1996-2000 Chevrolet GMC Performance Computer Programmer Jet Chips Tutorial Install How-To

1996-2000 Chevrolet GMC Performance Computer Programmer Jet Chips Tutorial Install How-To

And it’s real cool to work on all the new
cars, 2008s, 2009s and even newer stuff than that. There’s a lot of people out there with
these older trucks. This is a ’98 GMC. Guys lifted it, put a 6-inch kit on it, some 35-inch
tires. Wants to get a little more power, wants to correct the speedometer and all that. We
got one product that’s gonna do all that. That’s the jet performance programmer. Little
harness like this. How cool is this? We’re just gonna plug this in, answer some questions,
and we’re gonna be ready to go. So this goes right underneath the dash here.
Right into the OBD2 port there. Got it plugged in. Now, the programmer’s already recognized the
vehicle, it’s found the VIN number. It’s telling us to turn the ignition key on. And actually
it’s gonna walk us through the steps. [music] It’s connecting. Once it connects to it, there goes our VIN
number, all the other relevant information. It’s telling us what type of vehicle it is.
Do you want to program it or scan tool. We’re going to go into programming, but the scan
tool’s pretty cool too. If you get any check engine lights or anything like that, it’ll
tell you what they’re on for and you can clear those codes as well. At this point we can
go to an easy program which quickly takes you through, puts the performance program
in there, gets you a little bit of shift firmness, and gets you right back on the road. But we
want to go into custom programming ’cause we need to make some changes. So we go right
into custom programming. One of those is modify engine tuning. Heck yeah, let’s get a little
more performance. Do we want to use regular fuel, do we wanna use mid-grade fuel or do
we wanna use premium? We’re gonna run some premium this time out. iMac [SP] trans. Sure
does. Do we want to modify the shift points? Not yet. Let’s get the speedometer correct,
and then we’ll see if we need to come back and do that. That’s another good part about
the programmer. We can come back at any time and make changes. Wanna modify shift firmness?
Heck yes we do. Let’s make it a little harder. We’re not gonna modify the rev limiter at
this point either, ’cause we’re not really sure where everything’s at. Don’t want anything
going crazy. Modify speed limiter. Ha! You kidding me?
Let’s get this thing up. Not only can we raise the speed limit of this truck, if we wanted
to we can lower it, but I’m gonna put the speed limiter so high we never have to worry
about hitting it. Modify tire size. Here we go. This is where we’re running into some
problems. I do not have the stock tire size on this truck right now, so we are looking.
We already figured out the dimensions, and we’re at thirty-four and a half. So we’re
gonna run up there . . . get that going. Modify the gear ratio. Yeah, instead of the stock
373s on this truck, it had four tens. So we gotta come up, bring that up. Now we got the
four ten gears here. Plug that in. Wanna go back and modify your choices, yes or no? You
can scan through them and see if you wanna make any other changes. Best part about this is once it’s programmed,
if you ever need to go back it’ll give you an option to go back to stock. So wanna modify
choices? We’re gonna hit no. It’s installing the program. It’s connecting. Saving the stock
program. In a couple more seconds it’s gonna tells us we’re ready to unplug. Then we’re
ready to go. We’re gonna fire this up. That’s how easy it is to use this product. Thanks
for watching. Go to jetchip.com.

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  1. hi mate i have a suburban 96 6.5turbo diesel and recently i change a standard automatic transmission to full manual tansmission but now nothing is working i need buy a new ECM you can tell me where i can find it? or who is the reference for the correct ECM? because i buy other ECM ref:16212488 and not working to!! any body know who is the right ECM for the manual transmission between 95 and 2000? i apreciate if some one explain to me thanks nice vedeo mate

  2. you think if that "computer programmer" is possible reprogrammed my ECM for use a manual transmission because now the dam speedometer don"t working and cruise control to! what must i do for fix this problem? great vedeo mate thanks

  3. how much HP/ torque will this add to my truck it's a 2002 chevy S10 ZR2 4.3L V6 vortec cold air intake,shorty headers,full custom straight piped exhaust,accel super coil pack MSD 8mm wires. will this tune my ecm to get the full benefits of all my performance parts ?

  4. Idk what’s up but I just got mine and it won’t connect, I plug it in, it lights up, and it can’t connect (I work at a parts store and do check engine lights everyday) so I have no idea what going wrong because regular obd11 scanner works.

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