Hello guys, welcome to aranggames channel. In this video i want to share about how to build a low budget pc for gaming, editing, rendering etc And this pc also fast So this pc build video can be a reference if you want to build a pc with low budget around 200$ Let’s start from the specification For Processor i use AMD A8-7650k This processor has been embedded with R7 graphic So we don’t need external graphic card to run this pc I choose gigabyte for motherboard Because this motherboard is ultra durable Especially if you live in the area with unstable electricity issue, your component can be safer For Ram i’m using 4 gb total it’s dual channel 2×2 from Gskill With Frequency 1600 Mhz and PC12800 I’m using 500w PSU because i’m planning to upgrade this processor with crossfire technology So if we buy a external graphic card and then we crossfire with integrated graphic we can get double increase performance And for the storage i’m using SSD to get the faster performance when booting the system, instaling software and other processing We also have option to use HDD to expand our storage later But for now i prioritize using SSD Ok, now we will build this PC and then we will test out the performance So, that is the result of A8-7650k pc build and performance test In my opinion, this pc is playable for mid-gaming And if you like competitive gaming like Paladins, CS-GO, Dota and others it’s also playable And for emulator games like PUBG Mobile, using tencent gaming buddy we only get low fps i think because i set the setting to HD and turn on all effect like shadow and other so maybe it give more load to processor Because when we using emulator, we run the software and the game at the same time, and it can stress the pc So, ok guys If you like this video, give your thumbs up, subscribe and don’t forget to turn on the notification button So you won’t miss any new video Aranggames, c-chaooo~

70 thoughts to “2019 KOMPUTER GAMING 3 JUTA – AMD A8-7650K”

  1. Hello! This PC case adds a GTX 650 zotac VGA that can play Mobile room with smooth graphics and how much FPS is possible. I really like the channel expecting you to get more videos and develop more

  2. Kalo amd crossfire itu gpu nya harus radeon ya mas? Dan monitor yang gaada amd freesync bisa buat ngaktifin crossfire nya?

  3. Om mau nanya amd 7650k sama i3 550 bagus mana om , ane bingung awam hhe udah ane subscribe semoga seminggu lagi bisa beli🙏😁

  4. Saran buat upgrade
    Prosesor AMD A8
    VGA RX550 RADEON =1,2JT
    Ramny 8gb= 800RB

  5. Tanya bang,
    Spek pc saya :
    AMD A8 7650K
    Ram 8gb (4×2)
    Vga Zotac nvidia 1050Ti 4gb
    Gigabyte F2A68HM-DS2
    Psu cooler master MWE 450
    Pas kelamaan maen game suka crash dan gak bisa di apa apain.. harus restart paksa dari cpu nya..
    Kira kira itu kenapa ya bang?

  6. Hey arang Games, It's me Rusted_Nature, your old Roblox friend. Please please read this comment. I really want to talk to you back. You are a very good friend to me. Well I love your build and I am quite glad that you know all about the terminologies about PC building. I myself built a $350 build which I can share with u later. But brother, how do I contact you? Do you Use discord?? Please read and reply to this comment soon.

  7. Kak mau tanya,
    Di rumah PC tuh dah d pasangin VGA Sapphire RX 460 2GB OC,
    Kira" bisa d crossfire ga kak sama A8 7650K nya,
    Dan klo bisa minta referensi buat cara crossfirenya kak

  8. Ka itu socket f audio nya klo beda sma casing socket nya nyolok nya di mna y,,,paling pojok sebelah kiri itu ga keluar suara nya,,,klo pas tulisan f audio nya itu beda socket nya di matherboard sama casing nya,,?

  9. kalo mau nambah vga buat CF GPU nya install biasa apa ada settingan lain nya di bios buar OC nya bang?

  10. Bang saya punya spek yang sama cuman belum pake dual vga , kira" sarannya pake vga apa buat maen overwatch 60fps++

  11. Permisi kak saya pake amd a8 kok suhunya panas banget ya di specy sampa 90 an itu normal atau pasta procie nya udah kering ya

  12. Mau tanya kalo di banding sama Intel g5400 mending mana ya gan . Rencana mau buat warnet .
    Amd a8 seken 1.750
    G5400 baru 2.6jt
    Mohon saran nya gan

  13. bang punya saya pke a8 7650k yg di oc ke 3,8ghz dg ram ddr3 8gb 2×4 team dark 2400
    apakah performanya bisa menyaingi athlon 200ge?

  14. Bang prosesor q core 2duo 2,9ghz,ram 2gb ddr3,vga card ZOTAC GeForce 1gb,psu 450w,klo di upgrade prosesor AMD apa bs y?mohon saran ny

  15. @arang games bang ane pake amd a8 7500k , ram 2×4 giga ddr3 , mobo biostar fm2+ , kira kira kalo dual graphic pake vga apa bang??

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