12-core Mac Pro Killer | Hackintosh Build 2019

12-core Mac Pro Killer | Hackintosh Build 2019

Do you want perfect universal and powerful
Hackintosh which can handle 4-8k video editing, heavy music production, 3D rendering, which
can handle simply ANYTHING you want? Something like the 12-core Mac Pro, but significantly
cheaper? Then this video is the right for you Hi, I’m Teresa from morgonaut.cloud and I help people to save money on their Hackintosh builds, I help them simply to build a perfect Hackintosh. If you are new here, then please
click that subscribe button and hit the bell next to it, so you won’t miss any of my
future videos. This Hackintosh build I will show you today
is not just 12-core Mac Pro killer. It’s even faster then the latest 8-core iMacPro
which you will se later in this video! I used this Hackintosh build as my main production
machine for last year. And believe me, I really hate to be limited by anything in any way.
So I built this Hackintosh to be the first computer that’s waiting for me and not me
waiting for my computer. Uff. What a pleasure It’s simply build, which must satisfy
anybody. I will show you and explain what components I chose and why, I will show you
how it looks, I will show you benchmarks scores and at the end I will give you some useful
tips. As you know already the most important part
of Hackintosh is the motherboard. I chose the Gigabyte Aorus Z370 Gaming 5 otherboard, which I tested a lot and verified and found it to be one of the best Hackintosh motherboards
available. It can handle up to 64GB of RAM and it’s CPU support goes up to Intel Core
i9-9900k, so plenty room for upgrades. It has support for Thunderbolt 3, but you would
need to buy additional Alpine Ridge or Titan Ridge PCIe expansion card.
For CPU I chose Intel Core i7-8700k, it’s 6 cores and 12 threads is far enough for 99%
of people. I don’t overclock, but on internet you can see lot of success with overclocking
even beyond 5 GHz. By my opinion it has great price to performance ratio value. 8. and 9.
gen CPUs are known to run quite hot, so I paired this i7-8700k with the Kraken X62 280mm
water cooling. My temperatures never exceeded 65 degrees of Celsius. For memory I chose
64GB G.SKILL DDR4 3200MHz CL14 Trident Z, because it’s simply insanely fast 🙂 This
memory is not on this motherboard’s QVL, so in 4 stick configuration it is not officially
supported, so I had to slightly tweak it’s timings. If you plan just two 16GB sticks,
so in total 32 Gigs, then this memory will run great at advertised speed and timings
without any tweaking. Disk configuration depends on your own needs and workflow, so what I
found as a best for my mainly video editing may not be the best for you. I have Samsung
860 EVO as a boot SSD for system and applications, Samsung 970 EVO NVMe M.2 for my source media
(mostly video files) and second SSD Samsung 860 EVO for my Cache files. In this setup
I can work even with 8k files without any problems. Again, it all depends on correct
workflow, correct codecs, correct application etc. So if you would want some advice or help
with video editing or audio workstation setup, just reach me at my Patreon, link is now in
this video description. Finally as GPU I chose Vega Frontier Edition with 16GB of VRAM, it’s
an ultimate card which in some task beats even Nvidia Titan XP in professional applications.
Simply this Vega for video editing with massive color corrections is absolute monster. I’m
preparing some videos with comparison of performance in video editing on several systems, including
my newest i9 Hackintosh build, so today I just show you what still most of you want
🙂 synthetic benchmarks. I wanna mention that despite all PC users are a little bit obscessed
with benchmarks, in fact those benchmarks has simply nothing to do with real life performance
and that’s exactly where macOS shines. Look at iPhones for example, when some PC guy see
specifications of some iPhone like with just 1 or 2 cores, 2 or 3 gigs of RAM, he will say, Oh what a crap. But in real life the old iPhone is still snappier then their newer Android
phone. And that’s exactly the same on macOS. Especially macOS Mojave is the most powerful
system I could be working with. So let’s stop talking and go straight to those benchmarks. So let’s do a summary. Fastest Mac Pro in single core performance is the 8-core model
with Geekbench score 3851 points. This Intel Core i7-8700k 6-core Hackintosh build in 2019
beats the Mac Pro with quite 2 times better score – 6403. In multicore performance 12-core
Mac Pro’s score is 27214, this Hackintosh base score is 29700, so 2500 points faster. Should I compare it now to the latest 8-core iMacPro? Let’s have a look. 8-core iMacPro single score Geekbench performance is 5057 against this Hackintosh score 6509.
In multicore performance 8-Core iMacPro scores 31090, this Hackintosh 29700, so little bit
lower. But you can easily in just few clicks in bios slightly overclock it – let’s have
a look, it’s just really few clicks to overclock it to 4.8 GHz and bang, now you get score
