3/3: #LEGO C64 With Sprung LEGO Keyboard & PCB – #TheBrixtyFour Grand Finale

3/3: #LEGO C64 With Sprung LEGO Keyboard & PCB – #TheBrixtyFour Grand Finale

Hi, welcome back to the Retro Recipe’s Kitchen Perifractic here, your friend in Leg…. in Retro Or as someone called me on Twitter this week Purple Fractal? Now, back in parts 1 and 2 of The Brixty Four project I started designing the fully Lego Commodore 64 Including what I hope will become a working sprung mechanical keyboard And a fully Lego power pack and Commodore 64 motherboard powering the real Lego LED Now, we have over a 1,000 supporters now on Lego Ideas And we got this nice message from the LEGO Group But we need 10,000 for them to mass-produce this Now I know, signing up to Lego Ideas is a bit of a….. But you know, what else is a P-I-T-A? This. Excuse me. Do you do the Lego Commodore 64? The Lego Commodore 64, actually, not enough people voted for that one Oooh, sad. I guess I’ll just buy a Porg instead Hmm. That’ll make a nice Christmas dinner Now, although it’s not on the shelves, you can get hold of your very own BrixtyFour Executive Desk Toy or Case SX64 Style anyone? As of… Now! Yep, just head over to perifractic.com/brixtyfour for all the options My design is completely free and open source to use Or if you prefer the Retro Recipe’s Kitchen mice will do all the scurrying so you don’t have to And you can also grab BrixtyFour merchandise, like this Or these, at my store Doing so really helps keep this small channel afloat on the retro seas As does becoming a member of my Perifract Team on Patreon I hope to see you there! Hm. Got pretty good pins for a bloke Now in this episode, let’s get building the finished product and we’ll see who’s won it! Yep! We’re gonna pick the winner using random number generators, a robot finger And the randomness of atmospheric noise and lightning Welcome to Retro Recipes! So, in the last episode we found a way to install the real Commodore 64 motherboard And its peripherals into the Lego case And I nearly killed myself trying to get the LED working Which we did! And then we mounted the real Commodore 64 keyboard onto these Lego bricks Putting the bricks in BrixtyFour So, now we’ve achieved that, let’s take it all apart again And replace them with a Lego motherboard and keyboard Now keep in mind when you order these sometimes the bricks are used And that really only affects these ones with stickers, so we’ll take those off And here’s our battery pack that’s gonna power the LED Complete with these electrical terminals on the top of the connect to the electrical brick I’ll show you that in a minute Got some voltage regulators, capacitors Hm. Part of a fuse And some screws Hey, that rhymes! And in here.. Argh..Just forget it! Ahh, tops of chips And.. a fence? (humming and singing) When I’m BrixtyFour Now, I hope you don’t take offense of my singing Alright, let’s build our PCB base I don’t know what this is. I think they sent me the wrong brick Remember, there are no mistakes Just happy Lego accidents And these are our mounting brackets for the battery pack Seems good And as before, I designed up instructions to help me and you build this You basically put everything into steps So here we’ve got steps involving four bricks And then you just design up essentially what will become the PDF Place all the elements where you want them for the easiest reference You can download them from my site and take a look for yourself It’s really funny just watching the whole thing come together in Lego instructions form So let’s continue and we’ll use those instructions and start with the cartridge port Doesn’t look like much right now But here it’s taking shape Wonder if we could plug dude to land her into that These lovely silverized.. Is that a word? Silverized two pieces are the tops, the metallic top And we mustn’t forget our quality control stickers, as well And we’ll do the same thing with the RF modulator And then on to our video and floppy disk ports Now ,I was criticized a bit in the last episode because I used a Stanley Knife to break apart some awkwardly placed Lego bricks So I bought this Lego brick separator tool You can get this at my store If only I could get it open Yeah, sometimes you just need a Stanley Knife And it works like this Pretty neat! Reminded me of the movie Alien for some reason. All right, let’s get screwing This is our grounding plate that runs around the board We’ll test the continuity of that in a moment with the multimeter And of course our user and cassette ports Oh, that is so cool! Here’s what that fence was for This, of course, is the keyboard plug Yeah, you try and find a better match in Lego form Don’t be confused. It’s just a fuse But that piece doesn’t quite stay on so I’m gonna use this leg glue We just dab a bit on there. It’s completely water-soluble so we can always take it off again Another bit on there Clean it up And presto! We’ve now got 9V running to the board Probably… And let’s get our capacitors in I am experimenting with different sizes here because the taller ones can impede on the keyboard And then whatever this thing is, I actually don’t know what that is If you know, let me know in the comments Here’s our voltage regulator heatsink and the regulator’s themselves And our Vic 2 circuit Otherwise we won’t be able to see anything when we plug this in There’s our PLA Our CPU Our kernels And our two CIAs I wish installing RAM was this easy in real life And last but not least .. The SID chip! And you know as I’m working on this I keep forgetting is not a real motherboard And now the battery pack that’s gonna double as our power switch plate Here’s the Lego LED I used in the last episode and I got a new cable after torturing the last one And it just plugs onto the electrical contacts on the top here And you’ll remember in that episode, I realized the size of the case was a bit wrong around this port So I’m just adjusting the power pack configuration to fit into the new space Wait..mmm.. No, no, no And finally, so we can plug it in, the power