๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ณ Big money, high stakes โ€“ playing the media game as India votes | The Listening Post (Full)

๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ณ Big money, high stakes โ€“ playing the media game as India votes | The Listening Post (Full)

they should give be snobby okay yon busy to wait for division owners are heading to the polls in India today with nearly 900 million voters okay but your white letters on the board Arnold is the most democratic exercise on earth today none of them are as well funded as Prime Minister Modi's party China party hello I'm Richard gisbert and you're at the listening post here are some of the stories were covering this week in India's elections one party is definitely winning the media game the Trump White House is it using new rules for press passes to lock out journalists it doesn't like Myanmar where the refugee story and the coverage of it continue to make news and looking to be inspired then look elsewhere it's been a little more than a month now since the first votes were cast in the largest democratic exercise on the planet India's general election Prime Minister Narendra Modi wants a second term and his party the BJP seems destined for victory how much of that is due to Modi's genuine popularity and how much is down to the BJP sprawling publicity machine is another question it comes down to the money over the past financial year the BJP z' publicity budget has been 20 times that of the main opposition party the Congress that's a lot of extra rallies billboards and social media ads all spent to brand Modi as the leader Indians need the antithesis to what the BJP calls the country's weak anti national and anti Hindu opposition throw in a few dozen celebrity endorsements Bollywood style a mainstream news media most of whose support the BJP gets for free and that adds up to an election that looks like Narendra Modi's to lose our starting point this week as the campaign trail in India in India the election story starts with the numbers and they are stacked more than 900 million voters seven stages of voting lasting five weeks more than 2000 national regional and state parties more than 8,000 names on the ballot and more than 400 television news channels regional and nationwide covering the election and based on the media output one would be forgiven for concluding that this election is about just one candidate Prime Minister Narendra Modi the BJP certainly has an extremely effective campaigning weapon and an icon in the figure of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and nobody knows that better than mr. Modi himself now India has a parliamentary election but since mr. Modi has arrived on the scene our national election has repeatedly been described as presidential style if you see what has happened to how MP candidates are named that is getting pushed back later and later you're two weeks away from the date that you are going to go and cast a vote and you don't know who is standing for elections in your neighbourhood and the only way that works is that you don't care who is standing for elections in your neighbourhood because you're voting for Modi Narendra Modi is not the first person to have made Indian elections presidential political parties have benefited from having a strong leader which stands apart in case of Narendra Modi is that whenever things have gone wrong under other leaders they were blamed for it in years of Narendra Modi whenever things go wrong under him somebody else is blamed for it whereas when things go right he is the one who takes all the credit the kind of visibility and name recognition Narendra Modi benefits from does not all come for free for the financial year 2017 18 the BJP spent the equivalent of more than 80 million u.s. dollars in election publicity more than all the other parties combined and that was before the campaign had formally begun for one period earlier this year the party spent 100,000 US on Google advertising alone ten times more than its Congress party challenges and Modi's BJP is also India's biggest Facebook advertisement those are among the places the BJP –zz money is going to then comes the issue of where that money is coming from the BJP has found a way to cloak these funds that it receives in absolute secrecy it has introduced a new system of electoral bonds which allows for completely anonymous donations we don't even have a way of tracking who exactly is giving this money to the BJP and why what are they getting in return now in the last year for which this data is available the BJP is income was three times the size as the combined income of the next six largest political parties in the country that's a huge order of difference and it translates into a massively different spending budget so the BJP currently spends about 20 times as much on election campaigns as any of the other parties they've really managed to have a very comprehensive presence from the national all the way to the local level people are told when they are supposed to put out what content how specifically to write the words whose content they have to retweet when they have to read this is a really massive centralized campaign which reaches everyone all the way down to the ground that's how effective we do be social media machinery is social that their communication skills are on the other hand they are up against Congress which is not even close when it comes to its communication skills they feel in creating a chatter on their schemes their campaign start on Twitter and end on Twitter the BJP they are also helped by the Hindi media that is smitten by Narendra Modi and that has worked a lot in keeping his image intact the reasons for the mainstream media's preoccupation with Modi range from the commercial to the ideological the Prime Minister's brand of nationalism and penchant for bellicosity our marketable commodities that play well on the hundreds of news channels that battle for viewers 24/7 in 2014 Modi came into office having campaigned on economic issues promises of development and agrarian reform during this campaign the primary focus has been on national security issues like Kashmir and Pakistan and the BJP s interpretation of India's identity as a Hindu first madnes hematin a donor news outlets are also acutely aware that the bjp-led government is the country's biggest media advertiser and the party wields that money tactically if you turn on any news channel during a primetime hour wake up you will destroy your own country in a way that you are going you're likely to be terrorized by sometimes hysterical declarations of loyalty to the nation and to the state and to the Armed Forces and somewhat implicitly to the ruling party Hazara feet keep and – for feedeth coupon capisce Zenith anchor Cunningham could easily say that one of the successes of the Modi government has been to co-op major media houses especially television networks by make careful management of government ad funds of which media houses are patronized with interviews from ministers or from the prime minister