31689 which is HIGHER then 8-core iMacPro. And I overclocked the CPU only little bit,
you can go even further. So as you could see this Intel Core i7-8700k
6 core macOS Mojave Hackintosh build in 2019 can beat the 12-core Mac Pro and even the
latest 8-core iMacPro. For lot less money. Apple still offers 12-core MacPro for $6399
with same amount of RAM and 8-core iMacPro with 64GB of RAM and just Vega 56 for $5799.
So this Hackintosh is $4000 cheaper then top specs MacPro and $3400 cheaper then the iMacPro,
but has higher performance. Yes iMacPro has 5k display included, so I think for those
saved $3400 you can buy several 5k displays 🙂 Ufff, this is a huge savings on money.
But the biggest advantage is? If some of your components die after warranty, you will just
go to first PC parts shop and buy another for cheap. When something die in your Mac,
repair would cost the same as the new Mac, so you can only cry.
Because I step up few weeks ago one level and built a new monster Hackintosh with Intel Core i9-9900k processor and Z390 mainboard, I transformed this i7 build into some kind
of backup machine, lowered the RAM and instead of Vega Frontier Edition I paired it with
Sapphire Nitro+ RX 580 8GB. So this is how it looks now. And again as my thanks to my
supporters, you can find now in this video description complete already prepared and
tweaked EFI Clover folder for these two configurations as a free gift from mine. So you don’t need
to know anything about how to build a Hackintosh, just buy those components listed in this video
description, follow my tutorial again in video description, download my whole EFI folder,
copy it to your EFI partition and your Hackintosh will be up and running at 100% in just an
hour. If you want to unlock full potential of this
build and don’t want any bottleneck, I would advice to pair it with AMD Vega GPU, especially
those who want to do video editing on it, but most of you will be happy even with the
RX 580. If your intent is to build a Hackintosh for music production then you can stick even
with only the integrated GPU without any dedicated. When people asks me what components would
be great for audio or video production I always answer – it depends. It really mostly
depends on your own workflow. To editors who works in Final Cut Pro X I would advice different
disk setup than for those who works in DaVinci Resolve. The same applies to audio editing.
Different setup would be for those who records live 30 tracks with low latency and different
setup for those, who are just editing and use mostly massive virtual instruments with
tons of gigabytes large sound banks. Different setup would be for insane video colorist and
different for some youtube hobbyist. So there is NO single answer. If you want to build
a balanced editing system, I would advice reach me at my Patreon and we can discuss
it and I can advice you components suited exactly for your needs, so you can even save
some money on it. Link to my Patreon is in this video description. And it does not matter
if you are Windows, macOS or Linux user. So I hope you’ve found in my todays video
some new inspiration, if so please click on the Like button below, click also the Share
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only one, single video, I’ve done lot of useful videos and tutorials already, so watch
them too before asking. And please read the video description, I always put lot of useful
informations there. You can also join my Hackintosh and Macintosh groups on Facebook, Reddit or
my website, links are again now in this video description. So that’s all for today, thank
you for watching and see you next time my Hackintosh friends.

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  11. Hi Teresa, I am checking the best of the best at Apple Australia online and the iMac Pro with this configuration: 2.3GHz 18-Core Intel Xeon W processor with Turbo Boost up to 4.3GHz

    256GB of 2666MHz DDR4 ECC memory

    Radeon Pro Vega 64X with 16GB of HBM2 memory

    4TB of SSD storage

    Magic Mouse 2 — Space Grey

    Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad — US English — Space Grey
    TOTAL: AUD $24,500
    Is there a Hackintosh build that can provide the same hardware for much cheaper? As I understood from your very good video, 12 core is the max?
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    Mac OS is an limited Operating System. If you want to be totaly free, Go to Linux.

  18. Teresa I’m thinking about building my first Hackintosh, but don’t have a lot of knowledge about programming, so I plan on joining your patreon once I get all my components.
    I was just wondering if I bought this set up would it work
    CPU i7
    Motherboard: Gigabyte z390 Designare
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  20. Which hardware components (other than Mobo & CPU) specifically are the crucial to make for a great hackintosh build…and can the build be cable-managed and be made to look nice and neat like some PC build ?

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