socket It works! So cool! Fit that onto the bracket Ahh! Oooh, I see what I did wrong. I should have used a Lego multimeter. Yeah, silly me I did pose a question on Twitter though, and I couldn’t get this board working I asked if anyone knew why Wait.. what? And for anyone who’s asked whether this thing is sturdy or not Well.. I hope this answers your quetion Don’t worry, in time, these LEGO bricks will yellow to match the real Commodore 64 even better Now remember this discovery? Yep, the Commodore 64 Keys is the exact same size axle as Lego bricks And the bricks are essentially the same dimensions So far a lot of parts of Commodore 64’s have been replicated You’ve got reloaded motherboard You’ve got this keyboard base And you can buy replacement cases, or of course the BrixtyFour case But so far, there’s no key is available So I genuinely want these to be options to complete that puzzle So you can build an entire Commodore 64 from scratch It seems to be working pretty well Let’s design up our Shift key Wait, no no, no! How do I… My eyes! Shift okay, that’s better There’s no question mark in Lego bricks So, think of that as a little very practical signature And all we do is clip the lettering onto the tops of the keys I just can’t get over this cross compatibility I am convinced Commodore and Lego are in some kind of kahoots There’s no equal sign so I’ve just used two underscores and placed for an upside down And our shift lock key just needs to be a little shorter Nice! Run stop I love there’s even an @ symbol on the Commodore keyboard and in Lego form Excuse me We’ve got some leftover letters Hmm.. why does that make me think of pork? Now remember this mounting plate that I use on the real RF modulator? Well, our Lego modulator is in the same place so we can mail the keyboard in the same way Let’s try typing on it Dear Santa, Please can I have another BrixtyFour for for Christmas? Thanks That is not an error! Good girl! You like the BrixtyFour? Speaking and friendly computing Let’s try the original Commodore case for those keys, see how it looks Better than nothing! Well, as before now we’ve completed that Let’s take it all apart again and build the fully Lego spring-loaded mechanical keyboard So again, I designed up instructions to help me and you build this So let’s build it! That’s too long If only there was some double entendre I could use for mmm So I’m gonna lay out these axles all in a row And here’s the magical piece This is actually a shock absorber From The Star Glider Lego set way back in the 90’s Puppy Dance! No, I said Star Glider not Starlight Pssh, amateur Yes, then you can see here how the mechanism actually is working Who knew?! So now I’m just leveling up the keyboard so we’ve got some height as things ascend up to the number keys And then we’ll steal our keys after the real keyboard and drop them onto here Yep, again there cross-compatible so you can buy whichever sets you want and mix and match with the real hardware And again, it’s pretty sturdy This is it guys, the final brick That I can’t seem to find anywhere Oh, there it is! Yeah, I’d put it down there.. never mind Doesn’t look too bad! I might swap out that spacebar for something without those round pieces on it And had to just cut the edge off the board because it was impeding on the power pack again So, I just used these diagonal bricks here instead and it still works Considering these as shock absorbers from a 90s kit.. It’s incredible what a good typewriter keyboard this makes And it’s incredibly soothing! Hmm..I think I’ve invented a stress toy! So now, let’s put the whole package together Yep, pretty strong! Let’s turn it on And off again And on again This is fun! And when I turn it on I expect the blue screen to appear Hmm…maybe I’ll design a Lego 1084S monitor Could even build a joystick like this There it is the finished BrixtyFour I would go for the BB-8 personally because It may be your favorite but it’s not a Commodore 64 No, it’s not but vote for it and we’ll get it Hey, I like your thinking So, now let’s see who’s won it! We had nearly 12,000 entries And I’m going to pick the winner in a very unique and very retro way Using the randomness of atmospheric noise a A web-enabled Amiga 500 and a Wi-Fi Robot Finger With each draw started by a puppy Your good girl I chose a service that allows me to pick a winner using small variations in the amplitude of atmospheric noise Now, when I picked the last winner, I had Puppifractic stand on the keyboard to start the process But this is what she looks like a few months on Oh, in case you wondered what she’s reading.. This is A-MAG, it’s a brand new Amiga disk based magazine, just came out this week I was really proud that they asked me to write a small article for it But yeah, I don’t think I wanted her stepping on the keyboard anymore So I’m just gonna start the process myself and leave the rest to the robot finger and the atmospheric noise Good luck everyone! And we have our winners! So winning the full-size BrixtyFour, that I just finished, is Max T. from Great Britain Congratulations Max! Francisco Z. from Italia has won this Stormtrooper inspired Lego case Guys drop me a comment below and you’ve seen this so I don’t spoil surprises And then I’ll get in touch by email and we’ll figure everything out Oh, by the way with each winning entry I’m gonna be throwing in a couple of these perfectly manufactured PCBs from PCB way Because as we all know PCP stands for Perifractic’s Contest Bonanza And stay tuned because in future episodes along with my regular retro hacks and repairs I’m gonna be building up some more color variants of the case, maybe even building some new cases, perhaps for an Amiga or a BrickTwenty I’ll see you back here next time! Please Lego and subscribe… like and subscribe, comment below And cheerio! What is this

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  1. I feel like there should be a disclaimer in the beginning of these videos, warning about the amount of bad puns and granddad jokes. Love the Lego C64.