the media business has always been precarious but what has also happened now media companies are now raising revenue by doing events for which they require the attendance of top-level government functionaries including the prime minister this widow Kaname moody Ordos pinaki bought a Pagani movie now this in turn introduces constraints on the freedom of taking on the government of holding it accountable of not wanting to alienate the powers that be the other media Modi's BJP has mastered his film through the Prime Minister's courtship of Bollywood a listers tweeting at them taking selfies with them even being interviewed by on April 24th two weeks after voting had begun Modi had a series of softball questions logged his way by Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar who was playing the role of an interviewer India's election rules forbid such interviews during the voting period however the news agency that put that interview out is closely tied to the BJP argued that since no journalist was involved the interview was not journalism it was a political what is a political when it involves a person standing for elections Maira pradhan mantri when you sit for the interview you realize that Narendra Modi loves mangoes he was a poor person made it a point to point out and it highlights how he is a self-made man and this is really important because the person he's standing standing against Rahul Gandhi is the son of a prime minister he's the grandson of a prime minister he's the great-grandson of a prime minister and Narendra Modi comes across in this interview as everything that the common average Indian is or aspires to be well factors in India have a long history of being involved with politics so the involvement of Bollywood isn't entirely new selfies of Bollywood celebrities with the Prime Minister are carefully planned as our tweets of the Prime Minister tags film actors is a symptom of how carefully with great attention vgp plans its media campaigns though it does make you wonder why a prime minister who has so much time for Instagram influencers and to meet and selfie himself with Bollywood stars has not had the time to hold his single open press conference and has been the first Indian Prime Minister to fail to do so in a five-year term we're discussing other media stories that are on our radar this week with one of our producers Tarek Natha Tarek the Trump administration and the White House press corps are back at it what's this latest issue over accreditations well this week Dana Millbank of the Washington Post reported that the White House had revoked his Press Pass in what he called a mass purge of accredited reporters Press Pass holders get privileged access to the White House as one of the opportunity to ask questions of government spokespeople but the Trump administration recently changed the criteria for accreditation the new rules disqualified journalists who've not been in the White House for at least half of the previous 180 days a requirement that according to Milbank excludes most of the press corps Trump's press secretary Sarah Sanders said the change was about improving security but the concern is it makes journalist access conditional in a way that could disqualify reporters the White House doesn't like and this would not be the first time that the White House has played the credentials card would it no that's right you'll remember that highly publicized spot last November between President Trump and CNN reporter Jim Acosta on the Russian investigation are you concerned that I'm not concerned about anything with investigation because it's a hoax that's enough put down the mic after that exchange the White House revoked Acosta's press pass only to restore it again on the order of a federal judge but the dispute was a sign of how the administration views the televised press briefings and the headlines they produce one more point this White House hasn't held a formal press briefing now for two months the longest stretch since the tradition began under Bill Clinton in the early 90s you've also been following the story of an arab activist who does a lot of work on saudi arabia and who may now have a target on his back who we'll be talking about yet about daddy he's a palestinian born writer and activist currently living as a political refugee in norway and anyone who follows the middle east online will know his twitter feed he's an outspoken an influential critic of Arab dictators particularly Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and a lot of his recent work has focused on the human rights situation in Saudi Arabia this week we learned that on April 25th Norwegian police warned Baghdadi of a threats against him after receiving information from the CIA after the murder of Saudi journalist Jamaat keshavjee these kinds of threats are taken very seriously Baghdadi was a friend of keshavjee and he warned that the journalists killing would embolden bin Salman to go after his critics if the kingdom was not held to account among the reasons the Saudis might want to go after bad daddy he's recently been investigating a story that Saudi Arabia was behind the alleged hacking and extortion of Amazon boss and Washington Post owner Jeff Bezos as for the threats against him but there the sounds defiant if they don't want to kill me he says then I'm not doing my job okay thanks tarick breaking news out of Myanmar this past week after more than 500 days behind bars two Reuters reporters have been released by the government the men had been jailed for their investigation into the killing of tenro Hindu Muslims by Myanmar security forces news of their release was welcomed by journalists and activists around the world in me and Martha reporting the religious story remains incredibly challenging since 2017 almost three-quarters of a million row Hindu Muslims have fled to neighboring Bangladesh and Myanmar's government has been aggressive in its attempts to control the narrative however one network has been reporting the story from the inside row hinge vision TV run by exiled rominger the network relies on undercover reporters to get the information out the stories that they tell contest the official state narrative as well as the work of media outlets in Myanmar that have closed ranks with the authorities the listening posts Johanna who's now on the perilous state of media freedom in Myanmar and the news network telling the row hinges story its way the number Jeep Cherokee balaclava Yaya Han Tiger Anna to BCC particle dunya is an evolutionary over it further clue to hurry Zuccarello pay the man Illinois dinner machinery laughed at him he said beauty what refugees like Merle Mustafa bossy Rose meds and Muhammad Jabbar say they have seen on the ground our acts of rape torture massacres of their own people at the hands of the Burmese security forces stories that journalists from me Amman tend to shy away from for the hundreds of thousands of refugees across the border in Bangladesh for him govision TV where our vision provides news from a revenger perspective we started to get news actual facts