10 Most Advanced HologramS that are INSANE!

10 Most Advanced HologramS that are INSANE!

[Music] [Music] welcome to TV I an exciting place for science enthusiasts so today we are counting down the top 10 holographic technologies that are incredibly amazing and real so sit back relax and enjoy my friends number 10 a company Burton developed this laser plasma holographic device a true 3d display which can produce bright dots in the air so the audience can see 3d images in real 3d space it uses the plasma emission phenomenon near the focal point of the focus laser light by controlling x y and z axes it looks science fictional and fascinating this holographic technology will be used for advertisements the entertainment industry emergency and rescue signals during disasters number 9 from toys hi ruff fans hype holographic devices are those devices that spend similar to Roo fans but in a horizontal manner the fans propellers are merged with sophisticated RGB lights on spinning it reduces the holographic illusions surprisingly it provides almost HD quality of holographic illusions in a power efficient way just by utilizing only 10 watts of energy this made-in-china device may cost between a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars and it is a great way for affordable retail advertisement number eight device portable holographic devices are the most compact designs and easy to carry scientists from RMIT University and Beijing Institute of Technology have invented a portable holographic device known as hollow Becht surprisingly it’s the world’s thinnest hologram or simply put it is a thousand times thinner than human hair this midair hologram is visible without wearing any special glasses that’s so cool another fantastic portable holograph is very light that is an interactive light not only can you touch it but you can also feel it more Japanese universities collaboratively developed this tangible aerial volumetric graphics and this technology uses femtosecond lasers that are capable of ionizing air molecules and thus create crackling photon emitting pockets of plasma these lights or voxels can be arranged in midair to create moving floating interactive images another portable holographic device is digital holographic tabletop that is developed by a company Giga Korea in collaboration with other businesses and investors fortunately it can produce the world’s first 360-degree hologram and it can be viewed from any angle thanks to a series of high-powered multicolor lasers this complex rubik’s cube projection in midair is possible number seven physical hologram physical holograms are more sophisticated in way more interactive to MIT students Daniel I figure and Shawn Palmer invented this complicated and tangible informed dynamic shape display it is more advanced than a hologram because it expresses 3d physical telepresence due to the ability to render the shapes of people and so you are wondering how it works in simple words this table was built with motors linkages and pins that can render a person physically in real time via a digital source it is almost science fiction type quality that’s 900 pins each 1/2 inch wide with 900 separate motors getting 900 motors in such a dense area was a real challenge [Music] crazy fly’s 2.0 is another physical hologram which uses hundreds of autonomous drones with LED lights these drones fly in a coordinated manner and are able to express 3d glowing holographic structures in the air these are alternatives to the fireworks and the best way to combat air pollution designed by Rafi LOD Andrea number 6 [Music] material fused holograms material fused holograms are those holograms that require a media for its projections the first example of material fused holograms is the smoked projector smoke projection is an excellent projector technique for holographic effects and low budgets you just need a cool projector and a smoke tube that exhales a continuous vertical smoke film it is a really cool and affordable idea to attract customers with this high-tech advertisement another example of material fused hologram is underwater hologram developed by company first an Inc but you are wondering how it works these laser lights produce molecular excitation water to show green holographic patterns surprisingly this system produces 50,000 dots per second at 30 frames per second which is incredible Gatorade water holograph is an incredibly creative technique used by an advertisement company Gatorade interestingly this holographic technology comprises of over 20,000 parts and took five thousand hours to construct there are 208 individual nozzles which turned on and off within 2 milliseconds the figure jogs over to a box and starts doing box jumps with water splashing as its feet hit the boss which is a challenging job to accomplish number 5 holograms for shopping malls it is a 70 holographic technology that means it is high quality holographic captured from 7 dimensions with extremely visual effects as you can see a virtual whale splashing through a school gym floor that seems to be real but this technology is still under development in this concept video released by magic leap to show capabilities of 7d technology some videos about 70 technology on YouTube became very viral like 70 holographic show at Dubai and 70 holographic zoo at Japanese mall where holographic animals like giraffes monkeys and pandas seem to interact with visitors at Japanese malls but unfortunately these videos are apparently a hoax this video was part of an advertising campaign for National Geographic that became freakin viral and it was created by using Maya and animation software by the way it is clear that the internet is full of hoax videos but we can’t deny the existence of holographic technology another holographic technology is a form of Chinese company kin Omo they introduced hyper vision wall that is capable of producing holographic illusions near to HD resolution this unique wall consists of so many spinning fans the sophisticated LED propeller produces Holograms based upon advanced software algorithms this wall is 3 meters in size and power efficient because it consumes just 65 watts of energy it cost $3,200 so it’s definitely designed for retail sports venues and commercial displays Nala Graham is a glasses free and most realistic holograph and this new technique developed by a french artist named Joni lemasurier uses two-dimensional projections paired with the motion sensor to make the image appear to be fully 3d number form table Holograms table Holograms are those Holograms that require a table the first example of table holograms is Euclidean hologram table the world’s first multi-user hologram table up to four people can walk around a holographic image and interact with it Euclidean hologram has the great processor and powerful GPU that makes the 3d objects out of light and it can artistically project them the computer makes these by coordinating little theoretical atoms of light it can be used to sell real estate off the plan like used to be done with the world’s smallest building models or it can be used to view the entire city or even the whole country it has the world’s most powerful 3d graphics and the most powerful algorithm this incredible combination helps the table to process 64 atoms per cubic millimeter of data that is equal to 1 million atoms per cubic inch to put it simply it means that it can handle 1,000 gigabytes of graphical data another example of table hologram is hollow lamp the world’s first glasses-free portable holographic device that creates optical 3d illusions directly on your table hololamp applications are made with unity which is the leading global game industry software based on a touch detection technology hollow lamp allows you to control the virtual 3d objects using your hands another table holographic device is 3d volumetric technology which brings digital content to life and helps to empower people to visualize communicate learn and collaboratively have fun with no barrier to the 3d experience no special glasses are required it is a way more interactive with 3d awesomeness allowing for multi-user and real-time interactivity a socially engaging way to use technology for entertainment number-three event Holograms event Holograms are holographic projection technologies that is best used for Christmas celebrations or it may be used in Halloween to have some fun developed by company Atmos effects number two stage performance Holograms mdh hologram is pioneering in the holographic technology industry and is the world’s leader in holographic technology mdh hologram is the most advanced holographic technology that are mostly used for stage performances and that’s preferred by singers actors magicians politicians and corporations the best example of using this technology is the recent victory of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi he used this mdh holographic technology to simultaneously broadcast himself in various states of india but this technology is not cheap it’s pretty expensive number one conspiracy hologram the best example of conspiracy hologram is the Project Blue Beam this conspiracy theory was first proposed by two Canadian journalists Cuba SOI and Serge Moniz in 1994 after two years mysteriously both died due to heart attack if you remember the event where the dark floating skyscrapers appeared within clouds above China and you are all well aware of this conspiracy theory NASA launched four holographic satellites those satellites can produce holographic images by simultaneously focusing on a single region of the earth how will it work the answer is that the holographic laser beam can ionize air molecules of a particular region so that local people will be able to see the hologram this conspiracy claims that NASA is attempting to implement a new age religion with the Antichrist as its head and start a new world order via a technologically stimulated second coming this secret mission wants to control the entire population with fears of alien attacks by misusing religious prophetic and archaeological knowledge of all dominant faith if this technology is real then it should be number one on our countdown list thanks for watching which technology did you find the most interesting tell me the reason in the comments section if you are new here then feel free to subscribe share this video with your friends and don’t miss our latest video by clicking on that Bell icon I will catch you in my next video bass Williams are coming [Music]

