2020 Democrats Search For Momentum In The Media To Take On Trump | Deadline | MSNBC

2020 Democrats Search For Momentum In The Media To Take On Trump | Deadline | MSNBC

having too much fun someday will roll on the brakes today's not that day there are 250 days until the first votes of the Democratic primary are cast and we've got less than a month until the first debate right here on MSNBC and while much of the attention bandwidth right now is naturally dedicated to the party's frontrunner Joe Biden the other candidates are hard at work each trying to manufacture their own moment and having a lot of success I might add while there are a thousand ways to do that New York Times points out it's a different game than it used to be right writing this quote getting airtime has been key to winning elections for decades but in 2019 as the Democrats each argue they're the ones who can cancel a TV star presidents 24-hour reality show there's also a meta aspect to each appearance you do media in part to prove that you can use media well enough to win Garrett in the Taylor back I mean I actually think that this is one of the equalizers Joe Biden doesn't actually have a lot of moments cuz he doesn't do a light doesn't do a lot of interviews the bitter judge is making news almost on a daily basis Connelly Harris is questioning Attorney General bar is still something that we refer back to as bar goes further and further down the Trump Hannity rabbit hole yeah I mean I think one piece of this that might be overlooked is it's one thing to get attention to have a media moment it's another thing to do it in a way that serves your message and you mentioned people to judge who I think it's been very deaf not just in sort of stepping out and taking on Donald Trump but doing in a way that underscores his message as a next generation of voter like he the Alfred E Newman thing we said well I had to google what Alfred he knew him thing now I'm not sure if that was his best moment but he also said I'm surprised he had time to do this when he could have been talking about messing up his trade deal with China I mean right there you pivot from taking him on calling attention to the fact that he took you on and and making a broader point about you know something that Donald Trump apparently is failing at in people judges mind so it's sort of a two-part process that I think the second part gets overlooked you have a big impact in that you do a deep dive when you decide who to cover when you profile and I won't put you on the spot over this field it's on your radar like who do you want to report out more deeply well I I think a lot of it depends on what well a lot of it's just logistics I was into Iowa two weeks ago people who did was in Minneapolis which is two two and a half hours north Lizabeth Warren was here Sanders was here clover char was here so I mean those are people I saw Biden with in New Hampshire a week later it was easy to catch him some of it is just logistics some of it's who's out at a given time but part of it is just who you are reading about who is breaking through and I'm obviously much more interested in people who you know Joe Biden obviously and Bernie Sanders is two of the quasi frontrunner I'm going to be more inclined to see but there has to be a reason and again I hate to make the media the test case for what is interesting and what media what voters you know need to worry about but a lot of it is just what else I'm not talking about the media as having any importance because I worked on campaigns as the media is helping you get your message out sometimes over against you I'm just talking about them is one of the vehicle I mean this the Democratic candidates are using us and I think some to more effect than others Elizabeth Warren and I asked her this question and and of course it was distorted on there on the right where's the disconnect because if you're a good candidate and you're having good events and all the coverage of you is snarky Elizabeth Warren the the Delta between what she's actually doing as a candidate she's put out more policy than the Trump administration in two years she's actually a very good candidate she's one of the smoothest messengers on the trail and and there's she just doesn't get a ton if it's not bad press but she doesn't get enough press to represent that standing but she's starting to move up in the polls and I think it's because she has those tons of policies she's actually giving voters what they want which is talking about issues how she's gonna make their lives better and it's amazing to watch because you see her connecting with the crowd she's a big she's like kind of a big force on stage she really connects and that's part of what Garrett was saying connecting with the crowd really being out there and it's that retail politics and just to add we were talking about media and where we were like 11 years ago we have to remember Twitter in April of 2008 had just started so I was on the campaign I didn't have yeah so I at the point that I'm making is that now you have these social media platforms plus the retail politics and then if you add policy to that there's ways to connect with voters there's ways to get yourself out there because we are in a different place in 2019 Garrett who's doing this the best who's sort of using us to their greatest advantage at this moment I'm just curious it's tough to say I mean I think mayor Pete has done a very good job of using interviews of using town halls to make his moments he's made himself very accessible and he does continue to bring things to the for every time he does this you know Elizabeth Warren I think is also somebody who has who has exceeded expectations and in the end of it that's really a lot of what this is about right is exceeding expectations whatever those expectations may be I think that's part of the reason better or work has struggled a little bit here because he was so good with those viral moments I mean the reason most of the country learned better or works name was his moment about the kneeling NFL players that viral moment was so good he used it to raise money and so did Ted Cruz I mean it was the kind of thing that both sides paid a ton of attention to for their own reasons he's been unable to get that lightening back in the bottle I think because people expect him to be able to do it the challenge is greater so yeah I mean I think there are a couple of candidates who have done a reasonably good job of this but I've not seen the one breakout moment and you know if you're looking for that maybe we should be looking for those people at the one and two percent mark because those of you the people that when it happens it'll catch our attention in the way that I think mayor Pete's did in part because he was so unknown leading up to that CNN Town Hall I I agree with that I mean I think Garrett Sandow something and this is what I was trying to articulate and didn't do so as clearly as he did it could be one of the equalizers so you know the top of the polls will heck they're 23 not everyone gonna be out you have a moment it's worth examining why that happened right and what those moments are important moments that go viral are more important but I would argue that Elizabeth Warren's kind of doing it the old-fashioned way I mean she is you know policy after policy after policy got a bigger operation in Iowa and other candidates a lot of boots on the ground she's you know she's doing the retail thing she's she's meeting Canada and she's moving up steadily in the falls you know I wouldn't surprise me that maybe a woman candidate would have to work harder yeah I just guess in here but also but also that's it seems true to her it seems true to who she is but I also think though that people might overstate a little bit the degree to which people are rewarding Elizabeth Warren for all the all the plans she has and all the issue papers she's no I mean the two big breakthrough moments for her I think in the last month have been impeachment which is a big issue was not an issue it's not a small is the first I mean she did it in a very in a very not opportunistic way she talked about what it was like to read the Miller way and the other one for her was what was it it was you could argue mama teach eclis one way or the other but it gained her a lot of goodwill with the best can I just add fees of people when she does she's right well she was really really great there yeah hey there I'm Chris Hayes from MSNBC thanks for watching MSNBC on youtube if you want to keep up to date with the videos we're putting out you can click subscribe just below me or click over on this list to see lots of other great videos