and figure from the ground and I started to broadcast so the ultimate goal was to tell the truth to tell the row hanga side of the story and to advocate rouhani applied because rouhani is underreported rouhani is misreported they're reporting the mass rapes have occurred that there has been effectively a scorched earth campaign against the reinjure where I got a call for Eddie our manager colory John Rother Agoura body that's you know women children have been executed along with men range of vision TV helped to sort of counter this idea that it is just the targeted operation to weed out range of militants but they're of course branded as brazen propaganda and they've been targeted with relentless attempts to discredit them we saw at the start of the crisis where hinge a vision TV and very accurately reporting what was going on the number of people that were fleeing the scale of the violence and that information wasn't used by international media at all because there's been such a fuss made by the government of Burma about the reliability of our hinges sources and that's a loss because they are getting information out on the ground a McCain stay and that significance Myanmar's government has blocked access to the regions turning a cane into a black hole for the news without access international journalists have come to rely solely on refugees accounts while much of the Myanmar media run with the government's version of events but row hinge a vision still has eyes on the ground according to its founder Muhammad nor the channel has a network of around 20 undercover citizen journalists working around the clock and a great risk to feed information from Rakhine for our economy hinder language to their colleagues in Malaysia broadcasting in three languages our vision operates primarily online through its YouTube channel the network has become a primary source of the news for the revenger community and its multiple platforms typically get more than 150,000 views per day our vision is very unique and it is the world first of its its kind international medias are not allowed here so they cannot do their job so now we have to take over the job we are the news breaker of our economy convert a citizen into citizen journalist existing people into journalists training them and getting the information out with whatever possible equipment they have it's very dangerous for for the people on the ground that are doing this the government want to shut this down they want to stop information getting out and so anyone who's found to be involved with orange revision TV you would be in danger of being jailed or disappeared they'll go after the people that are interviewed they'll go after the fixer as well as going after the journalists who are doing the reporting those tactics aren't just applied to the raw injured journalists Tamarack I'm ever since the start of the military crackdown in August 2017 the government our son Sookie has embarked on a far-reaching campaign to silence reporters local and foreign intimidation harassment and the weight of the law have been used some journalists who cast the government or military and in bad Luck's case in point in December 2017 two Reuters reporters were arrested and charged under the Official Secrets Act a law that they deducted a colonial-era for allegedly having illegally acquired information with the intention to share it with foreign media those documents which supposedly contain information about mass graves of our kind were in fact handed to them by the Myanmar police just minutes before they were arrested this past week while alone and jawsaw who were finally released having spent more than 500 days behind bars the journalists are now free but critics remain suspicious over the circumstances of their arrest those two reporters are very well respected they're a dogged why alone and jostle and do you know the Reuters teams and the AP teams in the country and known to be very courageous in their reporting on this issue the government and the military and the police would want to silence them the two reporters were trying to expose something that the military were you know wanted to hide what the Jew journalist did is the main reason that the government had detained them they still use you know a number of laws to detain journalists and these laws are very useful for the government when Myanmar began the transition from military to civilian rule back in 2011 there was hope the space would open up for more independent reporting that hope has since been shattered under Aung San su Chi's rule reporting critical of the authorities has disappeared especially on issues relating to a kind and it's not just due to government intimidation or self-censorship when it comes to the revenger most media outlets in Myanmar simply agreed with the government line the vast majority of journalists Burmese journalists inside the country appear to share the government and the military's antagonism towards the revenger magazines when newspapers like the state-run New Light of Myanmar which publishes very unsettling antagonistic editorials and articles that allude to the Ranger as for example human fleas so regardless of whether you know there is space or there isn't space there's a real lack of will in reporting critically on the military I think the local media try not to sort of finger their audience their readers so they try to sort of tread a very careful line trying to balance do their work as well as not to sort of make the readership unhappy because I think they understand that the majority of the people don't like the they did this row hinge are people the government of Burma is trying to say look what can we do we can't take action on Ranger citizenship because the rangerous oh so hated within the country but the government has used its media channels in newspapers and radio stations and television to encourage and whip up that fear and hatred of Muslims so they create this crisis and then they use it as a defense for not being able to act on it it's the tactic that they're using it's a tactic that is proving all too effective which makes outlets like Rohini evasion TV a rare source of the new still operating behind the authorities veil of secrecy all the more important when trying to understand all sides of a story that the United Nations cause a textbook case of ethnic cleansing and finally are you ready to seize the day trust your instincts and reach for the stars if not we have a little something for you anyone scrolling through a newsfeed these days risks being inspired even when you're not in the mood who approves of all those inspirational quotations anyway who dares assume that there's a market for these kinds of things you cannot walk past a coffee shop these days without someone trying to galvanize your inner something or other luckily though there's an Instagram account designed to redress the imbalance it's called unspecial and it offers plenty of useless life tips and d motivational messages all you'll need to be left unsporting post

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