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  2. Holographic imaging is a very specific technology involving wave property of light (phase information in light waves, to be more specific). So, to call all of these holographic technology would not be correct. Call them something else, 3D imaging or something. Many are not even 3D imaging, by the way.

  3. Why would you discuss an absurd illuminatus conspiracy theory as though it might be credible. It’s not, and you do a disservice to your viewers by publishing that garbage.

  4. 12:37
    Well I can tell you, the world is Beyond the Tipping Point.
    This world is so deep deep deep in sin, I can only tell you this.
    Pray for the Free Salvation of CHRIST cus there's a Time Coming (in a normal day) where Everything will Change in an Hour…

    Jesus is Coming Soon 🙂 (Take heed)

  5. You aren't saying real words this is just random words string together "capable of displaying holographic images up to hd quality"

  6. Screw all the neg heads who have mostly commented on here, I think you did a good job gathering information of things I've never seen before. 👍

  7. I really came here because of the holograms they use in studio c. I know it’s just something they do in post production bu to wanted to see if it was actually possible

  8. Bro learn about holograms and how they actually work before you make a video. Also what they actually are. You can't just say "the most advanced computer graphics rendering" and "advanced algorithms" over and over again and think that explains how they work or what differentiates between your holographic methods. Most of which are fake

  9. that are incredible and REAL… If you had no spoken with such authority I'd never believe you. OMG OMG OMG It's real…

    And amazing… Should have called it "10 AMAZING LIFE HACKS!!" and made us all swoon with youtube techno billiance, you know the music…

  10. I've been wondering what tech has been u to for the last 15 years … now we know ! …so the new world order are going to try and fool the people of the world into some sort of global climate catastrophe …should Come around 2027 ish according to the Jewish prophecies … can't wait should look amazing …I expect we will get a few previews before the main events …my only question would be …will it have sound too … 🙂

  11. Thumbs down for #1. This video was supposed to be about the science of holograms, not some tin-foil hat conspiracy theory bs.

  12. In addition to many of these being fake, poorly explained or just not holograms can we talk about that high pitch annoying ass voice like WTF

  13. Modi ഉണ്ട് അമേരിക്ക പോലും കണ്ട് പിടിച്ചിട്ടില്ല no:2

  14. Number 7: yes this is very amazing but I’m pretty sure it’s very unnecessary as you can just get bionic arms and probably do much more as you can create robtic arm or in the shape of whatever you want and control it with your brain half way across the world. With the correct technology and the right people, we can create an artificial human and operate it around the world vs using some cubes

  15. I think you have no idea about Augmented Reality. You have said 7D technology (at 7:09 min) , but it's Augmented Reality, which is going to very i popular at present day.

  16. the motor one, if u replace the white blocks with glass, include a projector, link that up to alexa, BOOM you have jarvis

  17. They have the tech. to create a real HOLOGRAM — just like they showed in the fiction movie ) with Arnold S–''Total Recall'''—that is the best one!! more what we have today but is not shown to us??…

  18. This guy has no understanding of the press releases he's reading out. It's possible that he just has no understanding, period; but there's not enough data to confirm that.

  19. The only one real is number 8 tge rest of them are a waste of time. If you have to use something on your body, glass, smoke or something like that its not a hologram…

  20. The over-writing is strong here. Is there a word for this ‘accent’ that all these types of video announcers share?

  21. This guy has no idea how technology, or for that matter geometry, works. 7-dimensional motion capture makes no sense. Also, this guy considers literally everything “surprising”.

  22. captured from 7 dimensions! with extremely visual effects.

    listen dude, you need to take more care in what you put in the videos and what you don't.

  23. A lot of info in this video lacks a lot of important details. Seems like a portion of this is based on marketing videos where the stuff doesn't exist OR its augmented reality which isn't really the definition of hologram.

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