011. Bitcoin Calculator 1 Rupee = ? Santoshi / Bits / Bitcoin in Telugu by COMPUTER Generation

011. Bitcoin Calculator 1 Rupee = ? Santoshi / Bits / Bitcoin in Telugu by COMPUTER Generation

Many of our friends asking a repeated question! 1Santoshi=?Rupees I already told that in my video what is bitcoin Still many people not understand the caliculation That’s why I introducing an app called “Bitcoin Calculator” Enter the amount of santoshi you earned and click convert to rupees Many of you people will disappoint now by knowing the value of 5500 santoshi But remember one thing 3 Months back 1 Bitcoin=20,000 2 Months back 1 Bitcoin=30,000 1 Month back 1 Bitcoin=40,000 Now It is 50000 Like this it is increasing rapid fast day by day so don’t dissapoint keep your current santoshi in your Zebpay account atleast 6-12Months your money may incease 2-3 times so don’t stop earning by bitmaker Wait for more videos more earning apps are coming from my experiments zone My name is Mangesh Kumar Welcome to Computer Generation YouTube Channel Take your mobile Open Play Store Search Bitcoin Calculator Select the first app Bitcoin Calculator B letter with Yellow background Click Install Problem free light weight Application Open application after installed App will be like this Select Bitcoin Types Select our currency type by clicking on search crrency So 250 Santoshi which will give per ad in bit maker is 0.12 Ps Don’t worry it will increase day by day in the same way 5,500 Santoshi=Rs 2.62 Like this you can calculate the bitcoin value There is no other company than bitmaker which is giving 0.12ps per ad Bitminer is giving genuine payments currently Bitcoin is increasing day by day so don’t take 0.12ps is a small amount it may increase Tips for Bitminder: You can earn 2,500 Santoshi referral income You can earn by completing small small tasks also Earn by installing apps you can ‘boost’ your Earning also Wait for the next videos

29 thoughts to “011. Bitcoin Calculator 1 Rupee = ? Santoshi / Bits / Bitcoin in Telugu by COMPUTER Generation”

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  3. brother my zebpay account is blocked due to manny wrong pin attempts my mistake , then I will press forgeten pin but it nots open what can i do

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