank you for this.

  25. Nice, I'm typing this on a M10110 keyboard, which is the predecessor to the one you used (without the numpad), also using the Drakware adapter. For a linear keyboard, it's very noisy/pingy, but it still works surprisingly well on a modern computer.

  26. Got to be one of the gentlest, most informative how-to videos I think I've ever stumbled across. Great channel and an easy subscribe.
    With the demise of the wired aluminium keyboards, and only wireless being an Apple option, exploring alternatives is a great idea. Especially with the retro theme 👍

  27. I have a better adapter for you! https://www.tinkerboy.xyz/product/tinkerboy-m0110-keyboard-to-usb-converter-for-the-apple-macintosh-128k-512k-plus-keyboard/

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