  2. "There are no mistakes just little lego accidents" and that's why there's so many little lego bricks running around lol

  3. Fascinating. I have a spare C64 board which currently doesn’t work. I should repair it and build a lego case to go with it, since the case the board came in is dirty and disgusting

  4. This keyboard blows me away honestly I was so excited watching this!!! All your hard work and patience has come to fruition to the joy of all of us!!! Also would love to see some more retro computing lego creations. 💜 Your vids as always and am still so moved that you make an effort to like and reply to comments. Keep inspiring us! (PS: I would really love to see some more of making music on retro rigs, you’re such a talented musician and the series of you turning the c64 into that rad red music machine was one of my favourite things to watch on all of youtube! And theres something about those beeps and squarewaves that really gets me. ❤️)

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    Maybe Legmiga or Legomiga( Maybe too many syllables)
    Lemigo? Having 'Le' and 'Go' at the ends?
    Amigo is ok, but to me, the 'Ga' ending sounds right, because you are giving an emphasize to the computer.
    I'd go with Lemiga or Legomiga.
    I have a lot of spare time obviously. 😀

  6. One of the coolest projects on Youtube at the moment. A true homage to the (old and) faithful C64. Thanks for sharing the project with us.

  7. Chris, I love yout videos and you puppies! Can you make subtitles for your video? My english is good, but non as good to catch all your words :-p

  8. The project needs an add-on. Use a real keyboard with lego keys but find a way to hide a raspberry pi in there with the c64 emulator. That way, even when you open it it looks lego but actually functions.

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    Perifractic's Retro Recipes When preparing the Porg treat it like it's an annoying chicken. It's real good deep fried, but not much meat.

  11. Perifractic, I wonder about one thing, maybe you or someone else who already dabbled in Lego project like that could answer: How "sturdy" would the BrixtyFour case (for installation of a real C64 motherboard) be given one would glue the bricks together? The separator between the function keys and the alphanumerical part of the keyboard looks really flimsy… same goes for the horizontal… err… "divider" on the back above the user/tape/cart port. I really love the idea and project… though in a real build (which I'm considering doing just for the pure awesomeness to have a real, working, C64 inside a Lego case) I would 3D print a few things to fit stuff a bit better (motherboard mounting, keyboard mount and little bit here and there) and mount stuff more securely.

    Keep on rockin', this is an awesome project to watch and a great inspiration.

  12. Voted on Lego Ideas. What's hard is that even if you get 10k support, it will be deemed not marketable enough. But I think it's worth trying.

    How about doing Mac Classic next?

  13. What a work! looks awesome! congratz. I want to build a mini ITX PC inside a C64, but I don't have the budget yet. Do it if you can.

  14. That keyboard came together so well it's unreal (and also extremely satisfying). Loved watching this come together, I wonder how other cool cases could be made out of Lego

  15. I've been teetering on the brink of getting back into both Lego and retro computing, and this has pushed me over the edge of both cliffs. My Christmas money is going into a Brixty-four. Now to decide on whether I pop in a Raspberry Pi or go whole ham with a genuine C64 motherboard. And I was an Atari 130XE kid.

  16. theoreticaly u could make a led tv to watch from a great distance to get the resolution correct…….from lego or duplo

  17. 15:38 I totally had that set when I was a kid and that space man was totally the coolest looking Lego man in the block!

  18. Sorry if this has been asked already, but what is the music you are using at 19:08? It sounds very like a song from the 80s/90s but I can't remember what it is and it's really bugging me!

  19. Note that the white thing that you were wondering about is actually a transform with two capacitors next to it. Just so you know and don't get confused by it in the future.

  20. I give you guys the link for lego to mass produce the LEGO C64 https://ideas.lego.com/projects/45489933-12a2-4de8-9d36-32916d7f697d

  21. I don't want a Lego Commodore 64 that will collect dust.
    I'm wondering, will there be a version available that will incorporate a Rasperry Pie emulating a C64, with a lego keyboard? Also, you won't be able to hook up floppy drives and casette players, right?

  22. I just can't get over how brilliant this is! Such an outstanding project that took tons of dedication and exacting work. And it includes a puppy! If I'd received a kit like this when I was a kid, I'd have shat a brick from the excitement. Of course, with all the bricks that go into this project, I have to imagine the price for the kit will be sky high.

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  25. I'm amazed that BrickLink had that many sellers who had that specific spring piece from that one set.

  26. I've shorted the same voltage regulator way too many times, thankfully it doesn't seem to do too much harm

  27. what are the figures for an official brixty four at this moment?
    19:06 I wonder if the first joystick I had is also possible, on the base there was a sliding switch which enables auto fire

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