34 thoughts to “2020 Democrats Search For Momentum In The Media To Take On Trump | Deadline | MSNBC”

  1. Trump has gained more support over the years that he has been scrutinized. The democrat presidential candidate’s are running scared so they are just pandering to gain votes and making so-called promises that will never happen. They will just set up their so-called promises to fail and for that I don’t intend to vote for Democrats. Besides, Democrat politicians have made a mockery of politics and Congress.

    I prefer the truth over lies.

    TRUMP 2020🇺🇸🏆🇺🇸.

  2. Joe Biden is a pedophile and so mare the rest of the Democrats. When this is exposed, there won't be a Democrat left

  3. 🎺 trump 2020 by a massive majority landslide. 💘 pedo joe will never be an American president. He was a horrible vice president. The corrupt democratic criminal failed policy party is dead. Haha 😂 lmao

  4. Elisabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders are the best candidates. I loved it when Elisabeth Warren took a stand against Fox News and did not want to appear on their channel. Bernie´s approach worked for Bernie and there is nothing wrong with that, but I liked Elisabeth Warren´s principle rejection of Fox News a lot better.

  5. And y'all lose turd you turi just get laid and stop lying and that way y'all at least won't lose horribly in 2020

  6. I'm surprised people still think your a credible news source. I can't even listen to you anymore. And I never liked you.

  7. Can't these people see if they JUST TRIED to be a LITTLE BALANCED some people would watch their stupid show.

  8. They have O MOMENTUM,all the Demonrats have is COMMUNISM AND SOCIALISM TAKE OVER OF THE AMERICAN CITIZENS and besides we know why there running because they think there SAFE from being INDICTED and Arrested which there going to be for treason and sedition against a Sitting president of the United States.u and the Democrats coup attempt against a Sitting president of the United States and your going to be held accountable fake Lying news media.TRUMP TO INVOKE THE INSURRECTION ACT VERY SHORTLY.GAME OVER

  9. Oh, that Momentum is with Bernie Sanders, But Mainstream Media seems to be BLIND to all the good that man is doing.

  10. Biden supported Obama in not prosecuting Wall Street, Cheney, Rumsfeld, etc. A Biden DOJ won't hold Trump, Mnuchin, Barr, and McGahn accountable.

  11. Remember, Dems candidates are either running for WH cabinet, VP, or POTUS position. We are all winners. Don't be fool into thinking only one person matters.

  12. Republicans hold the White House, the Senate and the military are backing us. Dems leaders have cyanide tablets

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