✔ Minecraft: How to make a Gaming Setup

✔ Minecraft: How to make a Gaming Setup

How to make a Gaming Setup Today, we’ll build a gaming setup! To make the gaming setup you’ll need what’s in my inventory: I suggest building it by a wall. Let’s start with the most difficult part which is making the keyboard! The armor stands have to look perfectly straight! Just keep replacing them… :] Push both of them onto the carpet. Now we need to push a block down on top of them. This will be part of the table! :] I am so bad at this.. Now for the monitor! I prefer a painting with a dark frame. The button is of course the mouse. These skulls are the speakers. You could stop here or you could add the computer itself. I couldn’t find anything that looked better than an anvil… You can also connect the computer to an outlet using the new end rod! :] Thank you to CutieX for supporting this video!
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  1. i know how to do desktop!
    1. Dig a hole 2 blocks in the country
    2. put 2 redstone torch and put blocks
    3. then give iron trapdoor and desktop is done.

  2. When will u do a voice and face reveal?

    Like if u agree and magmamusem DO YOUR VOICE AND FACE REVEAL RIGHT NOW!! or else… 👎 I'll dislike all videos.

  3. Find the difference


  4. 4:27 there is a bug in the ground, where you digged off.
    you can look through and see the blue sky-background.

    and at the beginning there are three lightsabers.

    they are made by a post of iron-grid with two pieces of colored glasspanels ontop.

  5. You should have made the computer a glowing redstone lamp withe a iron trapdoor in front of it that up or has a redstone connectione so it looks like your computer is glowing

  6. Is it me or does he build all his vids on the same seed or world and destroy it after the video? Like if you have noticed that to

  7. I Would Suggest after pushing the armor stand (Chain Helmet)
    Do the same with armor stand (Leather Helmet(Black))

  8. I'm fine with it in your house but I prefer 1 armor stand and 2 jukeboxes with stone buttons on the right side of desk as speakers and 1 creeper head on the left as a camera

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  10. No tengo el minecraft verdadero hasi que no lo pude hacer porque ocupo pistones 😥 pero la idea me gusto like si a ti tambien

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